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Fiber Partitions Give You More Space

Fiber Partitions

Every day, millions of containers are used to protect important cargo. But using just a container without a divider will not do your cargo any good. A carton container using fiber partitions as a divider can solve your problems with space and cost. These containers, compared to Styrofoam or wooden boxes, are used due to the fact that they are cheap to produce and easy to open and discard.

In fact, carton containers can be used more than a single time if the materials are good and the is properly thought out. This is especially true if there are fiber partitions that can give protection against any kind of pressure in the carton container itself.

Fiber Partitions: Environmental and Practical

Fiber partitions do not give only internal protection from pressure or make efficient handling of cargo, they are also very practical due to the cost they can save. This is because fiber partitions are usually made from any excess materials of the container. That means a very practical divider in terms of cost and pragmatism.

Another great thing about fiber partitions is that they are easy to dispose of as waste since they can be 100% recyclable. That is why a lot of logistics and cargo forwarding companies use fiber partitions since they are a more responsible way to take care of the environment.

This would also mean a more standardized quality within your container as well. You can be assured that the cargo in the container will be very stable due to the fact that the materials for both the container and the divider would not have any variance in strength since they are literally made from the same thing.

Chipboard Partitions: For Those Who Have Unique Space Needs

If you want a different provider, you can actually use chipboard partitions instead of the fiber ones. Using chipboard partitions would also make business sense for companies, especially for those who are transporting products and cargo of different sizes and shapes in the same container. This is because chipboard partitions are very adaptable and pliant to the product. But flexibility is not the only reason why they are used. They are also known for giving good protection from other products in the container together.

If you are going to use containers for cargo, make sure that you are using the right dividers. Both the fiber partitions and the chipboard partitions have their own use, with the fiber divider useful for products with uniform sizes and shapes and the chipboard partitions for the different cargo. At any rate, using dividers would give you peace of mind that your cargo is safe and sound.

Subscription Boxes that use Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard Partitions

People like to receive surprises. There’s the pleasure of welcoming new gifts into life and anticipation of treasures unveiled. Plus, the industry of subscription boxes capitalizes on that fundamental tendency to earn profits and pamper buyers.

It’s very simple for somebody – say a beauty product enthusiast to go on the Internet and sign up for a month-to-month subscription of products from well-known brands that are curated with care and delivered inside an appealing packaging with chipboard partitions directly to the doorstep. As the actual contents will remain a mystery, the boxes theme aligns with the subscription company’s niche.

Consumers expecting goody boxes of organic food won’t find lingerie nestled inside the delivered package. Subscription boxes that have fiber partitions are going to satisfy the need to obtain items of interest and they are going to automate the process – and ensure delivery of a bundle one time per month, without fail. But there’s one element of this model which might deter customers from upgrading to full-sized products based upon premium performance by the samples and that’s visual appeal.

This is the part where the importance of the subscription boxes design – both structural and aesthetic will come into play!

Why Should Subscription Box Businesses Pay Attention to Packaging?

The answer’s simple. Packaging here will become prime real estate where a positive impression may be made on a user. As there isn’t any flattering lights, no expensive display cases and no rack cards, the delivery box itself has to do triple duty to take over the duty of those tools of influence. The top products do not inspire desire if they’re poorly ensconced within bubble wrap and brown cardboard which usually turns soggy with moisture.

Subscription boxes are experiences. It’s a carefully assembled and small medley of items a recipient probably hasn’t tried before. As they’re admired and opened in the privacy of a living room or bedroom, there’s a big opportunity to get attention without the distraction of a million rival products shouting their presence.

What Are Other Leaders in the Industry Going With?

Keeping that fact in mind, most innovative box players opt to put in a good amount of thought in which their packaging is concerned. The structure’s integrity has to be maintained. It ought to have the ability to bear jostles, thumps, and drops along the way without having to affect the contents inside.

Corrugated Partitions Are Your Solution!

Corrugated Partitions

Whether you are operating a business or sending some personal items to someone, you may be looking for a low cost and effective means of shipping multiple items in the same box. There is no need to spend extra money packaging items in their own boxes, and you can save a lot of time by using only one box, but you need a way to keep the items from knocking against each other and being broken or damaged by the rigors of shipping.

