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Choosing Between Convoluted Versus Foam Insert

Custom Foam Insert
One of the key challenges when packaging products is ensuring the contents are kept safe from damage. The longer the distance products have to travel, the more likely they are to be subjected to rough handling. Boxes can end up dropped or even stacked too high. This can result in the boxes being torn or perforated and the contents put under excessive pressure. This then leads to the kind of damage that requires the supplier to make replacements. It can turn into a costly affair, delay deliveries, and affect the reputation of the business.

Inserts are a good way to better secure products within boxes. They keep the items immobilized and unlikely to shift within the box and end up damaged. A foam insert is also ideal for providing thermal protection. This limits the effects of extreme temperatures on the contents within the box. Inserts can make packing of products easier and faster, while also making for good presentation when unboxed.

There are different types of inserts available for packaging needs. Here we will look at two popular options and what distinguishes them from the other.

Foam Inserts

Foam is a lightweight and smooth option that is ideal for delicate items that are sensitive to scratches. As said, it is also great for thermal protection as it limits wide fluctuations in heat and temperature from affecting contents. A foam insert can be easily customized to whatever shape of the item, ensuring a close fit. This is ideal for products that have unusual shapes that cardboard cannot accommodate.

These inserts are also long-lasting, making it possible to reuse and recycle them for however long is needed. The current production of foam inserts is also eco-friendly. Their lightweight construction is also helpful in controlling shipping costs.

Convoluted Foam Inserts

Convoluted foam inserts are also popularly referred to as egg-crate foam. Its design features ridges and peaks that resemble an egg crate or contoured surface. these inserts are good for packaging delicate and lightweight items. They are also abrasion-resistant, reducing the risk of scratches. It has anti-static qualities that come from the use of surfactants in the production process. This makes the inserts preferred for the packaging of sensitive electronic equipment.

The thickness of the foam can help protect against impacts and perforations. When interlocked from both sides, it also protects against shocks and vibrations that may be suffered during transit. It can also be easily die-cut into whatever shape to tightly fit around the item it surrounds. Being polyurethane-based also makes this insert eco-friendlier and unlikely to contaminate water or soil resources.

The Best Internal Packaging Materials When Shipping

Custom foam insert
When designing shipping boxes, there is usually some space allowance given between the item and the interior walls of the box. This space is not usually big, particularly with custom boxes. But it is necessary to provide space for packaging materials that will help provide added protection. These materials help to absorb shock and prevent the contents from shifting around. This padding is also important in case the box is perforated. There is less risk the product will be damaged. Here are some of the best options in interior packaging.

Foam Inserts

This is probably the most stable option for products. The foam material is typically quite rigid yet lightweight, providing an effective way for products to remain stable and insulated within a box. They are a good option for shipping & packing materials for expensive commodities like electronics whose mishandling can lead to internal damage. The inserts tend to be thick, ensuring any damage to the box does not get to the contents within. Cardboard inserts can be used for less expensive and smaller lightweight items.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap offers a great cushioning effect that is ideal for protecting fragile items. It is made up of air pockets or bubbles that ably absorb shocks and vibrations, preventing the contents of the box from becoming damaged. It is one of the most lightweight packaging materials, meaning little if any added cost of shipping. There are several variations of bubble wrap including those that come with different sized “bubbles” and self-adhesive options.


Different kinds of paper can be crumpled up and stuffed around objects in a box. They can also be wrapped around the items. This helps to stabilize them and absorb any shocks during transport. If several items are being kept in the same box, this also helps to ensure they do not bang into each other causing breakage. You can use just about any paper with newspaper and brown paper often being chosen.

Packing Peanuts

Traditionally made from polystyrene, these packaging materials are great for filling up awkward spaces around products that are being boxed. When filled in a box, they provide a soft barrier around the product that can absorb shocks, shaking, jostling, and other rough handling. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are also recyclable and biodegradable varieties that are safe for the environment. They have also been made non-toxic due to the frequent occurrence of children eating them.

Why Choose Hemp Oil Inserts for Product Packaging

Hemp Oil Insert Divider
The therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp oil have led to a growing demand for their products across the country. This has thankfully been backed by legislation in many states that now permit the sale of these products for both medicinal and recreational use.

