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Let your Box Insert do the Job

Custom foam insert
The last thing you want your customer to see when they open their shipped product is shattered glass, chips, dents, or any other kind of product damage. This is not only costly in returns, shipping fees, and product, but can also lead to a bad reputation. To protect your fragile (and even not so fragile) products is to use a custom foam insert.

A custom foam insert is known as the best box insert for nearly any type of product and here are a few examples why.

Provides the best box insert protection

There is little doubt that a custom foam insert provides the best protection available. Whether the box insert is meant to keep products snugly in place to prevent internal damage such as with glass containers, or to provide impact protection often needed during transportation, custom foam inserts are the best when it comes to overall protection. Choosing the right material for your custom foam insert matters and is dependent on your products weight, handling, environment, and fragility.

Custom inserts look great

Everyone wants to feel special, and when a package arrives with a well-designed custom foam insert it almost feels as if…well, as if the company cares about you. The fact is that presentation matters. It matters when you design the outside of your shipping box, just as it matters when the customer opens that box to find everything neatly laid out and well presented. A nice-looking custom foam insert will make it easy for your customer to quickly identify that all items are in the shipping box as well as ensure no damage has been done. Security is a feeling of comfort.

Help to manage inventory control

A box insert will help to manage inventory in two ways. For starters, having a location for each item will ensure that when a box is packaged, a quick eye-check is all you need to know that the right quantity has been packaged. A custom foam insert will also help to ensure that the right products have been packaged when there are multiple pieces or custom sizes needed in the shipping box. This type of visual inventory control can save your company a lot of money due to mis-packaged shipping.

A box insert and custom foam insert not only protect your product but can make your company look great with an attractive and well-designed box insert which not only save protect from damage but can also save you money.

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