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Many Types of Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Shipping supplies are available in various sizes and shapes required for different purposes. Choosing the right package for your shipping needs can decrease the shipping cost for your products and improve the bottom line.

At the same time, finding the right supplies even to the smallest detail ensures that your goods are transferred from their origin to their destination safely without the risk of any damage. Foam inserts are not only great for protecting your standard packages. But they are suitable for gift packaging, especially products made of crystal, porcelain, china clay, candles, and other premium items.

With the right foam insert, retail packaging for perfumes and cosmetics get enhanced. And based on the quantity, application, and complexity of the packaged material, foam inserts can be customized to fit the case interior.

Some of the commonly used foam customization methods are –

Water Jet Cut Foam

This method uses a stream of water under high pressure to cut the foam into precise shapes. This customization method is ideal for complex and large foam pieces that precisely match the 3d CAM/CAD models of equipment.

Die-Cut Foam

This technique uses a die or a custom form to reshape the foam to the equipment size. This is a very cost-effective option for larger quantities. Reputed companies offer a wide range of die presses to satisfy every customization requirement of their valued customers.

CNC Routed Foam

With the help of high-speed rotary cutters, the foam material is resized to deliver precise and accurate custom foam inserts. This method is suitable for producing initial prototypes for larger lots or making one-off cases.

Fabricated Foam

Through the process of grinding, cutting, and foam bonding, the foam is shaped to fit with custom containers. With the help of foam fabrication facilities, the foam insert is cut to match the shape of the equipment.

Finding the Right Foam Insert for Your Packaging Supplies

The primary consideration of any business, including an e-commerce site, is to assure that products are shipped safely to customers. Therefore, the biggest challenge for any company is to find the perfect combination of packaging and shipping supplies that ensure safe shipping of products and that too at a cost-effective rate.

It is also important to note that the cost of shipping and packaging supplies is affected by the type of foam insert required. The prices vary based on the weight and size of the shipment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose packaging and shipping supplies that provide adequate protection to the product while keeping the weight to a minimum.

Convoluted Foam Packaging for Electronics

Convoluted Foam Packaging

Also known as an egg-crate packaging foam, a convoluted foam packaging is made from durable polyurethane foam. With a structure that resembles an egg tray in grocery shops, this type of packaging material is highly ideal for sensitive electronics and fragile materials. It has a lightweight and sturdy design yet won’t cost any abrasion to your items being shipped.

Convoluted foam inserts can have a die cut and customized shape to exactly fit with the packaging box it will go along with. It removes unnecessary spaces within a package and prevents your items from bumping into each other. These custom foam inserts can also be purchased separately from shipping companies or suppliers with anti-static properties. Called an ESD Foam, it normally is dyed pink to signify that it has been chemically coated with surfactants to make it anti-static. The ridges support your sensitive items and cushion them from bumps during its transit.

A High-Quality Foam for Stronger Packaging

The soft open-cell structure of polyurethane makes it one of the most versatile types of packaging inserts. It can be manipulated into different shapes and sizes accommodating the fragility, weight, and size of your shipments. Custom foam inserts especially created to fit your item can be a good way of utilizing this type of material as it can effectively cushion your item against damages.

Interlocking foams create a solid protection able to take in shocks caused by the constant movement of the cargo vehicle. It can also recover quickly to its original shape and without having an impact on what’s inside the box. In more ways that you can imagine, a convoluted foam packaging is a great alternative to bubble wraps or packing pellets which often does not fully enclose the items being shipped. Custom foam inserts have a tight space where the item cannot move from side to side.

Anti-Static Convoluted Foam Packaging

ESD Foam has anti-static properties vital for the shipment of any computer, electronic, and automotive parts. Static electricity has positive and negative charges which can be changed with the presence of an electron atom. If your computer or electronic parts get exposed to static electricity, it can be damaged beyond repair.

Using an anti-static convoluted foam packaging, especially if you are shipping several items in one box provide a safe separation for the components. It ensures they do not get into contact with one another and prevent exposure to static electricity.

Why You Should Use Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

One of the most lucrative businesses nowadays is manufacturing high-technology gadgets and toys. If you are involved in this kind of product, you would know that producing them is one thing, getting them to your customers in the best condition is a completely different challenge, which is why you should consider using custom foam inserts.