With more people shopping for these and other products online, it has become useful to find packaging that can withstand transport difficulties. Hemp and CBD oil inserts are a good way to stabilize these tiny bottles within boxes.

Many consumers will order these bottles in bulk. It could be they fear a change in legislation, or simply want to take advantage of bulk discounts. These oils can be kept for many years. As long as the bottles are kept away from sunlight, airtight, and refrigerated, the contents can remain viable for years to come. The tinted glass bottles in which the oils come do a good job of offering this protection, and are great for keeping refrigerated for prolonged periods.

To further support these protective efforts, it is also vital to ensure that the shipping boxes are just as effective. The boxes should be of a thickness that will not allow the glass bottles to easily break. They should also ideally include suitably sized CBD and hemp oil inserts. As said, this will help keep the bottles stable within the box.

It will also prevent them from bumping into each other in transit, possibly breaking and causing leaks. Not only will it compromise the cardboard of the box, but it also means a loss of valuable merchandise that the seller will need to cover. Inserts make for better protection than alternative packing material like newspaper or packing peanuts.

Be sure to consult with your box manufacturer on the dimensions of your boxes. The thickness of the box walls should be matched to their weight to avoid the risk of bottles falling out and being damaged.

You may also want to consider shipping boxes that you print useful information on. This should ideally be on the inside of the box for the sake of discretion. It is ideal to include valuable info like directions on how to use the product, dosage, and ingredients. This should be on labels on the bottles, or you can add it to a leaflet included in the box. You can also have a QR code printed on the box that will lead anyone that scans it to a webpage detailing all this info. There are various ways you can connect our buyers to value-adding information like this.

Using A Custom Foam Insert and More to Create Luxury Packaging

Custom Foam Insert
Extra effort and careful consideration is a must when it comes to packaging high-end products. The unboxing experience must be made impressive and delightful. Often the box is considered an extension of the product itself, so its presentation must be up to a similarly high standard. Here are a few tips to help ensure you are meeting or exceeding expectations.

Custom Foam Insert

As part of the beautiful presentation, you need to have your product well protected and encased in a custom insert. And do not just let it be a plain plastic or foam insert. Go the extra mile by having the insert covered in some luxurious fabric like velvet or leather. Cradling the product this way makes for much better visual appeal. This is particularly important if you are using a box with a display window. The background to the product itself should be just as luxuriant for the right impact to be made. You can even embellish with some gold lettering.

Add Scent

Enticing both the visual and olfactory senses is a good way to hook a buyer. It is a common experience when visiting high-end boutiques to notice certain scents in the air designed to tempt shoppers. The scents should be matched to the targeted client of the product and the type of product too. Light flowery scents may be used more advantageously for products targeted at women while muskier smoky aromas will probably better appeal to men. It may be best to infuse such scents on the interior of the box, such as to the custom foam insert rather than the outer box where it will quickly diffuse.

Limit Colors

In the luxury market, it is better to be understated than bold. Many commercial brands like to make use of vivid colors to draw attention to their product. In the luxury segment, however, less is more. When designing your packaging, limit the mix of colors. You can still create a striking effect without using all the colors of the rainbow. Aim for an overall elegant look that reflects the identity and quality of your product.

Minimize Branding

Your packaging is a good way to promote your brand. But try to limit what you put on display. Use just your brand name or a specially designed logo. Let this and your brand colors denote your identity. If you are required to add details such as product ingredients, do so in small lettering at the back or side of the packaging. Choose a simple but attractive font and consider embossing.

How Do Custom Foam Insert Pieces Help in Packaging?

Custom Foam Insert
You may be experiencing excess amounts of damages for your items, products, equipment or components when shipping or transporting them. It may also be that your expensive tools are getting lost on-site or you need a professional way you can present your brand or samples in a sales presentation to help in boosting orders. Or you could be seeking brand differentiation in a retail market that is saturated. All these are possible situations where you may need to use custom foam inserts. Regardless of the industry, application, or budget, using a custom foam insert is able to help you meet these goals and it can have a direct positive impact not only on operations but also on the profitability of your retail business.

So how can foam inserts help your business?

