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Custom Printed Mailing Boxes Set You Apart

mailer Full Litho 4 color on E Flute

Your customers’ attention is being vied for every day across their television screens, social media apps, radio stations, and even billboards. Every opportunity should be taken advantage of to leave a lasting and favorable impression to promote customer loyalty. One of the most affordable ways to make such an impression is by using custom printed mailing boxes.

Designed for Simplicity

Mailing boxes are simply single pieces of corrugated or cardboard that can be folded to form the perfect box. They are easy to open and easy to close; eliminating the need for awkward scissors or box cutters that may damage your product when being opened. The need to use packing tape is eliminated which keeps your overhead costs down.

Mailing boxes are great for sending promotional items and serve to display the item at the same time with a special insert. When they are custom designed and printed on, they truly become a great way to leave a lasting impression.

Get Creative

Word of mouth marketing is making a comeback in this fast paced market where availability of products is at the fingertips. You need custom printed mailing boxes to creatively imprint your business on the minds of clients and potential customers alike. Mailing boxes can be directly printed on in a broad range of options. Alternatively, they can be coated in a lithographic laminate for more intense colors and a glossy shine. The options are up to you.

Versatility of Mailers

They come in an array of materials and sizes to compliment your shipping needs. Corrugated mailers are just like your standard boxes. They can be customized and also come in white. They are the thickest type of mailer best suited for heavier items.

Suitcase mailers are perfectly hand held and can even come with an option to have a handle. Because of their compact design they can handle moderate weight. They are also useful for things like software, literature and other unique products you want to showcase.

Small quantity mailers are perfect for when you want to go all out for a few high-end products. Spending the extra time and resources on packaging your valued merchandise just right will set your company apart as a world class competitor in a fast-paced global economy.

When you display a level of care and confidence in your product’s packaging, you are telling everyone your product is worth their investment. It shows you care about more than the highest profit and care about doing the best job you can. That translates to trust to your clients and customers.


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    I am in the process of starting my own business and required white mail boxes with my company logo on the front.
    How much do you charge for a minimum order and what colours do you provide.

    he box is roughly


    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ashish Patel