Foam inserts have been around for a while, they are specially designed to fit and secure your fragile products perfectly keeping them safe and in good condition. While custom foam inserts may cost more than conventional packaging, it is still the most cost-effective choice when all things are considered.

If you have a high quantity of box inserts in your warehouse which is why you are hesitant to invest on foam inserts, all you must do is segregate your products according to sensitivity in transporting. Choose foam inserts in transporting your most sensitive and high-value products.

Below are some of the reasons why you should use custom foam inserts for your highly sensitive products:

Utmost Protection

No other kind of packaging can provide the same level of protection as foam inserts. High-quality foam inserts are made from high-quality foam that can withstand the stress of storage and transportation. It is particularly fitted to your product which ensures that the same is protected from damage caused by impact, among others.

Packaging Efficiency

Using foam inserts makes packaging your product fast and easy. Since this kind of packaging shows the exact shape of the product, it is much easier and convenient to pack them while at the same time eliminating errors. Moreover, you no longer be needing bubble wraps, foam balls, and other similar packaging tools to protect your product.

Outstanding Product Presentation

Without a doubt, a product that is packaged using foam inserts appears to be of high-value and quality. Your customers will surely be impressed seeing their order arrive neatly and in its best condition rather than receiving a dented box with tons of bubble wrap inside. Leaving a good impression will help your business in maintaining clients and at the same time increase your chances of being referred to others.

Given the above reasons, it is evident that foam inserts will greatly help your business in making more profits as it ensures that your product stays in its best condition and received by your customers in its most impressive state. Thereby, helping you save money that may otherwise be spent on returns and repairs.

Custom Box Inserts and Branded Packaging

Custom Box Inserts

A branded packaging experience involves carefully selecting shipping and packaging materials that will provide the best presentation for your product. From custom box inserts to the actual box your product is sold in, these elements all add value for your customers as well as your business, as you’ll be able to create a memorable purchasing experience.

Custom Box Inserts Play a Big Role in Branded Packaging

A custom box insert will wrap around your product to keep it safe during transport and before it is sold, protecting it from damage. Even though the insert takes up a vast majority of the inside space of a package, many companies fail to consider that it can be a vital part of the branding experience. Regardless of whether you use cardboard or custom foam inserts, never pass up the chance to make an impression on your customers. Choose a color that will match the rest of your packaging, or place your logo or seal on the insert in order to make it stand out.

Other Ways to Offer a Branded Packaging Experience

When it comes to offering a complete, branded packaging experience, a custom foam insert won’t be enough to do the job. There are many other components that you’ll want to consider:

  • Shipping boxes. If your products are being shipped in a sturdy, brown box, you’ll be sending the message that you simply want to get the job done. Your shipping box is a great opportunity to wow your audience, so you’ll have to weigh the cost and visual aesthetics wisely when choosing your boxes.
  • Tissue. Many products are wrapped in tissue paper, creating an extra element of excitement, mystery, and surprise to your customers on the receiving end. You can brand tissue paper by choosing a certain color or investing in a custom printed option.
  • Promo materials. Many businesses stick some promotional materials into their packaging in order to encourage customers to shop with them again. If you want to get the most out of this method, personalize the promo materials so that you are sending something that will likely be of interest to each individual customer.
  • Samples. Once you know a little more about your customers, consider adding a sample to your packaging in order to introduce them to new products.

Is your packaging doing enough to adequately represent and market your business? If not, you need to be taking some steps to create a high-quality branded packaging experience.

Types of Custom Foam Inserts

The concept of custom foam inserts allows you to create a perfect design, either by yourself or by have the items sent to a manufacturer, where they are designed for you using state-of-the-art fabricating equipment, to create an insert that holds and protects the items it is intended for.

The foam chosen is essential to the security of the items to be stored in the container. There are two different types of foam used with a custom foam insert: Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (Ester). The PE foam is fairly dense and long-lasting; easy to cut with a knife. It is slightly pliable and offers a secure, snug fit. It is best used for medium to heavy weight objects that need to be secured in place, like, the handgun. It is also good for objects that can absorb a modest amount of shock without being damaged, like an electric drill. The PE foam is suitable for most designs and recommended when one is in doubt. It is available in solid and anti-static options.

The Polyurethane (Charcoal Ester Foam) is much more spongy and forgiving, exhibiting excellent shock absorption. It is a soft yet durable foam, which makes it good for more delicate objects that may break on modest impact, like crystal stemware. It is best for complex or irregularly-shaped objects like a digital SLR camera. It is available in solid, pick and pluck (Diced), convoluted and anti-atatic options.