Extra Layer of Packaging Protection

When you use a custom made foam inserts, they provide a cushioning for high-end items or high ticket items. When you place the inserts, they reduce the chances of damage and the cost of damage during transit. Your products arrive in good form and you don’t have to worry about breakages. For example, you can cushion items like smartphones, their accessories, TV sets, radios, appliances, and other high-end products.

Quality Finishes for Enhanced Sales

The inserts can have high-quality finishes to help enhance brand awareness and increase sales of high-end and luxury consumer products. Imagine how it would feel when you open a package and you find that it has a unique insert design with vibrant colors and probably some branding message on it? It feels more connected with the product or brand. The customer has the feeling that the product seller or the retail store understands the touchpoints to engage with their clients. It’s not typical for many brands to do this, however, when you do it, it distances you from the crowd. The customers you serve with the products will be proud to buy them from you because they are finding unique features in it including the packaging.

“Shadow Board” To Prevent Loss of Product or Item

Using foam dividers and inserts helps provide a board where you place the designated items or accessories. For example, if it’s a smartphone, it may have a board with different cuts or designs where the phone goes, the charger is placed, and the pen is put. In the event that the box accidentally opens, you can know if there is something missing. The shadow board product placement foam helps prevent loss of accessories and items in packaging. It also helps in tool control where you can see which tools haven’t been placed in the box before leaving the site.

Whether it’s convoluted foam or customized inserts, you need to ensure that they are designed to meet your packaging needs. It is a bit expensive to design and produce them, however, when you got them, you can use them for a lifetime. Also, the lead time for producing the customized inserts is more compared to the pick and pluck foam inserts. However, it is worth the wait because you get pieces that will last for longer and you reuse them over and over again for your shipping needs.

Besides, you will ensure that you don’t get complaints about defective products while on transit because the packaging space has been optimized with the use of inserts. Retail businesses, as well as manufacturing companies, can use these accessories for branding their products and adding value to the items they ship. The design options for these pieces of inserts and dividers are many, you just have to work creatively with the packaging designers.

Custom Packaging Box Insert and Dividers

Box insert

The packaging box insert pieces go beyond the basic styles of designing packaging materials. Inserts can work great when shipping small glass bottles, jewelry, and jars of lightweight, however, if you have to ship heavier products, they may not protect the products because they may collapse. So why would you want to use inserts and partitions when shipping products:

Extra Protection for Products

Some products are just too fragile to ship them without placing inserts or partitions on the packaging box. When packing items like small glasses or even cups and mugs, you can consider the extra protection offered by box partitions and inserts. These box accessories allow the items to sit firmly on the box, meaning that they cannot move, shake around, or knock against the walls of the box when they are being shipped or transported from one location to another. This way, you will ensure the items are delivered in good shape without defects.


Inserts and partitions placed inside a packaging box offer great functionality in that they not only protect the products, but also ensure the items fit in correctly. Sometimes, you may have gift items that you are shipping in relatively larger boxes than the size of the gift. Because you do not want the item to roll around the box or move, you use the partitions and inserts to provide a sufficient and tight resting place for the item. Partitions can allow you place parts and components of an item, for example, you can have a smartphone and headphones or earpieces placed in the same box in addition to a charger. These components are held in place by the inserts and partitions.

Customer Experience

Using inserts in boxes can provide a great unboxing or unwrapping experience to the customers. Just how do you feel when you unbox that smartphone from the box? It is neatly and brilliantly placed in the box because there are inserts and partitions. You will even want to reuse the box for storing other items in the house because it is creatively designed and has the visual appeal you desire.

Whether you need packaging for shipping liquid bottles or for glasses and cups, you need to think creatively about the design. Adding elements like inserts and dividers ensures that you place the products tightly in an attractive way. Your customers will love the experience of opening the boxes when they receive their products.

Let your Box Insert do the Job

Box Insert

The last thing you want your customer to see when they open their shipped product is shattered glass, chips, dents, or any other kind of product damage. This is not only costly in returns, shipping fees, and product, but can also lead to a bad reputation. To protect your fragile (and even not so fragile) products is to use a custom foam insert.  

A custom foam insert is known as the best box insert for nearly any type of product and here are a few examples why.  

