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Are Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Safer?

double cover heavy duty boxes

Cactus Containers – Double cover heavy duty shipping box

Whether you need heavy duty shipping boxes for transporting personal belongings during a move or sell large products online, this choice of packaging is safer for several reasons. When choosing packaging supplies, it is crucial to select what offers the maximum safety for your items so that they can arrive at their destination intact. During transit, even over short distances, there can often be rough handling by shippers or from the transport vehicle driving over dilapidated roads that results in items being damaged. Here is how heavy duty shipping boxes can help ensure safer deliveries of your shipments.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – less risk

Heavy duty boxes are built with extra fluting and thickness to their walls that provide more security for the contents. This stronger construction assures that the box is less likely to come apart, even if the items being packed are heavy. Even if the items in the box end up rattling about, the box should remain stable. A heavy duty box is also better at withstanding heavy weight so even chances of the contents falling out from the bottom are reduced.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – extra cushioning

With thicker walls on the boxes, there is extra cushioning that can help to better protect more fragile items. This cushioning can aid in absorbing vibrations and providing more of a barrier in the event the box is exposed to liquids or if perforated. Ensure that you further protect the contents by adding adequate filler to further cushion items and fill voids. This will reduce the risk of damage from the contents bumping into each other while in transit.

Large shipping box special handling

Larger and heavier boxes tend to be more carefully handled than smaller boxes. Even in videos where shippers have been captured mishandling packages by throwing or kicking them, this usually happens to smaller-sized boxes. Larger boxes are harder to handle and sometimes require the use of additional equipment like dollies to move them around. They are less likely to be mishandled, though not impossible.

Large shipping box accommodates more

Using a large shipping box when you have several smaller items to pack will allow you to save time and money as compared to when packing several smaller boxes. When the box is heavy-duty, it should be able to comfortably accommodate more items without fear they will cause damage. Fewer boxes, even of a larger size, can also be easier to accommodate within the transport vehicle and make for fewer trips when loading and unloading.

Large Shipping Box Preparation

large shipping box

Large Shipping Box – Cactus Corrugated Containers

Prepare for upcoming shipment with a small and large shipping box.  When stocking shipping boxes that will be used to deliver orders to customers, retailers need to have them in an array of sizes. Having a good range of small to large shipping box sizes ensure that they can accommodate orders of varied combinations and send them out with less worry. It may seem like simply keeping a stock of large shipping boxes is preferable, but there are good reasons to also include some stock of small shipping box sizes.

Large Shipping Box: Protect Goods

When shipping items, you can expect some level of rough handling during transit. This could come from careless shipping employees or simply having the delivery truck drive over rough roads. It is never pleasant to receive your order when it is damaged. The business may even be compelled to make a replacement for whatever is damaged, which can add further costs.

Using boxes that are a tighter fit for the contents can reduce the chances of damage occurring as it reduces free space in which the contents can end up banging into one another and cause the box to topple over. Packaging items in a box with a closer fit and using filling is a good way to limit costs and the risk of damage in transit.

Large Shipping Box: Affordable

Shipping companies will charge for services based on the weight and size of the package. You can reduce your shipping costs by using boxes with a tighter fit that are lighter and smaller. A small shipping box size is also easier to handle by shipping employees. They are less likely to struggle with it and suffer accidents that would cause damage to the contents. While you should not make the box too small, it is advisable to ensure it is as tight a fit as possible.

Small Shipping Box: Save Money

When you include small shipping boxes in your order to the box maker, you will find that they are priced at a lower rate than bigger boxes. This means that having a varied mix when it comes to sizing will ensure you pay less for your order for boxes. The less material used to make smaller boxes automatically means lower costs.

Large Shipping Box: Easy Storage

Even though cardboard boxes do not take up much storage space because they can be flattened. A small box will still take even less storage space than a large shipping box. And because they are smaller, they are also lighter, making it easier to retrieve them from whatever storage area.

Tips To Packing Fragile Items In Small To Large Shipping Boxes

Custom cardboard box
Whether you are a business that sells crockery or are simply looking to move house, you will need to take the right approach in packaging fragile items. From glass to pianos, there are all manner of things in the home and office that require extra care when being moved. This is because they can be particularly vulnerable to damage even when exposed to just minimal impact.

Whether the items are cheap or expensive, no one likes to lose their property through damage that could have been avoided. And much of this is down to how these items are packed. Here are a few tips on making the packing and transport of fragile items safer.

Mix Up Box Sizes

Fragile items can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This is why it is important to find a good mix of small and large shipping box. It is best to place items that will be boxed up in a carton of similar dimensions.

Too big a box and the contents may end up banging against the carton walls and each other while in transit. It may also take up too much space in the transport vehicle, requiring more trips to complete the move. Too small shipping boxes and the carton may have bulges and become too hard to properly close.

Quality Packaging Materials

Investing in the cheapest packaging materials is a bad idea. The boxes will not provide sufficient support and insulation. They may easily fall apart, exposing your fragile items to likely injury. Find a supplier of good quality shipping boxes and other packaging materials that can withstand the journey and can be safely re-used.

Packaging Filler and Inserts

Packaging filler is a great way to pad up the interior of the box and provide extra cushioning for your fragile items. There are all kinds of materials you can use including packing pellets, newspapers, and bubble wrap. Make sure to use enough of the filler to eliminate any empty space within the box.

Inserts are also a good way to keep your items stable and in a fixed position within the box. If you have retained the box and inserts that came with your electronics, make use of them.