Case Foam Options offer different ways to configure the foam into your case. There is the solid foam pad which makes the base foam of the case and comes in both PE and Ester. The solid foam is appropriate as lid foam in situations where case items sit flush with the surface of the base. It can also be cut with a utility knife to make customized cavities. The convoluted option is soft but made from a study PE. It is most used as lid foam because of its ability to gently secure in place any items that may protrude above the surface of the foam. It can also be used as a base foam for thinner cases, and is good for holding thin objects so that there is no movement during transportation. The diced option is where one now creates their own insert. It comes with a solid base pad on the bottom and the remainder is filled with PE foam that’s pre-cut into removable cubes. Simply remove the individual cubes to create a custom-sized space in which to fit the items.

The Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts

If you find that your company or you ship fragile and delicate items quite frequently, you may want to seriously consider investing in custom foam inserts. Custom foam inserts offer a top level of protection for your delicate items that you cannot compare to anything else. Bubble wrap and newspaper may have gotten you this far, but now is the time to start taking advantage of the benefits that foam inserts have to offer.

A custom foam insert is made from packing supplies that are flexible and can be cut to perfectly form around the product being shipped. You no longer have to worry about an item breaking or arriving damaged. There will be no extra or wasted space within your corrugated package, you can think of foam inserts as an extra layer of protection. Die-cut foam inserts are wonderful for securing the sides of a particular product while case inserts will contain and surround an entire product. An added bonus to case inserts is that they can double up and be used to display a product as well. Depending on what type of item is being shipped out will help determine whether or not you would want to purchase an open cell (polyurethane) or closed cell (polyethylene) type of foam, both of which are antistatic.

Whichever route you decide to take, be comforted in the fact that your product along with custom inserts will offer top notch protection that you are seeking. There is no item too small or too large since these inserts are easily customizable. Why stress out over the shipping process? Allow us to properly contain your product for carefree shipping. No one can ever be one hundred percent sure about how rough the shipping process can be. Whether your items are traveling by air, land or sea – foam inserts will keep your fragile items stabilized within your corrugated packing supplies.

Cactus Corrugated will gladly guide you to choosing the proper foam insert for your specific needs. We do offer low and high density foam which can be utilized for light and heavy equipment. There may be a possibility that only a few items need to be contained in foam during shipping, whatever your particular needs may be – we will be able to accommodate. Allow us to help you properly package your goods because we have the expertise and equipment to meet and exceed your packaging needs.

Custom Foam Inserts – How To Enhance Your Products

Remember seeing the video of the UPS and FedEx delivery people throwing packages over fences or dropping them without thought to what was in them? Although most delivery people aren’t as careless with their deliveries, with all the news about shippers damaging packages that they are delivering, most companies are thinking of better ways to protect their products during the shipping process. Think about all the money lost when products are returned that have been damaged. One way to protect your products is to custom fit your container with foam inserts.

There are several types of foam inserts. The first is convoluted foam inserts. Convoluted foam inserts look like egg crates. When this custom foam insert is placed in your container, it stops the product from moving around and getting damaged. Breakage, thus financial loss from breakage, is virtually nonexistent. Another type of foam insert is a custom foam insert. This foam is cut specifically to fit the shape of your product. A wine bottle, for instance, would be placed in a custom cut foam insert in the exact size and shape of that wine bottle. These custom foam inserts hug your product, ensuring no movement or damage. There are also foam corner inserts that stabilize your product in the box by securing the corners with foam corner blocks.

Foam inserts aren’t just used to stabilize a product; they give your product a “high end” look. Consumers consider a product packaged with a custom foam insert to be of higher quality. These custom foam inserts are die cut to precisely the shape of the item it is holding. This makes it ideal for jewelry or perfume. As a matter of fact, many products packaged with foam can catch a customer’s eye over other competitors in the extremely competitive marketplace.

All types of custom foam inserts can be designed to fit and size or shape of container. No matter what you’ve chosen as a display box, setup box or shipping container, the foam insert can be customized to fit like a glove. This means square, narrow, tall, rectangular or any other shape you can think of can use a custom foam insert to protect your product. So, what are you waiting for? Protect your products while displaying those same quality items by packaging them with foam inserts. Don’t become a victim of careless shippers and delivery people.