Provides the best box insert protection 

There is little doubt that a custom foam insert provides the best protection available. Whether the box insert is meant to keep products snugly in place to prevent internal damage such as with glass containers, or to provide impact protection often needed during transportation, custom foam inserts are the best when it comes to overall protection. Choosing the right material for your custom foam insert matters and is dependent on your products weight, handling, environment, and fragility. 

Custom inserts look great 

Everyone wants to feel special, and when a package arrives with a well-designed custom foam insert it almost feels as if…well, as if the company cares about you. The fact is that presentation matters. It matters when you design the outside of your shipping box, just as it matters when the customer opens that box to find everything neatly laid out and well presented. A nice-looking custom foam insert will make it easy for your customer to quickly identify that all items are in the shipping box as well as ensure no damage has been done. Security is a feeling of comfort.  

Help to manage inventory control 

A box insert will help to manage inventory in two ways. For starters, having a location for each item will ensure that when a box is packaged, a quick eye-check is all you need to know that the right quantity has been packaged. A custom foam insert will also help to ensure that the right products have been packaged when there are multiple pieces or custom sizes needed in the shipping box. This type of visual inventory control can save your company a lot of money due to mispackaged shipping. 

A box insert and custom foam insert not only protect your product but can make your company look great with an attractive and well-designed box insert which not only save protect from damage but can also save you money.  

Many Types of Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Shipping supplies are available in various sizes and shapes required for different purposes. Choosing the right package for your shipping needs can decrease the shipping cost for your products and improve the bottom line.

At the same time, finding the right supplies even to the smallest detail ensures that your goods are transferred from their origin to their destination safely without the risk of any damage. Foam inserts are not only great for protecting your standard packages. But they are suitable for gift packaging, especially products made of crystal, porcelain, china clay, candles, and other premium items.

With the right foam insert, retail packaging for perfumes and cosmetics get enhanced. And based on the quantity, application, and complexity of the packaged material, foam inserts can be customized to fit the case interior.

Some of the commonly used foam customization methods are –

Water Jet Cut Foam

This method uses a stream of water under high pressure to cut the foam into precise shapes. This customization method is ideal for complex and large foam pieces that precisely match the 3d CAM/CAD models of equipment.

Die-Cut Foam

This technique uses a die or a custom form to reshape the foam to the equipment size. This is a very cost-effective option for larger quantities. Reputed companies offer a wide range of die presses to satisfy every customization requirement of their valued customers.

CNC Routed Foam

With the help of high-speed rotary cutters, the foam material is resized to deliver precise and accurate custom foam inserts. This method is suitable for producing initial prototypes for larger lots or making one-off cases.

Fabricated Foam

Through the process of grinding, cutting, and foam bonding, the foam is shaped to fit with custom containers. With the help of foam fabrication facilities, the foam insert is cut to match the shape of the equipment.

Finding the Right Foam Insert for Your Packaging Supplies

The primary consideration of any business, including an e-commerce site, is to assure that products are shipped safely to customers. Therefore, the biggest challenge for any company is to find the perfect combination of packaging and shipping supplies that ensure safe shipping of products and that too at a cost-effective rate.

It is also important to note that the cost of shipping and packaging supplies is affected by the type of foam insert required. The prices vary based on the weight and size of the shipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose packaging and shipping supplies that provide adequate protection to the product while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Convoluted Foam Packaging for Electronics

Convoluted Foam Packaging

Also known as an egg-crate packaging foam, a convoluted foam packaging is made from durable polyurethane foam. With a structure that resembles an egg tray in grocery shops, this type of packaging material is highly ideal for sensitive electronics and fragile materials. It has a lightweight and sturdy design yet won’t cost any abrasion to your items being shipped.

Convoluted foam inserts can have a die cut and customized shape to exactly fit with the packaging box it will go along with. It removes unnecessary spaces within a package and prevents your items from bumping into each other. These custom foam inserts can also be purchased separately from shipping companies or suppliers with anti-static properties. Called an ESD Foam, it normally is dyed pink to signify that it has been chemically coated with surfactants to make it anti-static. The ridges support your sensitive items and cushion them from bumps during its transit.

A High-Quality Foam for Stronger Packaging

The soft open-cell structure of polyurethane makes it one of the most versatile types of packaging inserts. It can be manipulated into different shapes and sizes accommodating the fragility, weight, and size of your shipments. Custom foam inserts especially created to fit your item can be a good way of utilizing this type of material as it can effectively cushion your item against damages.

