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Box Dividers Protection For Your Product

Now that you have the correct box size, box dividers may be needed for your multiple products. Instead of having small individually boxed items, an economical ways of shipping your items may require box dividers. Box dividerscan be custom made to your products exact specs. Box dividers acts as an interior box frame, just like a skeleton frame used to support the roof of a house. They are ideal for keeping each product in one piece. Box dividersprevent your products from touching each other, which is a very innovative feature to assure your products are safe from damage. Box dividers cushion your product from possible outside movement. The key is to have correctly fitted box dividers, specifically custom made for your product.

An ideal way to ship your coffee mugs is by using box dividers. After assuring your Cactus Container box is the correct size for your product, inserting fitted box dividers ensure a safe and damage free delivery. For instance, your coffee mugs loosely placed in a large box can easily crash into one another. This can damage not only one of your mugs inside the large box, but perhaps it can damage your entire shipment. Securing it with box partition will keep your coffee mugs intact. It will also prevent the coffee mugs from touching each other, which means less chance of damage.

A perfect way to ship your glass beverage bottles are by using a corrugated box divider. The corrugated box dividers are ideal for tall items such as your glass beverage bottles. A corrugated box that is usually used as a box divider is usually built with a B flute material. Using a corrugated divider means you are using a heavier and stronger material. This works just right for the extra strength needed from possible outside pressures atop the box and underneath below. It acts as a strong frame, alleviating the outside pressure from your glass beverage bottles. Let the corrugated box divider be the strength needed while still cushioning your glass beverage bottles from impact.

At times, a very strong corrugated box insert is not needed. There are times; a lighter variation of a box insert is all that is required to get your product from point A to point B. Consider fiber partitions as an alternative to your box insert. It still does the exact same job, while decreasing your shipping cost. Because a fiber partition is thinner, a smaller box may be all you need to get the job done. Also note, fiber partitions offer greater compatibility to automatic packaging equipment, which can save you time and money.

An alternative to box partitions are chipboard partitions. A chipboard partition is exactly what the name sounds. The material is made of recycled wood that has been reproduced and created as a chipboard partition. Chipboard partitions are boards manufactured from reconstituted wood particles as opposed to wafers or strands. Commonly referred to as flake board or chipboard, these panels are comprised of small particles usually arranged in layers by size. Custom make it to your products specs. A chipboard partition is an economical alternative to corrugated partition, and still does its duty by protecting your product from damage.

Chipboard dividers can also be just one large sheet. It is used while stacking your utilize load. Chipboard dividersincrease the stability. A chipboard divider allows higher stocking per unit. Integrate a chipboard divider as a tool to prevent slippage during transit. As an alternative, chipboard dividers can be used as a pallet cap. This will prevent damage from multiple stack loads. In addition, a chipboard divider will also maintain cleanliness from dust, dirt, or particles.

Cardboard box partition can be a one piece unit or it can be multiple pieces. Visualize a tic-tac-toe grid and you have yourself a cardboard box partition. Archive papers in banker boxes are separated by cardboard box partition. The cardboard box dividers are single layers. The cardboard box dividers are easy to use, easy to cut and easy to recycle.

Corrugated dividers are made of fusing 2 liner sheets on each side of a corrugated sheet. Corrugated dividers are accordion shaped. Envision the ridges of a potato chip, and you have yourself corrugated dividers. Corrugated box dividers help resist movement. Corrugated box dividers keep your products unharmed and undamaged.

Do not forget that corrugated box partitions have additional benefits. Corrugated box partition may reduce the overall unit cost. Corrugated partitions are easy to reuse. If it can be reused, you have trimmed the expenditure. Using a corrugated partition may also allow shippers to use a lighter weight box, which is another form of reducing the shipping cost.

Think twice before you skip the box partition altogether. Instead of shipping tiny small boxes per product, ship a case in one box. Insert a box partition into this one box, and you just saved on your shipping cost, shipping materials and overall unit cost. You also assure a safer delivery by keeping the products intact. They are secure which means less movement. Less movement means less chance of damage. Lastly, the box divider becomes an interior strong skeleton frame. Having an interior skeleton frame is just like having a column holding up a roof. The roof protects us from the sun, snow, and rain. The box partitions protect your goods from possible outside pressure, bumps, and jolts.

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