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Custom Packaging Box Insert and Dividers

Box insert
The packaging box insert pieces go beyond the basic styles of designing packaging materials. Inserts can work great when shipping small glass bottles, jewelry, and jars of lightweight, however, if you have to ship heavier products, they may not protect the products because they may collapse. So why would you want to use inserts and partitions when shipping products:

Extra Protection for Products

Some products are just too fragile to ship them without placing inserts or partitions on the packaging box. When packing items like small glasses or even cups and mugs, you can consider the extra protection offered by box partitions and inserts. These box accessories allow the items to sit firmly on the box, meaning that they cannot move, shake around, or knock against the walls of the box when they are being shipped or transported from one location to another. This way, you will ensure the items are delivered in good shape without defects.


Inserts and partitions placed inside a packaging box offer great functionality in that they not only protect the products, but also ensure the items fit in correctly. Sometimes, you may have gift items that you are shipping in relatively larger boxes than the size of the gift. Because you do not want the item to roll around the box or move, you use the partitions and inserts to provide a sufficient and tight resting place for the item. Partitions can allow you place parts and components of an item, for example, you can have a smartphone and headphones or earpieces placed in the same box in addition to a charger. These components are held in place by the inserts and partitions.

Customer Experience

Using inserts in boxes can provide a great unboxing or unwrapping experience to the customers. Just how do you feel when you unbox that smartphone from the box? It is neatly and brilliantly placed in the box because there are inserts and partitions. You will even want to reuse the box for storing other items in the house because it is creatively designed and has the visual appeal you desire.

Whether you need packaging for shipping liquid bottles or for glasses and cups, you need to think creatively about the design. Adding elements like inserts and dividers ensures that you place the products tightly in an attractive way. Your customers will love the experience of opening the boxes when they receive their products.

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