Interlocking foams create a solid protection able to take in shocks caused by the constant movement of the cargo vehicle. It can also recover quickly to its original shape and without having an impact on what’s inside the box. In more ways that you can imagine, a convoluted foam packaging is a great alternative to bubble wraps or packing pellets which often does not fully enclose the items being shipped. Custom foam inserts have a tight space where the item cannot move from side to side.

Anti-Static Convoluted Foam Packaging

ESD Foam has anti-static properties vital for the shipment of any computer, electronic, and automotive parts. Static electricity has positive and negative charges which can be changed with the presence of an electron atom. If your computer or electronic parts get exposed to static electricity, it can be damaged beyond repair.

Using an anti-static convoluted foam packaging, especially if you are shipping several items in one box provide a safe separation for the components. It ensures they do not get into contact with one another and prevent exposure to static electricity.

Foam Insert Complement your Products

Foam Insert

Anyone who has tried using a box insert or a foam insert will tell you that these products were actually sent from heaven.

From micro and small business start-ups to medium and large-scale companies, packing your items using either of the two will definitely give you a major advantage over the competition.

But first, you must determine which of them are best suited for your products. In doing so, you will be able to maximize your packaging’s potential and achieve higher sales in the process.

After all, that is your main goal, right?

When Should You Use Foam Insert

For the unfamiliar, a foam insert is ideal for items that are usually given out as gifts. These may include gold and crystal jewelry, porcelain, chinaware or decorative candles. On the other hand, a box insert works best as protective packaging for fragile products such as electronic gear, guns, tools and other sensitive digital instruments.

You must always remember that packaging is a reflection of your product. No matter how good or elegant-looking your items are, a bad or inferior appearance will undoubtedly turn off prospective clients. In short, people will be moving on to other shelves instead of picking your product and lining up at the counter. This is the last thing you would like to happen.

When Should You Use Box Insert

The key, therefore, is to strike a balance between aesthetics, practicality, and functionality – everything a foam insert can give you. In the meantime, you would want to use a box insert to highlight the elegance of your products such as jewelry, cosmetics or cologne.

This type of packaging will also protect your items from breakage and ensure that you don’t need to write off another expensive bottle from your inventory.

As we know, transporting goods from the warehouse to the shelf is a delicate process requiring companies to be mindful their products don’t end up as broken shards of glass or inoperable pieces of equipment. And as a business person, you always have to keep your customer’s satisfaction in mind. You must continue to find ways to innovate and tickle their imagination.

In today’s global village where a product’s sales are largely determined by how customers perceive them to be, image plays a central role.

Your packaging thus becomes a central part of the business equation. It is like telling your customer: “We can read your mind and we know what you want. We are here to serve you.”

Using a foam insert or box insert will guarantee that your products bring out a wide smile from clients and signal to them that your company will pull out all the stops to satisfy their needs.

Advantages of Using Hemp Oil Dividers

Hemp Oil Dividers

CBD and hemp oils are steadily increasing in popularity because of their therapeutic benefits. Retailers usually package them in small bottles, place them in boxes, and ship them to customers. To protect the tiny bottles, some businesses merely rely on crumpled paper or Styrofoam pellets but what level of protection do they actually provide, right? Instead of using these seemingly ineffective methods, it is best to use cardboard hemp oil dividers for the following reasons:

High-level of protection

Using cardboard hemp or CBD oil dividers will protect your fragile products better. Cardboard box partitions or inserts provide the best protection because of their innate strength. Shipping boxes with cardboard dividers can withstand both top and bottom compression and prevent product contact so that your CBD or hemp oil bottles will reach their intended customers without damage.


Cardboard dividers and inserts are also environment-friendly and can be recycled and reused without trouble. There are many interesting and useful do-it-yourself products on the internet that show tons of remarkable items that you can do using cardboard inserts or dividers. When you continue using Styrofoam inserts or pellets, your business would be causing much harm to the environment. Keep in mind that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious so many of them are looking for environment-friendly businesses.


