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Custom Box Inserts Protect and Display Your Product

Custom Box Inserts

If you are shipping something that is fragile you want to be sure that you are providing adequate protection. If you are a business, you don’t want to deal with an unhappy customer who opens a box only to find their purchase in pieces. If you are shipping personal items of a fragile nature, you want to be sure that you adequately protect your precious family heirlooms. In either event, using a custom foam insert will ensure that the item gets to its destination safely and without incident.

Custom box inserts are the perfect way to package contents that may be prone to breakage. Wrapping your products with old newspapers is both unprofessional and time consuming. Likewise, packing materials such as bubble wrap or other shock absorbers may not always work and tend to be overly messy. Styrofoam peanuts are not any better, and you may end up with a client who is annoyed at the mess left over.

The way to ship your products is by using a custom foam insert. These inserts come in a variety of styles, depending on what you need them for. If you are looking for something that will protect your product, you may want to consider using convoluted foam inserts. These inserts resemble foam egg crates and provide good protection for fragile items.

If you are interested in protecting your product while, at the same time, making a good impression on a client, the type of custom box inserts you would want to consider are the ether die cut foam inserts. These inserts will keep your product cushioned and safe, and will double as an impressive display for the product when the box is opened.

Other types of custom box inserts include foam pieces that fit over the corners of your product, end caps that completely encapsulate the ends of the product, and custom built inserts that will fit your product perfectly.

Find a company that prides themselves on quality and low prices. A company that is worthy of your business will have built a reputation as one of the best shipping materials companies on the market today, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that their customers are happy with their products and satisfied with the services rendered, as well as, provided. Take some time to browse through company sites and see if you find the kind of custom box inserts you need. If you do not see what you want, never hesitate to call to see if they are able to help with your needs.

Using Custom Box Inserts to Protect Products

Custom Box Inserts

When you manufacture and ship a product, you want to be sure that the product reaches its destination in as good a shape as it was in when you placed it in the mail. The postal service—or other package delivery services—can be quite rough on the contents of a box and it is not uncommon for a product to reach its destination damaged or even broken altogether.

For this reason we recommend using custom box inserts when you package your product. A custom foam insert will fit your product perfectly and help shield it from the wear and tear of shipping.

You don’t want to have to deal with an angry or dissatisfied customer. Whether it’s your fault or not, when your product reaches its destination in anything less than perfect condition, it reflects poorly on your business. An angry customer will tell his or her friends, and may leave negative feedback on rating sites; this act can damage your business even further.

Even if the customer is not at risk for spreading negative reviews of your business, you surely do not want to deal with the hassle of asking them to return it and/or sending out another piece of product. This costs you time, money—in the form of additional postage and replacement product—and hassle.

It’s much better to adequately pack your product in custom box inserts so you can be certain that nothing happens to it before it reaches your customer. Further, a custom foam insert will fit your product and make your organization appear to be more professional and trustworthy, as opposed to some of your competitors who may just throw something in a box with a few crumpled newspapers and hope for the best.

Custom box inserts are cheap, too. When you consider the cost to your organization of not using a custom foam insert—costs such as the replacement cost of damaged inventory, increased employee time in dealing with elevated numbers of returns, and a loss of goodwill from customers who are not satisfied with your shipping practices—you see that it really does make sense to use our product.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, and that includes your shipping material too. Other packing materials may not adequately protect your inventory, and may even contribute to its breakage rate. If you want to protect your business, insist on custom box inserts.

Custom Box Inserts and Branded Packaging

Custom Box Inserts

A branded packaging experience involves carefully selecting shipping and packaging materials that will provide the best presentation for your product. From custom box inserts to the actual box your product is sold in, these elements all add value for your customers as well as your business, as you’ll be able to create a memorable purchasing experience.

Custom Box Inserts Play a Big Role in Branded Packaging

A custom box insert will wrap around your product to keep it safe during transport and before it is sold, protecting it from damage. Even though the insert takes up a vast majority of the inside space of a package, many companies fail to consider that it can be a vital part of the branding experience. Regardless of whether you use cardboard or custom foam inserts, never pass up the chance to make an impression on your customers. Choose a color that will match the rest of your packaging, or place your logo or seal on the insert in order to make it stand out.

