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Types of Custom Foam Inserts

foam corner protector

The concept of custom foam inserts allows you to create a perfect design, either by yourself or by have the items sent to a manufacturer, where they are designed for you using state-of-the-art fabricating equipment, to create an insert that holds and protects the items it is intended for.

Custom Foam Inserts

The foam chosen is essential to the security of the items to be stored in the container. There are two different types of foam used with a custom foam insert: Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (Ester). The PE foam is fairly dense and long-lasting; easy to cut with a knife. It is slightly pliable and offers a secure, snug fit. It is best used for medium to heavy weight objects that need to be secured in place, like, the handgun. It is also good for objects that can absorb a modest amount of shock without being damaged, like an electric drill. The PE foam is suitable for most designs and recommended when one is in doubt. It is available in solid and anti-static options.

Custom Foam Inserts Variety

The Polyurethane (Charcoal Ester Foam) is much more spongy and forgiving, exhibiting excellent shock absorption. It is a soft yet durable foam, which makes it good for more delicate objects that may break on modest impact, like crystal stemware. It is best for complex or irregularly-shaped objects like a digital SLR camera. It is available in solid, pick and pluck (Diced), convoluted and anti-static options.

Case Foam Options offer different ways to configure the foam into your case. There is the solid foam pad which makes the base foam of the case and comes in both PE and Ester. The solid foam is appropriate as lid foam in situations where case items sit flush with the surface of the base. It can also be cut with a utility knife to make customized cavities. The convoluted option is soft but made from a study PE. It is most used as lid foam because of its ability to gently secure in place any items that may protrude above the surface of the foam. It can also be used as a base foam for thinner cases, and is good for holding thin objects so that there is no movement during transportation. The diced option is where one now creates their own insert. It comes with a solid base pad on the bottom and the remainder is filled with PE foam that’s pre-cut into removable cubes. Simply remove the individual cubes to create a custom-sized space in which to fit the items.

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