Shipping costs largely depend on weight. Using cardboard boxes with inserts or dividers of the same material would help you save on shipping cost since they are light-weight. In addition, cardboard inserts are generally inexpensive, which will help your business save on material costs.

Ready to Use

When you order cardboard CBD and hemp oil dividers from a reputable supplier, you will receive them fully-assembled and ready to use. This means that you will save a lot of time and energy as you can readily package and ship your products without much trouble.

More appealing

When you use cardboard dividers and inserts, it increases the appeal of your CBD and hemp oil products. When your customers see that the small oil bottles are securely fixed in place inside its box, they would know how much you value giving them high-quality products. Try customizing your packaging as well and you will earn free publicity when your current customers post your product on popular social media platforms.

The items above are just some of the top benefits of using cardboard inserts or dividers for your sensitive and fragile items like CBD or hemp oils. Considering all these things, you should immediately ditch your Styrofoam inserts and shift to cardboard to experience better advantages.

Convoluted Foam Packaging Adds Protection

Convoluted Foam Packaging

If your business involves shipping of products to your customers, it makes sense to know the proper way of packaging the goods.

Shipping a product to your customers can be challenging particularly if the goods are fragile or delicate. To ensure that the merchandise will reach to your customer in good condition, the best thing to do is to employ durable and strong packaging solutions.

This can be possible by using convoluted foam packaging and foam inserts. These types of foam add an extra layer of protection as compared to other fillers.

How Do Convoluted Foam Packaging and Foam Inserts Work?

Aside from the utmost protection, these packaging solutions work in many ways such as:

  • Cost-effective. As compared to other packaging solutions, convoluted foam packaging does not only protect the goods, but it is also cost-effective. It saves a huge amount of money from the company for the replacement of broken or damaged products.

  • Enhances brand image. Shipping products using foam inserts enhance the brand image. Your customers will know that you value their hard-earned money by ensuring that the products they bought will reach them in perfect shape. Thus, customers most likely will buy again from you knowing how much you care even the small details.

  • Complements the product. As the main function of convoluted foam packaging is to protect the products, the same way that it complements the goods. These packaging solutions keep the goods in place while in transport that’s why customers will see the products in the best condition. You can also customize using colored foam inserts that boost the marketing value and aesthetic.

If you’re looking for packaging solutions that you can use in shipping products to your customers, make sure to choose a supplier that has a good reputation. The company should use high-quality materials that guarantee shock absorption.

There are different materials used in manufacturing foam inserts or convoluted foam packaging including polyurethane and polyethylene. Make sure that the foam is manufactured using equipment that ensures functionality and precision.

As much as possible, you should choose packaging solution that is suitable for the products. For delicate, lightweight products choose foam inserts that are made of polyurethane, while polyethylene is perfect for heavier items.

Choose convoluted foam packaging and foam inserts that are moisture and chemical resistant and can reduce vibrations. Otherwise, if the goods are broken due to lack of protection, it won’t only affect the merchandise but also ruin the image of the company.

When to Consider a Custom Foam Insert?

Custom Foam Insert

Do you know what a box insert is? From the name itself, box insert is the material that is placed inside the box that will further protect any items inside a particular box from damages and other risks. However, this does not literally mean that a “box” insert should be made from a cardboard. Instead, the usual box insert is made from foam.

When do you really need to consider using a custom foam insert? The simplest answer would be when you are packaging or shipping a certain product or item that is fragile and you want to protect this from any damages and any other risks of defects. The custom foam insert is an ideal way to protect the item and prevent any destruction and disfigures because of the perfect fit.

What are these fragile and delicate products and items that need some custom foam insert before final packaging and shipping? Let us find out!

Glassware and Mirrors

The most obvious products and items that need the custom foam insert are glassware and mirrors. Since these products, including porcelains and any other items that are breakable, are very fragile, these need custom foam insert to be safely delivered from point A to point B without any breakage and damages. Aside from the costs of the product, broken glassware and similar products can also bring harm to the customers and people of the destination. Broken glasses can be a cause of serious wounds and injury.

Electronics and Appliances

Of course, electronics and appliances should always be packed with a custom foam insert to avoid any defect as a result of constant pressure and trauma during the packaging and shipping stage of the product. While not all appliances and electronics have screens and other parts made of glass and glass-like materials, all appliances should be handled with care because their parts are too valuable and complicated.

