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Best Small Shipping Box Delivery

Small shipping box
Businesses will often have small to large shipping boxes to send out. However, whereas a large shipping box is clearly noticeable, smaller sized packages can often be overlooked and consequently mishandled. The last thing a business wants is to see packages they are sending to customers getting lost or damaged along the way. This can negatively impact the reputation of the brand and future sales. Here are a few safety tips that can help improve the chances your small shipping box will arrive at its desired destination in good condition.

Corrugated boxes

Ensure the box you are using for shipping is a corrugated one. They offer better protection for contents as the walls are thick and can better endure rough transit conditions. Even with thicker walls, they remain lightweight, so you do not have to worry about increased shipping costs.

Weight of a large shipping box

While corrugated boxes are quite strong, they still have some weight limit to them. Weight limits tend to go with the level of fluting or thickness of the box. Ensure that whatever you are packing into the box is of a suitable weight. Excess weight may cause the box to become damaged and the contents to become exposed or lost.

Small shipping box appearance

It is best to use a new box when shipping. If you use a bartered or damaged box, it can encourage poor handling or cause the contents to easily fall out. Cardboard boxes are great for being reusable, but when shipping new products, it is best to use new boxes.

Contents of your small shipping box

Consider the contents you are planning to pack into your small shipping box. If fragile and more than one, ensure that you wrap them individually to avoid them shifting about in the box and becoming damaged. Even a singular item should be wrapped if you do not have a fitted insert that can keep the item stable in the box. If there is no insert, ensure any void space is filled with filler or wrap.

Small shipping box and labeling

Ensure that you place the label on the largest upper surface of the box. It should clearly indicate address details. This may require you to use a label that covers the entire side, but this is acceptable if the information is easy to read.

Shipper for small shipping box

Also, be careful of what kind of shipper you use to handle your packages. Choose a shipping firm that has a good reputation when it comes to handling and delivery. One that has frequent complaints about packages arriving in poor condition should be avoided. Consult with other businesses in your community to find out which shippers can be trusted.

Limit the Costs For A Large Shipping Box

Large Shipping Box
Sending out a large shipping box is no longer the preserve of manufacturers or wholesalers. Retailers now also find themselves needing to send out large shipments to individual customers. With consumers now preferring the convenience of online shopping, they will often make bulk purchases, necessitating retailers to make use of large shipping boxes in which they can combine the full order, rather than package each item in an individual small shipping box. This approach makes it easier to track the package and ship everything all at once.

There are however other strategies you can apply to help further reduce shipping costs and make fulfilling online orders more profitable.

Customize your large shipping box

Try to have a good variety of shipping boxes in the dimensions you often find yourself needing. Some may be standard sizes while others may require you to order customized boxes. Having this variety of options will make it easier to ensure as tight a fit as possible when assembling an order in the same box. Limiting the size of the box will help to reduce shipping costs as they are based on size and weight factors.

Consult with multiple carriers for large or small shipping box

Many businesses have found that shipping costs can vary between different carriers along different routes and using different modes of transportation. You may find that the provider you currently use for fulfilling local orders is quite expensive as compared to competitors when it comes to out-of-state or international orders. The pricing can also change based on the volume of business you provide. Some carriers are willing to drop their rates if you negotiate with them. Take time to compile the details of the orders you often get and research the options available to you to find the most affordable and reliable option.

Shop around for box makers

It is not just carriers you need to shop around for. If you require custom packaging, then get quotes from as many box makers in your area as you can. Also, find out what kind of discounts they offer for bulk orders. Where possible, source all your packaging material, including fillers and tape from the same supplier to enjoy greater discounts.

Vary your packaging of large shipping box

Depending on what kind of items you are shipping, you may find that alternatives to large or small shipping boxes can be more affordable. Options like poly mailers, envelopes, and even tubes can take up less space and thus reduce shipping costs.

Use online shipping for large shipping box

Some carriers will offer hefty discounts when you pay for shipping online. This can apply to even priority or express shipments. Some carriers can help reduce costs and make your work easier by offering free pick-ups.

Large Shipping Box Preparation

large shipping box
Prepare for upcoming shipment with a small and large shipping box.  When stocking shipping boxes that will be used to deliver orders to customers, retailers need to have them in an array of sizes. Having a good range of small to large shipping box sizes ensure that they can accommodate orders of varied combinations and send them out with less worry. It may seem like simply keeping a stock of large shipping boxes is preferable, but there are good reasons to also include some stock of small shipping box sizes.

