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Packing Fragile Items In Cardboard Cartons

Full overlap carton
Online shopping has made it easier for people to get whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. No more need to spend hours wandering through different stores to find the right item. Now all that is required is access to the internet and the considered choice of search keywords. E-commerce has also helped as even small and medium-sized businesses can afford to make their wares available online.

It can however be tricky to sell fragile items online. This is mainly due to their delicate nature which means they can be easily damaged during shipping. If damaged, the business may remain liable and have to replace the item at their own cost. This can prove expensive and even damage their reputation. Even with packing these items in corrugate cartons, a little extra care has to be taken to increase the chances the items will arrive in optimal condition.

Choose The Right Box

When packing even fragile items, you need to ensure the right size and type of box. It needs to be a good fit that will not allow the contents to shift. And if heavy and fragile, you need to consider the thickness of the box walls. They should have enough fluting to ensure sound protection, but not so much as to add unnecessary cost to shipping.

Use Filler

Even with a well-fitting box, some items can have an odd shape that will leave voids within the cardboard cartons. Fragile items should be kept in a fixed position within the box. Hence the need to fill up this empty space and reduce the risk of damage. There are different packing materials you can use for this including packing peanuts and old newspaper.

However, for the best immobilization, you may want to consider foam or cardboard inserts. These are customized to fit the exact shape of the items and work best in securing them. Be sure to choose eco-friendly packing materials that are functional yet sustainable.


It can also help to ensure your box is properly labeled. This will allow handlers to know that the contents are fragile and that they should take necessary precautions to avoid damage. Many stickers can also be applied, with captions such as “fragile”, “this end up”, and “keep refrigerated” being commonly used. If shipping internationally, you may want to consider labels that share the same message in different languages to ensure proper handling all the way.

Moisture Protection

Cardboard cartons can easily lose structural integrity if they come in contact with liquids. To help prevent such interference that could damage contents, it helps to create a barrier between the carton and such external threats. Judicious application of packaging tape can help here. You can also opt to include the use of vermiculite that helps absorb moisture and absorb impacts.

Why Choose Hemp Oil Inserts for Product Packaging

Hemp Oil Insert Divider
The therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp oil have led to a growing demand for their products across the country. This has thankfully been backed by legislation in many states that now permit the sale of these products for both medicinal and recreational use.

With more people shopping for these and other products online, it has become useful to find packaging that can withstand transport difficulties. Hemp and CBD oil inserts are a good way to stabilize these tiny bottles within boxes.

Many consumers will order these bottles in bulk. It could be they fear a change in legislation, or simply want to take advantage of bulk discounts. These oils can be kept for many years. As long as the bottles are kept away from sunlight, airtight, and refrigerated, the contents can remain viable for years to come. The tinted glass bottles in which the oils come do a good job of offering this protection, and are great for keeping refrigerated for prolonged periods.

To further support these protective efforts, it is also vital to ensure that the shipping boxes are just as effective. The boxes should be of a thickness that will not allow the glass bottles to easily break. They should also ideally include suitably sized CBD and hemp oil inserts. As said, this will help keep the bottles stable within the box.

It will also prevent them from bumping into each other in transit, possibly breaking and causing leaks. Not only will it compromise the cardboard of the box, but it also means a loss of valuable merchandise that the seller will need to cover. Inserts make for better protection than alternative packing material like newspaper or packing peanuts.

Be sure to consult with your box manufacturer on the dimensions of your boxes. The thickness of the box walls should be matched to their weight to avoid the risk of bottles falling out and being damaged.

You may also want to consider shipping boxes that you print useful information on. This should ideally be on the inside of the box for the sake of discretion. It is ideal to include valuable info like directions on how to use the product, dosage, and ingredients. This should be on labels on the bottles, or you can add it to a leaflet included in the box. You can also have a QR code printed on the box that will lead anyone that scans it to a webpage detailing all this info. There are various ways you can connect our buyers to value-adding information like this.

Advantages of Custom Cardboard Displays

Cardboard Displays

With stiff competition in almost every industry, it’s crucial for brands and companies to make sure their products stand out. Whether it’s an international manufacturer selling bulk products to stores around the world or a small enterprise competing in the market, it’s essential for your brand to stand out. Using custom cardboard displays are one of the most viable ways to grab the attention of consumers and make the sale.

A cardboard display is a piece of the container with an attractive message and clear images. The cutout can be customized to fit the exact specification of the product. Most often, these personalized display boxes capture interest because of their alluring message which instantly hits the attention of a buyer.

Personalize your brand with a custom cardboard display box

One way brands are doing this by investing in high-quality and well-designed custom cardboard displays. By using a specially-designed container to store items in retail establishments, brands get an immediate advantage over the competition. By using customized cardboard boxes – often with custom branding and logos, – to display their products, companies can make sure that their products catch the attention of customers who would have otherwise just walked past them in the aisle or counter.