You should try chipboard partitions. These partitions are a simple and efficient way to separate your single box into several different compartments. Simply place one item into each compartment and you will be able to ship everything in a single box without worrying about the items colliding and breaking.

Using partitions—whether chipboard partitions or corrugated partitions—is simple, and saves you time and money. What’s more, it helps save the environment! With partitions, you are able to reduce the total number of boxes you need for a shipment. That is fewer trees being cut down to make boxes, and fewer boxes that have to be transported to the final shipping destination.

Gone are the days of choosing between using multiple boxes or spending time individually packing and wrapping each item. Instead, you simply drop in chipboard partitions and you’ve got a fast, easy solution.

If you are shipping heavier items such as coffee mugs or bottles, you’ll want more padding between the items: corrugated partitions are perfect for this job. On the other hand, if you don’t need a significant amount of padding in between each item and you’re more interested in saving space, you should consider chipboard partitions, as they save roughly 25% of the space in the box.

Regardless of what you are shipping, there is a perfect partition system for you. Chipboard partitions and corrugated partitions come in a variety of sizes and heights, so we can accommodate your needs regardless of what they may be.

Find a company that is proud of their reputation as being among the best providers of shipping and packing materials. Take a few moments and browse the website. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact them. They are there help you, and should be more than willing to go above and beyond to earn your repeat business!

Using Chipboard Partitions Saves Time

Chipboard Partitions

If your business manufactures multiple sizes of products, you already know that you cannot ship multiple items in the same box without taking some steps to ensure that the products are kept organized and separate. This is especially true if you are shipping products such as glassware, computer equipment, or ceramic containers, as these products can easily break if they come into contact with each other.

At the same time, it is often not economical to ship multiple boxes to the same customer. If your business followed this practice, you would have to deal with increased shipping costs, a greater chance of something becoming lost or broken, and confused phone calls from customers wondering why only part of their order was delivered.

For this reason, we provide chipboard partitions for use in your shipping boxes. Now you can use the same box to ship multiple items, and because the boxes can be divided by chipboard partitions or corrugated partitions you don’t have to worry about the products hitting up against each other and becoming damaged.

What’s more, the use of corrugated partitions can help your customers to better organize their order and understand what all has been included in the shipment. By using chipboard partitions, you realize the benefit of lower postage, lower breakage rate, and a more satisfied customer base: it’s a win-win-win situation all the way around!

Chipboard partitions are a very cost-effective way of managing your shipment options, too. Rather than pay for the entire cost of a new box, you can simply use an economical chipboard partition or corrugated partition in its place. This has the added benefit of being good for the environment: fewer boxes that you use mean fewer trees cut down to manufacture them, and less waste being shipped to the landfill.

Using corrugated partitions just makes sense for your business. Why pay more for shipping additional boxes? Why increase the chance that products will become lost or broken? Why deal with increased storage needs by using more boxes than you need to? Instead, use chipboard partitions to help manage and protect the products that you are selling, and keep things simple for both your employees as well as the customers they serve.

Finally, corrugated partitions and chipboard partitions are both cheap. Now, for a small fraction of the cost of another box, you can ensure that your product is properly shipped and protected.

How to Use Chipboard Dividers

Chipboard Dividers

There are many different reasons that businesses are using chipboard dividers. When they are used in boxes for shipping products, they help separate the items in the box. They can protect the item from damage during shipping and storage. The use of dividers in boxes is not new, but the ones made of chipboard offer advantages that make them a better choice.

  • Recycled material – Chipboard partitions are made from recycled material and are better for the planet.
  • Fire protection – These dividers offer more protection from fire and heat than other partitions.
  • Cost – The use of recycled material means the cost to make these dividers is less.
  • More items in one box – The use of partitions allows the packer to put more items safely in a box. This can help with the costs of shipping and packaging.

These are all reasons why the business that is shipping things should consider using chipboard dividers. They are a very effective product for both big and small companies. While it is good to think about how a company can use these dividers, it may also be smart to think about how the consumer is using them as well.