Box Dividers Protection For Your Product

Now that you have the correct box size, box dividers may be needed for your multiple products. Instead of having small individually boxed items, an economical ways of shipping your items may require box dividers. Box dividerscan be custom made to your products exact specs. Box dividers acts as an interior box frame, just like a skeleton frame used to support the roof of a house. They are ideal for keeping each product in one piece. Box dividersprevent your products from touching each other, which is a very innovative feature to assure your products are safe from damage. Box dividers cushion your product from possible outside movement. The key is to have correctly fitted box dividers, specifically custom made for your product.

An ideal way to ship your coffee mugs is by using box dividers. After assuring your Cactus Container box is the correct size for your product, inserting fitted box dividers ensure a safe and damage free delivery. For instance, your coffee mugs loosely placed in a large box can easily crash into one another. This can damage not only one of your mugs inside the large box, but perhaps it can damage your entire shipment. Securing it with box partition will keep your coffee mugs intact. It will also prevent the coffee mugs from touching each other, which means less chance of damage.

A perfect way to ship your glass beverage bottles are by using a corrugated box divider. The corrugated box dividers are ideal for tall items such as your glass beverage bottles. A corrugated box that is usually used as a box divider is usually built with a B flute material. Using a corrugated divider means you are using a heavier and stronger material. This works just right for the extra strength needed from possible outside pressures atop the box and underneath below. It acts as a strong frame, alleviating the outside pressure from your glass beverage bottles. Let the corrugated box divider be the strength needed while still cushioning your glass beverage bottles from impact.

At times, a very strong corrugated box insert is not needed. There are times; a lighter variation of a box insert is all that is required to get your product from point A to point B. Consider fiber partitions as an alternative to your box insert. It still does the exact same job, while decreasing your shipping cost. Because a fiber partition is thinner, a smaller box may be all you need to get the job done. Also note, fiber partitions offer greater compatibility to automatic packaging equipment, which can save you time and money.

An alternative to box partitions are chipboard partitions. A chipboard partition is exactly what the name sounds. The material is made of recycled wood that has been reproduced and created as a chipboard partition. Chipboard partitions are boards manufactured from reconstituted wood particles as opposed to wafers or strands. Commonly referred to as flake board or chipboard, these panels are comprised of small particles usually arranged in layers by size. Custom make it to your products specs. A chipboard partition is an economical alternative to corrugated partition, and still does its duty by protecting your product from damage.

Chipboard dividers can also be just one large sheet. It is used while stacking your utilize load. Chipboard dividersincrease the stability. A chipboard divider allows higher stocking per unit. Integrate a chipboard divider as a tool to prevent slippage during transit. As an alternative, chipboard dividers can be used as a pallet cap. This will prevent damage from multiple stack loads. In addition, a chipboard divider will also maintain cleanliness from dust, dirt, or particles.

Cardboard box partition can be a one piece unit or it can be multiple pieces. Visualize a tic-tac-toe grid and you have yourself a cardboard box partition. Archive papers in banker boxes are separated by cardboard box partition. The cardboard box dividers are single layers. The cardboard box dividers are easy to use, easy to cut and easy to recycle.

Corrugated dividers are made of fusing 2 liner sheets on each side of a corrugated sheet. Corrugated dividers are accordion shaped. Envision the ridges of a potato chip, and you have yourself corrugated dividers. Corrugated box dividers help resist movement. Corrugated box dividers keep your products unharmed and undamaged.

Do not forget that corrugated box partitions have additional benefits. Corrugated box partition may reduce the overall unit cost. Corrugated partitions are easy to reuse. If it can be reused, you have trimmed the expenditure. Using a corrugated partition may also allow shippers to use a lighter weight box, which is another form of reducing the shipping cost.

Think twice before you skip the box partition altogether. Instead of shipping tiny small boxes per product, ship a case in one box. Insert a box partition into this one box, and you just saved on your shipping cost, shipping materials and overall unit cost. You also assure a safer delivery by keeping the products intact. They are secure which means less movement. Less movement means less chance of damage. Lastly, the box divider becomes an interior strong skeleton frame. Having an interior skeleton frame is just like having a column holding up a roof. The roof protects us from the sun, snow, and rain. The box partitions protect your goods from possible outside pressure, bumps, and jolts.