Cardboard displays are favorite everywhere, including shopping malls, retail centers, convenience stores, and many other establishments. Display boxes are also used by some of the biggest brands as well as active local ones. Cardboard product displays, especially customized ones with custom branding and designs, provide customers with a visual representation of a brand’s identity and personality. Of course, product packaging also helps in this regard, but with custom cardboard displays, products are more capable of drawing attention and leaving the customer with a lasting impression.

Custom cardboard displays are economical

Moreover, considering the state of the market nowadays, with so many businesses serving just as many markets, the aspiring and ambitious businessman would take advantage of every opportunity to get ahead, including using tried-and-tested consumer behavior principles to boost sales with more attractive visuals and displays.

Apart from being very useful and almost mandatory from the marketing standpoint, using cardboard displays for products in retail stores are also very economical. Especially when it comes to using a corrugated display which makes use of sturdier, more durable fiberboard with better resistance to the elements, businesses get much value when investing in a proper, customer-branded cardboard display for their products.

Chipboard Partitions and Other Box Dividers

Box Dividers

Shipping items in today’s market is common business practice. Our rapidly approaching global market economy means shipping needs are on the rise. And a lot goes into shipping products. It isn’t just a box with tape and some packaging peanuts. While that may suffice for some shipped merchandise, heavier or bulky items require an alternative option for protection methods; box dividers.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are perfect for saving space. They are accommodating for large and heavy items. They are roughly 30% smaller than other partitions but provide just the same amount of protection you would expect from your box dividers. They are even less expensive than other options because they are made from recycled material that has been glued together in layers to form a sturdy yet smooth surface. They are very easy to use, come in different thicknesses and can be cut down to any size you need. They are truly a versatile option for cutting down on shipping costs without sacrificing the integrity of protection.

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions provide a heavy duty layer of protection for heavier items as well as extremely delicate products. While they do take up any more space than most box dividers, they are specially created to provide the greatest level of protection available. Taller merchandise benefits greatly from having a strong source of compression from the top and bottom layers of the corrugated partitions.

Another advantage to using a corrugated divider is the practicality of having notches placed for pieces to be interlocking. This creates a solid barrier to shock from potential damage while in delivery. When it comes to having your merchandise shipped in today’s market, one damaged delivery could mean a lost client or customer. When shipping heavy items, they are usually expensive. The extra cost is marginal when compared with the opportunity cost of lost business.

Fiber Partitions

These dividers are popular because they are the most compatible with assembly line packaging equipment. They are much smaller than the corrugated and chipboard partitions, but they are perfect for smaller boxes. They are manufactured from recycled material and have much less paper dust. They are a cost effective means of providing an adequate level of protection for merchandise that needs to get where it’s going in one piece.

Anything can be shipped virtually anywhere these days. It may present a new bridge for some companies expanding to a more E-commerce friendly status or maybe your company is leading the way. Alternative box dividers are affordable solutions that can help you take the extra precautionary step for your merchandise and your company’s reputation.

The Importance of Using Chipboard Dividers

More than ever before the idea of being environmentally friendly is important to think about. It takes individual and businesses working together to do things that are good for the environment. There are often three main areas that people think when they want to do things that are environmentally friendly. The words reuse, recycle and repurpose are considered key things to protecting the environment. They all refer to getting the most from the resources that we have available to us. Chipboard dividers are one way that businesses can practice something that is good for the environment. It will not only be something that the company can do to promote responsibility, the dividers also serve other important purposes.

Chipboard partitions are dividers for boxes that are made from a product that is made from recycled material. To make these partitions, old boxes and old cardboard dividers are used to make this product. One of the things that is commonly used to make these dividers is the piece of cardboard that serves as the backing for a pad of paper. Newsprint and other paper materials can also be used to make the dividers. These materials would often end up in dumps and left unused until they deteriorate. Instead of causing harm to the environment, the paper is repurposed into something that becomes a useful alternative for businesses.

The reason of doing something that is environmentally friendly should be enough to convince businesses to turn to chipboard dividers, but that is only part of what they have to offer. They offer several other advantages over the other types of dividers that are commonly used. The dividers made using chipboard can be used in most places that any other divider can. They can protect items put into boxes and keep the items separate during shipping and storage. They can be used to help put more items into a single box.

The biggest advantages of the chipboard partitions are their cost and the amount of space they take up. The cost to produce the dividers from recycled material is less than from other materials. Because they can serve the same purpose, it makes sense to use these partitions. They can be made to fit any shape or size box and they take up less space in storage than materials such as corrugated partitions. Businesses that want to be on the cutting edge of what consumers want, need to understand the importance of using these environmentally friendly dividers.