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Color and your Custom Printed Box


Custom shipping rsc box
Did you know that color psychology is a big reason why some companies succeed while others suffer? The way that the mind perceives and responds to different colors can help define your product, your company, and whether consumers want to open your customized box or not.  

Take for example restaurants. There is a reason why many nice dining restaurants use red to decorate. When people are enjoying a fine dinner, they tend to linger for a long time and talk. One way to resolve this is by surrounding patron’s in red which raises blood pressure and irritability levels to a point where a customer is subconsciously ready to leave. In restaurant terms that means they get people in and out. The same can be said for your customized box and designs.  

Here are four colors and why they are so important to your custom printed box.  

White Custom Printed Box

Have you ever walked into a retail store that was blindingly white? White indicates purity, cleanliness, and a sense of space. So, when your customer receives a white yet uniquely custom printed box, they may have a sense of freedom and openness similar to embarking on a fresh adventure.   


Depending on the product you are shipping it is important to find a color to display the emotions you want your customer to feel. Blue provides calmness, serenity, loyalty, and wisdom. Much like the saying that you can never be upset with anyone dressed in blue, the same thought process goes behind a customized box that is predominantly blue.  

Orange Printed Box

You’ve probably noticed a lot of orange on boxes lately. This is a color popular with Millennials as it indicates an optimistic spirit full of energy, warmth, and stimulation. In addition, orange is commonly used in food products as it stimulates the mind to release chemicals that cause you to feel hungry. So, if you sell mixed nuts or chocolates, orange may be the way to go.  

Green Customized Box

Green can trigger two emotions. The first is one of prosperity or wealth and the second is naturally one of harmony, tranquility and calmness. As the world becomes a greener place so does our marketing. A custom printed box with an emphasis on green helps your customer feel connected with you as an eco-friendly sign of prosperity.  

Color psychology can help your business grow as long as you understand the needs of your customers and the emotion that your product – and custom printed box – should draw.  

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