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The Effectiveness of a Custom RSC Box

Most people may not be familiar with the term RSC, but it is very common when it comes to packaging boxes. RSC stands for “regular slotted container”, which is a standard design where the flaps are of the box are the same length and the lengthwise flaps meet midway through the container. There is very little manufacture waste and the design is cost-effective. However, these RSC boxes can be made according to unlimited specifications, which adds value to the design as they not only answer to the customer’s requirements, but also give a very economical design. The custom RSC box is now in high demand even though it is a common design.

Designing a Custom RSC Box

It is not a difficult task to design an RSC box, all that it requires are the correct dimensions of the product. It is also very durable and can be used to pack heavy objects by adding more layers to make it stronger. For delicate and fragile items, you can add corrugated inserts or pads to cushion it from bumps and drops. It is very flexible and when you have to buy lots of boxes to pack various items, the price is going to matter.

Advantages of RSC Boxes

  • Most of the time, you can get RSC boxes in stock-sizes, the delivery time is very quick.
  • The materials used are eco-friendly.
  • As the shape is a common one, it can be used several times before taken out of action.
  • The boxes can be sealed easily as the flaps will meet right in the middle. All it takes is a little packing tape, duct tape, or glue to do the job.

Material Used

The most common material used for packaging is, and has always been, cardboard. It has been the material of choice for more than a hundred years. It is still the number one choice for making RSC boxes. It is because these boxes can be folded and kept out of the way once the job is done, that has made them ‘the belle of the ball’ so to speak. They can be reused or recycled and they are biodegradable as well.

When your products require a flat, even surface, then without a doubt a custom RSC box is what you need. Although it is a common style, when made according to the customer’s needs, it can take on a unique design. For added protection, you can use fillers and dividers which can make it a multi-tasking box.

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