Furniture Needing Assembly

Aside from the appliances and electronics, furniture that needs assembly like cabinets and dining tables also require custom foam insert to avoid scratches that can decrease the quality of the item. A decreased quality will not only affect the item itself, but also the customer satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied with the product they received, this dents and scratches will backfire to the company or brand, making them lose their customers; therefore, the brand will also experience a sudden decrease on sales.

Fiber Partitions Give You More Space

Fiber Partitions

Every day, millions of containers are used to protect important cargo. But using just a container without a divider will not do your cargo any good. A carton container using fiber partitions as a divider can solve your problems with space and cost. These containers, compared to Styrofoam or wooden boxes, are used due to the fact that they are cheap to produce and easy to open and discard.

In fact, carton containers can be used more than a single time if the materials are good and the is properly thought out. This is especially true if there are fiber partitions that can give protection against any kind of pressure in the carton container itself.

Fiber Partitions: Environmental and Practical

Fiber partitions do not give only internal protection from pressure or make efficient handling of cargo, they are also very practical due to the cost they can save. This is because fiber partitions are usually made from any excess materials of the container. That means a very practical divider in terms of cost and pragmatism.

Another great thing about fiber partitions is that they are easy to dispose of as waste since they can be 100% recyclable. That is why a lot of logistics and cargo forwarding companies use fiber partitions since they are a more responsible way to take care of the environment.

This would also mean a more standardized quality within your container as well. You can be assured that the cargo in the container will be very stable due to the fact that the materials for both the container and the divider would not have any variance in strength since they are literally made from the same thing.

Chipboard Partitions: For Those Who Have Unique Space Needs

If you want a different provider, you can actually use chipboard partitions instead of the fiber ones. Using chipboard partitions would also make business sense for companies, especially for those who are transporting products and cargo of different sizes and shapes in the same container. This is because chipboard partitions are very adaptable and pliant to the product. But flexibility is not the only reason why they are used. They are also known for giving good protection from other products in the container together.

If you are going to use containers for cargo, make sure that you are using the right dividers. Both the fiber partitions and the chipboard partitions have their own use, with the fiber divider useful for products with uniform sizes and shapes and the chipboard partitions for the different cargo. At any rate, using dividers would give you peace of mind that your cargo is safe and sound.

Advantages of Convoluted Foam Packaging

Convoluted Foam Packaging

Modern technology has helped level the playing field for many business people. The use of the internet provided avenues for talented individuals to market their products even if they do not have a physical store. Transactions are done online and goods are shipped to the customers.

One of the major challenges of this set-up, however, is ensuring that the product will reach its intended recipient in good condition. Towards this end, the majority of online businesses and companies that offer shipping options use strong and durable packaging solutions. They also use shipping peanuts and other fillers to add an extra layer of protection. While fillers like this may be suitable for bulky and less sensitive products, foam insert and convoluted foam packaging are still the best options for maximum protection.

Apart from providing utmost protection, using convoluted foam packaging also provide many other benefits such as the following:

  • Cost-Effective

Considering how much it protects the merchandise, companies can purchase this kind of packaging solution at a reasonable cost. Moreover, since it provides maximum product protection, it will save the company tons of money on product replacement. Businesses can opt for ordinary packaging that gives a certain amount of protection but if it fails to keep the product in good condition, the company will spend more replacing and sending a new product.

  • Improves Brand Image

Companies that ship their products with foam inserts give the impression that they are reputable, highly professional, and a leader in the industry. Products with this type of packaging also appear to be of high-value and quality. Customers would most likely order again if they see how much the company cares about the tiniest detail.

  • Complements Products

Customized foam inserts or convoluted foam packaging also tend to showcase the product in a positive light. Since they keep goods firmly in place, customers will be able to see the products in their best state. Customized foam inserts in colors that best complement the product also provide additional aesthetic and marketing value.

At the end of the day, business owners who are involved in selling products through shipping or mailing can only build a good reputation if their products reach their intended customers in the best condition possible. Goods that are damaged for lack of protection will not only affect the product itself but ruin the company’s image as well. If you want the improve the layer of protection for the goods you are transporting, consider using convoluted foam and experience its many benefits.