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How To Use Cardboard POP Displays

Custom display box

Supermarkets found a marketing secret that most consumers are not even aware they are using. They put the items that they want to sell at the front of the aisles. People see these displays and think that this must be a good deal or it must be something they need. They purchase the things found at the end of the aisle more often. This marketing secret can be used by many businesses, even if they do not have any aisle ends to display merchandise. They can instead use cardboard pop displays.

How to use Cardboard POP Displays

The idea behind these displays is to attract the customer’s attention. They should be placed in high traffic areas. They can be used to display products or they can be used to help people find specific products. They can be used to inform the customer of something that may make the customer purchase certain items. There is no limit to the ways that these cardboard POP displays can be used for marketing purposes.

The displays are designed to get the customer thinking about something. That is the trick to point of sale advertising. The displays can remind the consumer of a product or a brand that they know, but had not been thinking about. They can be used to market special events in a business. They are a great way for a business to improve their brand recognition. Once people recognize a brand or logo, they are more likely to buy it and that is the goal of any type of marketing.

Ideal Cardboard POP Display

It is important to get the right kind of displays. Cardboard is not always the strongest material. It does not stand up well if it gets wet. When using these displays consider using corrugated POP displays. These are stronger and sturdier. They will last longer.

The graphics on the display are another key. These displays are designed to attract people’s attention. They should not be colorless and difficult to see or read. They should be visible from a distance. The words that are used should be large and clear so they can be easily read. The goal of the corrugated POP displays is to attract attention. Make sure the graphics attract the attention instead of deterring away from it.


Point of sale advertising is one of the most cost effective means of advertising. The use of Cardboard POP displays is one of the best types of point of sale advertising, as long as it is used correctly.

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