Different uses

People can use the chipboard partitions in many different ways, aside from separating products in the box. They can be utilized in the home for a variety of different purposes as well. All that is required is a little imagination and a little work.

  • Suitcase dividers – Travelers usually end up with a suitcase that is full of a pile of clothes and other junk. It becomes difficult to find anything, and it is hard to tell what is clean from what is dirty. A chipboard divider can be used in a suitcase to keep things separated and accessible.
  • Drawer dividers – A junk drawer is a common thing to find in a home. When a divider is placed in the junk drawer, it becomes less cluttered and less junky.
  • On the wall – Using a divider on the wall can provide a person with a place to display knick- knacks.
  • Lunch box separators – Kids often do not like their food to touch. Keep everything separate by fitting a divider in their lunchbox.

The only limit to the ways that these dividers can be used is the imagination. If one of the advantages of a divider made of chipboard is that it comes from recycled material, then finding ways to reuse the dividers makes them even more environmentally friendly.

Chipboard Partitions and Other Box Dividers

Box Dividers

Shipping items in today’s market is common business practice. Our rapidly approaching global market economy means shipping needs are on the rise. And a lot goes into shipping products. It isn’t just a box with tape and some packaging peanuts. While that may suffice for some shipped merchandise, heavier or bulky items require an alternative option for protection methods; box dividers.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are perfect for saving space. They are accommodating for large and heavy items. They are roughly 30% smaller than other partitions but provide just the same amount of protection you would expect from your box dividers. They are even less expensive than other options because they are made from recycled material that has been glued together in layers to form a sturdy yet smooth surface. They are very easy to use, come in different thicknesses and can be cut down to any size you need. They are truly a versatile option for cutting down on shipping costs without sacrificing the integrity of protection.

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions provide a heavy duty layer of protection for heavier items as well as extremely delicate products. While they do take up any more space than most box dividers, they are specially created to provide the greatest level of protection available. Taller merchandise benefits greatly from having a strong source of compression from the top and bottom layers of the corrugated partitions.

Another advantage to using a corrugated divider is the practicality of having notches placed for pieces to be interlocking. This creates a solid barrier to shock from potential damage while in delivery. When it comes to having your merchandise shipped in today’s market, one damaged delivery could mean a lost client or customer. When shipping heavy items, they are usually expensive. The extra cost is marginal when compared with the opportunity cost of lost business.

Fiber Partitions

These dividers are popular because they are the most compatible with assembly line packaging equipment. They are much smaller than the corrugated and chipboard partitions, but they are perfect for smaller boxes. They are manufactured from recycled material and have much less paper dust. They are a cost effective means of providing an adequate level of protection for merchandise that needs to get where it’s going in one piece.

Anything can be shipped virtually anywhere these days. It may present a new bridge for some companies expanding to a more E-commerce friendly status or maybe your company is leading the way. Alternative box dividers are affordable solutions that can help you take the extra precautionary step for your merchandise and your company’s reputation.

Protect Delicate Products with Chipboard Dividers

In these times of stiff business competition and economic belt tightening, companies are scrambling to find ways to stretch their operating funds and increase revenues. One important method for achieving that goal is through effective shipping methods which is particularly vital when products are sensitive and prone to damage through the shipping process. Product loss through shipping damage can quickly erode profits via replacement or reimbursement expenses.

Chipboard partitions are an effective means for damage prevention. Products made of glass, metals, ceramics, etc. can be easily marred and broken while being shipped, which can significantly reduce the value or negate sales altogether. Using custom made chipboard dividers to separate products prevents movement, collision and damage, protecting product integrity and value. They are extremely adaptable and ideal for use with glass bottles, automotive products, delicate technology, food products, cosmetics, ceramic home décor items, sensitive pharmaceutical items, etc.

Chipboard is made from 100 percent recycled mixed waste paperstock which can also be recycled after use, making the use of such dividers an environmentally smart choice. Chipboard partitions are often preferred over corrugated dividers because they contain less dust and are generally cheaper. They are also lighter, thinner and possess a greater density than corrugated paper.