Large Shipping Box: Protect Goods

When shipping items, you can expect some level of rough handling during transit. This could come from careless shipping employees or simply having the delivery truck drive over rough roads. It is never pleasant to receive your order when it is damaged. The business may even be compelled to make a replacement for whatever is damaged, which can add further costs.

Using boxes that are a tighter fit for the contents can reduce the chances of damage occurring as it reduces free space in which the contents can end up banging into one another and cause the box to topple over. Packaging items in a box with a closer fit and using filling is a good way to limit costs and the risk of damage in transit.

Large Shipping Box: Affordable

Shipping companies will charge for services based on the weight and size of the package. You can reduce your shipping costs by using boxes with a tighter fit that are lighter and smaller. A small shipping box size is also easier to handle by shipping employees. They are less likely to struggle with it and suffer accidents that would cause damage to the contents. While you should not make the box too small, it is advisable to ensure it is as tight a fit as possible.

Small Shipping Box: Save Money

When you include small shipping boxes in your order to the box maker, you will find that they are priced at a lower rate than bigger boxes. This means that having a varied mix when it comes to sizing will ensure you pay less for your order for boxes. The less material used to make smaller boxes automatically means lower costs.

Large Shipping Box: Easy Storage

Even though cardboard boxes do not take up much storage space because they can be flattened. A small box will still take even less storage space than a large shipping box. And because they are smaller, they are also lighter, making it easier to retrieve them from whatever storage area.

Why Sizing Matters When Engaging a Shipping Box Supplier

Custom mailer box
Do you need a small shipping box?  If you have a small item, sometimes it is all you need from a shipping box supplier.

When shopping around for boxes you can use to package your products or send out shipments, you will find that there are limited standard box sizes in the market. While easy to find, they often do not conform well to the dimensions of various products and orders to be delivered. They can often be too large or small for the job. As a result, additional packaging materials like filler will be used to fill up empty spaces and tape applied to hold the box intact if there are bulges. Here is why you should opt for a shipping box supplier that can customize your small shipping box. 

Small Shipping Box Protects Small Items Better 

When the contents of a box are so small to leave large empty spaces, there is an increased risk the contents will shift around while in transit. Knocking about can make it easier for the contents to be damaged. If too tight and with bulges, the packaging may fall apart, leaving some of the contents exposed and vulnerable to injury or contamination.  

Small Shipping Box Cuts Cost 

When you have custom packaging that correctly fits the contents within, you will likely save on costs. A small shipping box of the right size will cost less than a larger box as less material goes into construction. The smaller dimensions may also impact shipping costs as weight and size are both considered in pricing the service.  

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Box Supplier  

It is eco-friendly to limit your use of shipping boxes to just what is needed. Shipping boxes are made of pulp that comes from trees. The less you make use of these sources, the lower the carbon footprint you leave behind. Do also consider engaging a shipping box supplier that uses recyclable materials in production. This is another way to limit waste and protect the environment.  

Better Stock Levels 

When you customize your box needs, you do not need to rely on standard sizes as much. Those that rely on standard sizes often have to stock a wide variety of boxes as an estimate of what may be needed. when you customize your boxes to conform to the size of your products you can limit your stock levels better and not have to waste much space for storage.  

Happier Customers 

Customers often look forward to the unboxing experience. This event can however be less enjoyable if the packaging is poorly done. Even if the box is larger, it can be disappointing to realize the contents are so much smaller. Right sizing your packaging is a good way to temper expectations and improve the chances the contents will arrive intact.  

Reasons To Order Large Shipping Boxes In Bulk

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
As long as you have goods to ship, you will naturally require boxes in various sizes. Luckily, businesses can easily order large and small shipping boxes in customized designs from box manufacturers. It is advisable to include a bulk order of large shipping boxes for several key reasons.

Large shipping box cost

This is perhaps the most vital benefit as it can have a significant impact on the business bottom line. When ordering items in bulk, manufacturers will often grant their clients generous discounts. The bigger the order, the larger the discount. These savings mean a reduction in expenses and a better profit margin for the business. It can also help save on transport costs when you have a large order. It translates into fewer orders for boxes to be delivered and thus lower overall transport costs.