Load Carefully

If you are transporting these items yourself, be careful about how you load them in your vehicle. Where possible, avoid stacking them. Also, avoid mixing them in with other boxes and packages that will press into them from the sides. Try to load them last and on top. Also, ensure they will not slide when the vehicle is moving.

How To Save When Mailing A Small Shipping Box

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
As businesses become more global, there has been a growing need to make shipping of products more affordable. Many concerns no longer just ship to wholesalers and large merchants. They now also sell directly to the retail market and that means having to contend with smaller shipments. Here are some tips on how to minimize the costs involved and make catering to this market more profitable.

Customize Packaging

Tailoring your packaging to conform more tightly to the size of the product is a good idea rather than relying on standard shipping box sizes. When you have a small shipping box, the weight and size will be better optimized and will result in cheaper shipping costs. Carriers calculate shipping costs primarily based on weight, size, and distance. Since distance is dependent on the location of the customer, you need to work on the other factors to get better shipping costs.

Use Quality Materials and Designs

The better quality your package is, the less risk that the contents will be damaged in transit. Whether it is a small or large shipping box, it should ideally be made of sound construction such as corrugated cardboard. Where necessary you can even include inserts that can better support the contents of the box and provide added shock absorption. When goods arrive in good condition to their destination, you will not have to deal with returns or reimbursement costs.

Choose The Right Carrier

For those that use mainstream carriers, be sure to make comparisons as to the deals on offer. Many businesses report that USPS is the cheapest option for packages under 13 ounces. Depending on where you are and the products you are dispatching, you may want to do some research before committing to a particular carrier. You can even work with multiple carriers, classing them according to weight sizes so you can optimize your costs.

Order Your Packaging Supplies in Bulk

Many providers offer great deals on bulk orders. If you have been in business for a while you should have an idea as to what products are fast-moving and the size of orders to expect, especially during peak periods. Take stock of this when placing your orders for packaging materials to secure bulk discounts. Determine the mix of small and large shipping box you will need and find a place to store them. Being lightweight, you can safely pile them somewhere until you need them to dispatch products.

Few Tips to Handling your Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

There are hundreds of standard box designs and uses out there, so when it comes to choosing the right shipping boxes how do you know if choosing a large shipping box over a slightly smaller one is a benefit or a deterrent? Whether you are moving or own a business that ships product, knowing what is out there and what shipping boxes to use can save you space, money, and potentially dealing with damage.  

Here are a few specific box types and what to ship with them. 

Standard Slotted Carton 

One of the most common types of shipping boxes out there, the standard slotted carton can be used for a variety of shipping needs. The biggest benefit is that slotted boxes tend to have a lot of options regarding size. However, one of the biggest problems is overpacking which untrained people tend to do. For example, who hasn’t overpacked a box of books before? As you likely know this can result in significant injury if not lifted correctly or if lifting too much weight. To offset the problem, it’s important to identify how much weight should be loaded into a box and either use lighter shipping filler or a different sized box to lessen the weight. Remember, just because a box says it has a 200lb. weight capacity does not mean you should fill it to 200lbs.  

Corrugated Box Trays 

Corrugated box trays are a great simple box. First, they are cost effective and secondly, they allow for design opportunities while also showing off your product. These shipping boxes are small but depending on your product work great at shipping large stackable quantities. One thing to consider is that due to not having a cover. It is important to tightly wrap your product and for stacking it helps to have a sheet of corrugated board to layer the next level evenly. When space matters, this shipping box is great and as an added feature these boxes are generally small enough to be repurposed for a variety of needs.  

Telescoping Box 

Telescoping boxes may seem pretty standard, but like any other style of box they have their distinct benefits. Often considered a large shipping box, corrugated telescoping boxes come with a top box and bottom piece. This provides added durability and strength when shipping larger, yet more fragile items such as flat screen televisions. Two other benefits are that they are easy to assemble (often secured with staples) and can be stacked. While these boxes are great protection against storage and transportation damage. It is also important to ensure an adequate amount of packing is done so that the weight of stacking your product doesn’t result in center of the box damage. This may mean considering plastic spacing and fillers.  

Large or Small Shipping Box

When it comes to the shipping business, too many times you feel like you’re in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This box is too small, that box is too big, but which one is just right? Do you need a small shipping box to pack your products individually or will it be smarter to ship more in a large shipping box? There are many options and sometimes it can be confusing to figure out what is the right way to go.

The goal in shipping an item is to send it as quickly as possible, as safely as possible and as inexpensively as possible. You need to think size and shape of the item being shipped. Is it round and fragile like a light bulb? Is it long and thin like a fishing pole? Perhaps your items are large and heavy like a refrigerator or dishwasher. As you can see, one size will not fit all.

There are many types of shipping boxes. For products with a narrow width there are full overlap cartons. These boxes can handle items that are heavy, can protect the product from rough handling and they stack well. There are regular slotted cartons (RSC) that come in different sizes for handling products of different weights. These are the most common shipping box. There are variations of the RSC that has overlapping flaps that can give added strength to the box. The regular slotted cartons come in a variety of sizes. To ship very large and heavy items look towards a double cover box. This box has separate top and bottom covers. Placing the item on the bottom cover, sliding the body of the box over the item and covering it with the top cover makes for an efficient way to package those large cumbersome items.

All shipping boxes can be custom printed; no matter what size or shape. What better way to advertise your brand! It makes your product more recognizable. Remember those cow boxes that used to be delivered? No one had to look in the box to know what it was and where it was from. It was from Gateway and it was a computer. Wouldn’t it be great to have your product have the same recognition? Custom printing your shipping containers can do that for you. Check with Cactus Containers for a custom printed shipping box that will be just right for your business.