Chipboard dividers can be customized according to individual specifications to meet product size and packaging shapes. Customization can include various aspects such as caliber thickness, various finishes, special features including half-moon, ‘S’ and ‘V’ notches and locking dies for more precise fitting and better protection. Customer logos and desired messages and symbols can be printed on chipboard partitions for added advertising and instructional effectiveness. An advantage of using dividers is that they come already assembled and collapsed for ease of opening and placement.

When you need to protect your precious products from the ravages of moving and shipping as well as save packaging expense, standard or customized dividers made of chipboard are an excellent choice.

The Importance of Using Chipboard Dividers

More than ever before the idea of being environmentally friendly is important to think about. It takes individual and businesses working together to do things that are good for the environment. There are often three main areas that people think when they want to do things that are environmentally friendly. The words reuse, recycle and repurpose are considered key things to protecting the environment. They all refer to getting the most from the resources that we have available to us. Chipboard dividers are one way that businesses can practice something that is good for the environment. It will not only be something that the company can do to promote responsibility, the dividers also serve other important purposes.

Chipboard partitions are dividers for boxes that are made from a product that is made from recycled material. To make these partitions, old boxes and old cardboard dividers are used to make this product. One of the things that is commonly used to make these dividers is the piece of cardboard that serves as the backing for a pad of paper. Newsprint and other paper materials can also be used to make the dividers. These materials would often end up in dumps and left unused until they deteriorate. Instead of causing harm to the environment, the paper is repurposed into something that becomes a useful alternative for businesses.

The reason of doing something that is environmentally friendly should be enough to convince businesses to turn to chipboard dividers, but that is only part of what they have to offer. They offer several other advantages over the other types of dividers that are commonly used. The dividers made using chipboard can be used in most places that any other divider can. They can protect items put into boxes and keep the items separate during shipping and storage. They can be used to help put more items into a single box.

The biggest advantages of the chipboard partitions are their cost and the amount of space they take up. The cost to produce the dividers from recycled material is less than from other materials. Because they can serve the same purpose, it makes sense to use these partitions. They can be made to fit any shape or size box and they take up less space in storage than materials such as corrugated partitions. Businesses that want to be on the cutting edge of what consumers want, need to understand the importance of using these environmentally friendly dividers.

Why Choose Chipboard Dividers

There are many different types of box dividers to choose from so what is it which separates chipboard dividers and chipboard partitions from the rest? What are the benefits of choosing chipboard dividers as opposed to, say corrugated dividers and partitions or partitions made from fiber?

For one thing chipboard dividers can be custom made to meet your exact requirements – well, we can do that for you here at Cactus Containers – as well as corrugated and fiber partitions, but bear with us, we’re talking about the particular virtues of chipboard partitions today.

One of the great benefits of choosing chipboard dividers is that they don’t take up too much space – some corrugated dividers and partitions are light and they do a good job but they are also pretty bulky. Choosing chipboard partitions as an alternative can save around 25% – 35% of the space of the divider which in turn leads to reduced shipping and packaging costs.

Chipboard dividers and partitions are a very affordable and cost effective solution when you are shipping multiple products in one container to prevent contact or can indeed help to increase the top to bottom strength and compression of the container. This may be essential for the safety and protection of your products – especially if they are to be shipped in large cardboard containers which lose some of their overall strength due to their size.

Chipboard partitions, just like corrugated and fiber partitions and dividers can prevent your products from touching in transit and potentially damaging each other, each individual product within the carton will be cradled and protected, meaning that your products arrive at their destination in the same state that they were in when they left your premises.

Chipboard dividers and partitions add strength and compartmentalize even the most delicate of products without taking up too much valuable space, helping to keep shipping costs low and required storage space to a minimum. They are also extremely cost effective.

Contact us at Cactus Containers and we’ll tell you all about our custom made chipboard dividers and how they can help your business to run smoothly. When it comes to containers and dividers nobody knows the business like we do and we’ll be able to advise you whether your product would be best suited for corrugated dividers, fiber partitions or whether chipboard partitions would be the perfect solution to your packaging and shipping problems.