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Impulse Purchases with Cardboard Displays

Cardboard Displays
When customers walk into a retail store, they interact with the products in different ways. Businesses need to strategize ways in which they can enhance the customer-product engagement and interaction process. The way you display your products can help attract and lure customers to make purchases. Cardboard displays at point of purchase allow you to display promotional products in locations where customers can see them easily.

POS Displays Intended for Private Label Brands

While brands can position themselves to boost sales using product displays, retailers can also use these tools to help in promoting their private label brands. It is important that retailers highlight their brands. Using displays at the point of purchase adds touch points between the brands and shoppers. When you have the displays featuring items that are on sale and advertised or featured on flyers, the displays offer logistical function. You can place the displays in strategic locations near the point of purchase.

Adding Purchase Incentives with POP Displays

When introducing a new product or selling a discontinued item, you can consider displaying advertising in your retail store. You can also highlight special sale items, occasional or seasonal promotions and other items that you would want them to move past. The design of your packaging along with the display can play an important role when it comes to selling seasonal goods. When you guide a customer by using a brand story along the shopper journey, you are able to make the customer associate with your brand. This increases the chances of the customer wanting to purchase a product on the display.

Triggering Impulse Purchases

Point of purchase displays tend to trigger problem recognition response, which is the concept behind impulse buying. Most of the products you will find displayed at the point of sale are those that aren’t usually on the top-of-mind of the consumer. Creating a visual exposure to those products helps the customers realize that they might need a certain product to help solve a particular problem. This way, they are able to purchase the product even though it was not on the list of to-purchase items.

There are different kinds of point of sale displays including counter displays, shelf-talkers, floor displays, light-boxes, and countertop displays. These displays are designed to engage the customers in different ways within the retail store. You can use the display box to showcase products such as soft drinks, souvenirs, chewing gums, chocolate bars, lighters, bulk sold items and candies.

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