Other Ways to Offer a Branded Packaging Experience

When it comes to offering a complete, branded packaging experience, a custom foam insert won’t be enough to do the job. There are many other components that you’ll want to consider:

  • Shipping boxes. If your products are being shipped in a sturdy, brown box, you’ll be sending the message that you simply want to get the job done. Your shipping box is a great opportunity to wow your audience, so you’ll have to weigh the cost and visual aesthetics wisely when choosing your boxes.
  • Tissue. Many products are wrapped in tissue paper, creating an extra element of excitement, mystery, and surprise to your customers on the receiving end. You can brand tissue paper by choosing a certain color or investing in a custom printed option.
  • Promo materials. Many businesses stick some promotional materials into their packaging in order to encourage customers to shop with them again. If you want to get the most out of this method, personalize the promo materials so that you are sending something that will likely be of interest to each individual customer.
  • Samples. Once you know a little more about your customers, consider adding a sample to your packaging in order to introduce them to new products.

Is your packaging doing enough to adequately represent and market your business? If not, you need to be taking some steps to create a high-quality branded packaging experience.

How Custom Box Inserts can Enhance your Product

You might not think that box inserts can have much impact on your products. After all, isn’t it more about the products you sell and not the box that you provide them in? While it is true that you must sell a quality product in order to stay in business, custom box inserts can greatly enhance the feeling your customers get when they open your products. This is especially true if the product being sold is one of high value. Your customers would much rather open a box with beautifully colored, protective packaging rather than seeing the product they just spent a lot of money on flopping around haphazardly in a box.

The Importance of Color

You might not give much thought to the color of the custom foam insert that you purchase for your products, but it plays an important role. The foam is just as important as the box, not only because it protects your product from becoming damaged, but because the color can invoke certain feelings in your customers. Deep colors that invoke happiness, such as red, orange, or yellow are a great way to get the good feelings flowing when your customers open your boxes. If you are selling jewelry or anything of emotional value that is similar, deep shades of these colors, especially red, are very effective at invoking the right feelings when the box is carefully opened.

The Importance of the Shape

Just as important as the color is the shape of the custom box inserts that you use. The shape should be one that cradles the product you are selling to ensure its safety during transport or even after it is in the hands of your customer. The right insert will protect all sides of the product, ensuring that it does not get jostled around in the box, and remains safely protected no matter where it may go. When you combine the custom foam inserts with a custom box that was made just for your products, you ensure that your items are well protected and provide the good feelings that customers desire when they open your boxes or when they give them as gifts to others.

Don’t overlook the need for custom box inserts for each of your products that have value, need protection, or just need a little bit of excitement added to ensure that good feeling whenever anyone opens the box.

Custom Box Inserts Contribute to Product Success

Custom box inserts serve a variety of important functions for many products. Some of these functions protect product integrity while others add class and organization to the overall presentation of the product. All of these qualities help to ensure that your products arrive safely, stand out and make a positive mark on customers.

Customized inserts can be made from various materials and take on various shapes and sizes to meet specific product and packaging requirements. They can fit into boxes to separate varying items from mixing or colliding, or they can be used to hold delicate items snugly and securely.

Benefits of Custom Box Inserts

The frontline benefit to using box inserts is that they help to successfully get your product through the ravages of shipping where packages are passed, bumped, bounced and thrown around. Customer disappointment can run deep and often be unforgiving if they have waited days or weeks only to receive damaged goods.

The next step is that inserts add stability to stored products once they arrive. For example, it is a major plus to provide a foam insert in box containing the newest internet tablet where it can be safely kept when not in use. Jewelry, game pieces, rare collectables and other similar items will benefit from being snugly tucked away into their secure insert resting places.

One of most noticeable advantages of using box inserts is that they add to the presentation effect of your product. The product may be the royal guest demanding all the attention, but how that guest is admonished, dressed and presented makes the majority of the impression. Custom box inserts play the supporting role that elevate and isolate your star product into the limelight for customer viewing.

Another key role that inserts play lies in the advertising and message delivery area. Brand advertising, important warnings, instructional messages and other vital information can be readily displayed in open view by having them printed on inserts. This is often a better approach than printing such information on slips of paper that tucked away and easily lost or discarded.

All of these benefits add to the quality, integrity, appearance and helpfulness of your product. If these goals are achieved then business success is also achieved as satisfied customers return for other products that they know will be equally and attractively housed in quality custom box inserts.

