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Advantages of a Custom Box Insert

If you have a business where you ship merchandise, you have probably experienced lost revenue from damaged items. This can be extremely frustrating and devastating to your bottom line. Many shippers and handlers are careful with your shipments, but accidents still can happen. How can you protect your valuable products from unnecessary damage? Why not consider a custom box insert?

Custom box inserts are made to protect your product by enveloping it in a bed of foam. The foam is specifically cut to fit the shape of your product, ensuring minimum movement and optimum cushioning. These two properties are the key to keeping your products from being damaged during shipping and handling. Preventing damage means more profit.

To ensure the proper fit for your product, the dimensions are given to the custom foam insert manufacturer and cut to those specifications. This foam is cut specifically to fit the shape of your product. Delicate and fragile items, like jewelry, crystal and other glass items need to be protected. No matter what size and shape, your merchandise can be fitted with a box insert. For the merchandise that does not require total surrounding by foam and only needs a small amount of stabilizing, there are corner inserts that will hold your item in place.

Another plus of using a box insert is it gives your product a look of a quality item. Many customers associate careful packaging with quality. Imagine looking at two similar products. One is carefully packaged and displayed with an attractive foam insert, the other is just lying in the box, unprotected. Which one will send the message that it is a quality piece of merchandise? The foam insert can be designed to enhance the look of your merchandise, ensuring that it will catch the eye of the consumer.

A quality custom foam insert manufacturer, like Cactus Containers can design a custom foam insert to fit any size container. Tall and narrow container, no problem. Short and square container, not an issue either. Even the uniquely shaped container can have a foam insert designed to fit it. So don’t worry, there is a foam insert for you. Do not waste any more money and time. Do not lose revenue to damaged and returned items. Have your merchandise protected and showcased by a custom foam insert today! Give Cactus Containers a call today. Your bottom line will love you.

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