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Different Types of Box Partitions

The last time you packaged several items in a box for storage or shipping did you open it later to find one or more items damaged? What material did you use to protect those fragile items? Most of us use old newspaper to wrap something and prevent it from banging into another item. Just how much protection can that provide? Not much. To adequately protect items being sent in the same box there is a much better idea; box dividers or box partitions. A box divider or box partition will separate your items into individual spaces or cells, ensuring no damage from bumping together.

There are different types of dividers and partitions for you to use depending on the items being stored. Perhaps you are shipping or storing a heavy item such as a mug or bottle. You can imagine the damage to the items if they weren’t properly packaged. A corrugated partition or divider will offer exceptional stability and protection. These dividers are also strong enough to stack without bending under the weight. If you have a taller box that you are using, a corrugated partition is an excellent choice. The partitions can be cut to your specifications to fit your shipping containers perfectly.

Another popular partition is a fiber partition. Fiber partitions offer excellent protective properties. These partitions are better suited for being used with automated packaging equipment. These partitions can be cut thinner, allowing you to use smaller boxes and saving you money. The fiber partitions also create less dust than a corrugated partition.

Chipboard is an excellent choice for a partition. These dividers can take up a lot less space than standard partitions. If you are looking for an effective way to reduce your shipping costs, chipboard is the option for you.

There are many sizes of partitions. The cell area of a divider can be larger, perhaps with nine larger cells. A partition can have many smaller cells, perhaps one hundred, to hold smaller items. All of the types of box partitions can be cut to the specifications needed for the products being shipped and the size of the box. Talk to the knowledgeable people at Cactus Containers to answer all your questions regarding what size cell you need to adequately protect your products and what size partition will fit your shipping containers. Cactus Containers is also your source for an excellent selection of shipping cartons and supplies.

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