Protect Contents with Custom Box Inserts

Boxes are used to hold many different things. They can come in all shapes and sizes. The items are often put into a box to help protect them. The one thing that consumers do not want to happen when they open a box is to see that the contents have been damaged. To help protect the contents it is very common to use box inserts.

The box inserts can come in many different forms. They can be made of the same cardboard that the box is made of or they can be padded to provide more protection for the contents. There are many box inserts that come in the one size fits all variety. These inserts will be made to fit the different sizes of boxes that are being used, but they will not be specifically designed for what is going to be placed in the boxes.

That is where custom box inserts can come into play. The custom box inserts can be designed to fit around the items that are going in the box. If these inserts are being used for a fragile item such as glassware, they can help cushion and protect the glassware from moving around as the box is being moved. The ability to fit the inserts to the specific contents of the box is one of the keys to delivering the product that is inside the box safely and intact.

Inserts can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made to hold a single item in the box or they can be made to hold multiple items in the same box. They can be designed to fit around the product or they can be designed for the product to fit into the insert. Because they are a custom design there is virtually no limit to how they can work.

The material that is used for the box inserts will also vary. Foam is a product that can be formed into any shape that is needed easily. Cardboard is often a less expensive option for inserts, but it may not provide the same level of protection as the foam inserts are doing. When deciding on what type of inserts to use in the boxes, it is important to look at how they will be used.

  • Packing for shipping – inserts will need to provide more protection
  • For separating product – When a box contains multiple products, the inserts can keep them separate

Once the use of the inserts is determined, it is a matter of finding the right custom box inserts.

What is Custom Packaging?

A knock on the door. You open the door to find a delivery has been made to your home. It’s the package you’ve been waiting for! You excitedly open the box only to discover the antique glass vase from your Aunt Lily is broken in three places. Not something anyone wants to see when expecting a package. There probably has been several times where you have received a package that arrived with a product inside that was damaged in some way. Either the box didn’t fit the product or the product wasn’t secured in the box properly. By customizing the packaging this situation needn’t have happened.

What is entailed in custom packaging? Custom packaging is all about the stability and strength of the box as well as protecting what’s inside. The first item you think of when packaging something is the box. Customize the box to appropriately fit your product. You wouldn’t put a bracelet in a box that would fit a television, right? This causes unnecessary costs and the bracelet would be banging around inside that huge space probably getting damaged. Think appropriate size. Having an appropriate sized box would include ensuring the box was a size adequate to place inserts in to secure your product from moving around. Custom box inserts are cut to exactly fit your product. Foam inserts cut to surround your product will keep it from jostling around while being shipped protecting it from damage. Other inserts to secure your product might be corner protectors or dividers. Each one helps protect what’s being shipped.

Another thing to think about when considering packaging is the correct tape. Using masking tape or the tape used for gift wrapping isn’t going to hold secure during shipping. A strong packing tape like poly-pro or PVC tape is recommended for holding your box together when facing the rigors of shipping. These two types of tapes can even be custom printed with your company information and/or logo. Shipping labels can also be customized with your company information and/or logo. Not only are these items functional they serve as excellent advertising for your company,

Remembering to use custom packaging can certainly save you from shipping disasters and disappointed customers. The cost of replacing the damaged product can ruin your business. Having the correctly fitting box, the stability of an appropriate insert and the right kind of tape and labels will keep both your bank account and the customer happy.

Foam Inserts – Use For Shipping to Protect Your Valuable Contents

When a package is shipped, the most important thing is that it arrives without any damage. This can be achieved by using the proper type of custom box inserts. Box inserts are used to separate numerous items within a box. It can separate as little as four to as many as 144 items. Inserts are used to snugly fit the contents inside the box with little, if any, room to move. When the measurements are taken from the product you desire to ship, it can be used to create a custom box insert. This will insure the product will not become damaged during travel and will arrive in the same condition in which it was sent.

There are multiple inserts that can be used in every shipping process. However, there are a few that work out better than others such as foam inserts. Foam inserts are for specific items such as firearms, compact bows, important medicine vials, tools, electronic equipment, and other valuable and / or vulnerable items.

There are four main reasons why using a foam insert to ship your valuable contents.

Foam Inserts Enhance the Product’s Look

Foam inserts have a custom look to them that cannot be achieved with other inserts, such as the pick and puck type. With the look, the recipient of your package will not only notice the contents are safely packaged but they will also notice how well the insert compliments the contents.