Easy Storage

Large shipping boxes may seem cumbersome but in reality, they do not take up much space when delivered from the manufacturer. They come flattened out in such a way as to require minimal storage space. Even for businesses with limited storage, they can often be squeezed into small spaces like attics, under stairs, and behind shelves. Business owners need not struggle to look for a place to store them, even for long periods. It is however best to ensure the storage area is kept dry to avoid moisture interfering with the structural integrity of the corrugated boxes.

Customer Deliveries

Whatever product your brand sells, you will likely have to deal with orders of varied sizes. Larger shipping boxes will most certainly come into need for bulk orders. Even individual customers may order larger quantities that would not make practical sense to send in an individual small shipping box. The extra room inside of larger boxes also makes it easier to protect products. You can more easily wrap them up in newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts, providing extra protection and cushioning that will better ensure the products arrive at their destination undamaged.

Large shipping box customization

Larger boxes can just as easily be customized as smaller boxes. Whether it is flexographic or digital printing, there are several ways and many colors that can be incorporated. The impact of customization may even be better given how more visible any branding will be on a larger box. From prints of the company logo to the web address of the business site, more people will be able to catch a glimpse of valuable info that could translate to more interest in your brand and traffic to your website.

How To Save When Mailing A Small Shipping Box

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
As businesses become more global, there has been a growing need to make shipping of products more affordable. Many concerns no longer just ship to wholesalers and large merchants. They now also sell directly to the retail market and that means having to contend with smaller shipments. Here are some tips on how to minimize the costs involved and make catering to this market more profitable.

Customize Packaging

Tailoring your packaging to conform more tightly to the size of the product is a good idea rather than relying on standard shipping box sizes. When you have a small shipping box, the weight and size will be better optimized and will result in cheaper shipping costs. Carriers calculate shipping costs primarily based on weight, size, and distance. Since distance is dependent on the location of the customer, you need to work on the other factors to get better shipping costs.

Use Quality Materials and Designs

The better quality your package is, the less risk that the contents will be damaged in transit. Whether it is a small or large shipping box, it should ideally be made of sound construction such as corrugated cardboard. Where necessary you can even include inserts that can better support the contents of the box and provide added shock absorption. When goods arrive in good condition to their destination, you will not have to deal with returns or reimbursement costs.

Choose The Right Carrier

For those that use mainstream carriers, be sure to make comparisons as to the deals on offer. Many businesses report that USPS is the cheapest option for packages under 13 ounces. Depending on where you are and the products you are dispatching, you may want to do some research before committing to a particular carrier. You can even work with multiple carriers, classing them according to weight sizes so you can optimize your costs.

Order Your Packaging Supplies in Bulk

Many providers offer great deals on bulk orders. If you have been in business for a while you should have an idea as to what products are fast-moving and the size of orders to expect, especially during peak periods. Take stock of this when placing your orders for packaging materials to secure bulk discounts. Determine the mix of small and large shipping box you will need and find a place to store them. Being lightweight, you can safely pile them somewhere until you need them to dispatch products.

Large or Small Shipping Box

When it comes to the shipping business, too many times you feel like you’re in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This box is too small, that box is too big, but which one is just right? Do you need a small shipping box to pack your products individually or will it be smarter to ship more in a large shipping box? There are many options and sometimes it can be confusing to figure out what is the right way to go.

The goal in shipping an item is to send it as quickly as possible, as safely as possible and as inexpensively as possible. You need to think size and shape of the item being shipped. Is it round and fragile like a light bulb? Is it long and thin like a fishing pole? Perhaps your items are large and heavy like a refrigerator or dishwasher. As you can see, one size will not fit all.

There are many types of shipping boxes. For products with a narrow width there are full overlap cartons. These boxes can handle items that are heavy, can protect the product from rough handling and they stack well. There are regular slotted cartons (RSC) that come in different sizes for handling products of different weights. These are the most common shipping box. There are variations of the RSC that has overlapping flaps that can give added strength to the box. The regular slotted cartons come in a variety of sizes. To ship very large and heavy items look towards a double cover box. This box has separate top and bottom covers. Placing the item on the bottom cover, sliding the body of the box over the item and covering it with the top cover makes for an efficient way to package those large cumbersome items.

All shipping boxes can be custom printed; no matter what size or shape. What better way to advertise your brand! It makes your product more recognizable. Remember those cow boxes that used to be delivered? No one had to look in the box to know what it was and where it was from. It was from Gateway and it was a computer. Wouldn’t it be great to have your product have the same recognition? Custom printing your shipping containers can do that for you. Check with Cactus Containers for a custom printed shipping box that will be just right for your business.