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Chipboard Partitions and Other Box Dividers

Box Dividers

Shipping items in today’s market is common business practice. Our rapidly approaching global market economy means shipping needs are on the rise. And a lot goes into shipping products. It isn’t just a box with tape and some packaging peanuts. While that may suffice for some shipped merchandise, heavier or bulky items require an alternative option for protection methods; box dividers.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are perfect for saving space. They are accommodating for large and heavy items. They are roughly 30% smaller than other partitions but provide just the same amount of protection you would expect from your box dividers. They are even less expensive than other options because they are made from recycled material that has been glued together in layers to form a sturdy yet smooth surface. They are very easy to use, come in different thicknesses and can be cut down to any size you need. They are truly a versatile option for cutting down on shipping costs without sacrificing the integrity of protection.

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions provide a heavy duty layer of protection for heavier items as well as extremely delicate products. While they do take up any more space than most box dividers, they are specially created to provide the greatest level of protection available. Taller merchandise benefits greatly from having a strong source of compression from the top and bottom layers of the corrugated partitions.

Another advantage to using a corrugated divider is the practicality of having notches placed for pieces to be interlocking. This creates a solid barrier to shock from potential damage while in delivery. When it comes to having your merchandise shipped in today’s market, one damaged delivery could mean a lost client or customer. When shipping heavy items, they are usually expensive. The extra cost is marginal when compared with the opportunity cost of lost business.

Fiber Partitions

These dividers are popular because they are the most compatible with assembly line packaging equipment. They are much smaller than the corrugated and chipboard partitions, but they are perfect for smaller boxes. They are manufactured from recycled material and have much less paper dust. They are a cost effective means of providing an adequate level of protection for merchandise that needs to get where it’s going in one piece.

Anything can be shipped virtually anywhere these days. It may present a new bridge for some companies expanding to a more E-commerce friendly status or maybe your company is leading the way. Alternative box dividers are affordable solutions that can help you take the extra precautionary step for your merchandise and your company’s reputation.

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