Foam Inserts for Protection

Foam inserts give added protection in areas where regular inserts and even Styrofoam inserts such as sheets, cones, or balls might not. Many companies who ship expensive products will use custom foam inserts to snugly fit their products and ship them without worry of damage occurring.

Foam Inserts Are Easy To Use and no Setup is Required

Inserts, like these, do not have to be plucked to reach the perfect layout for each item. They can be custom ordered to fit the item of your choice. If you have thousands of cases to be packaged and shipped, you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on labor for someone to plug the foam into the right layout over and over again.

There are Endless Possibilities Using Foam Inserts

When ordering foam inserts for your merchandise and packaging needs, the possibilities are limitless. You can arrange certain styles to be cut out of the foam to fit your product exceptionally well. Even the most unconventional and oddly shaped contents can be cradled in a foam pocket cut to the specific shape and size of the contents.

Box Inserts How To Showcase Your Product

Do you need to present your latest cologne? How about your top of the line cosmetics? What about your special extravagant gadgets? Should your precious diamonds be showcased in a grocery bag? It probably should not. All these specialty items need a step-up from the norm. You want to portray special, but how? These specialty items need the final touch. It needs to be presented. It needs to be highlighted. It needs to portray classiness and elegance. It needs to shout out to the world that it is special, but how? Use high quality Cactus Container die cut boxes along with a perfectly fitted box insert.

When your specialty item comes with its own unique special box with its own box insert, it really does portray special. Let’s think of cologne, for example. That cologne comes in its own box, not to mention the perfectly fittedbox insert that it comes with. The colognes bottle contour fits exactly within its uniquely shaped box insert. Any other item, including other colognes, will not fit into this box insert. Only this unique cologne can fit in the box insert. Now that portrays specialness and uniqueness.

This holds true for cosmetics. Cosmetics packaged and hung on store shelves inevitably come with a lower price range consumers will subconsciously pay. Place cosmetics in a high quality die cut boxes along with a perfectly fitted box insert, and voila, the price margin increases substantially. Box inserts portray top of the line cosmetics. When consumers see that retailers go above and beyond to protect the cosmetics by using box inserts, it is assumed that the cosmetics in it are of superb quality and classiness.

A diamond is a girl’s best friend, as they say. We see time and time again, the man proposing with a small high-quality jewelry box. Now what makes that diamond ring stand up? No, it’s not a string that is holding this ring in place. It’s being held up by a luxurious velvety foam insert. A diamond is a precious gem in itself. It deserves the best of the best packaging. What better way to showcase and highlight your precious gem than by placing it a superb quality die cut box along with a velvety foam box insert.

Just as peacocks shows off their feathers to attract attention, why not use the box insert for the same purpose? Thecustom box insert, such as a foam insert come in array of vibrant rich colors. Use the colors to your advantage and attract consumers from your rivals. Leave the product cradled in its custom box insert, as this too showcases your product. A custom foam insert is just like an entertainer on stage. They’re propped up on stage, allowing all to see them vividly. The custom foam insert is also propped up on stage, allowing your product to be seen vividly. Thecustom foam inserts allow your product to outshine the rivals.

Movie character James Bond is known for his special gadgets and weapons. They’re almost always encased and protected by the interior convoluted foam packaging. Convoluted foam look just like egg crates. The difference is that they are made of polyurethane foam. A convoluted foam insert package is designed to grab your “gadgets” and control product movement. A convoluted foam packaging is designed to cushion and resist impact. Use the convoluted foam to your advantage to resist possible bumps and jolts along the road.

Use your box insert to your favor by creating a unique custom box insert. Take advantage of the richly coloredfoam inserts to showcase your product. Remember custom foam inserts depict uniqueness and pizzazz. Custom box inserts display and support your delicate and precious jewelry. Lastly a type of box insert called convoluted foam packaging cushion and resist impact. Protect your bottle of wine, hunting rifles, or special gadgets with convoluted foam packaging.

The next time you need to protect or present specialness, elegance and classiness, think of Cactus Containers and the wide assortment of box inserts. Custom box inserts such as a foam insert can be created in any shape or foam.Box inserts incorporated with your product is your step up from the ordinary. Custom box inserts depict sophistication and grace.