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Reasons To Order Large Shipping Boxes In Bulk

Heavy Duty Shipping Box
As long as you have goods to ship, you will naturally require boxes in various sizes. Luckily, businesses can easily order large and small shipping boxes in customized designs from box manufacturers. It is advisable to include a bulk order of large shipping boxes for several key reasons.

Cost Savings

This is perhaps the most vital benefit as it can have a significant impact on the business bottom line. When ordering items in bulk, manufacturers will often grant their clients generous discounts. The bigger the order, the larger the discount. These savings mean a reduction in expenses and a better profit margin for the business. It can also help save on transport costs when you have a large order. It translates into fewer orders for boxes to be delivered and thus lower overall transport costs.

Easy Storage

Large shipping boxes may seem cumbersome but in reality, they do not take up much space when delivered from the manufacturer. They come flattened out in such a way as to require minimal storage space. Even for businesses with limited storage, they can often be squeezed into small spaces like attics, under stairs, and behind shelves. Business owners need not struggle to look for a place to store them, even for long periods. It is however best to ensure the storage area is kept dry to avoid moisture interfering with the structural integrity of the corrugated boxes.

Customer Deliveries

Whatever product your brand sells, you will likely have to deal with orders of varied sizes. Larger shipping boxes will most certainly come into need for bulk orders. Even individual customers may order larger quantities that would not make practical sense to send in an individual small shipping box. The extra room inside of larger boxes also makes it easier to protect products. You can more easily wrap them up in newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts, providing extra protection and cushioning that will better ensure the products arrive at their destination undamaged.


Larger boxes can just as easily be customized as smaller boxes. Whether it is flexographic or digital printing, there are several ways and many colors that can be incorporated. The impact of customization may even be better given how more visible any branding will be on a larger box. From prints of the company logo to the web address of the business site, more people will be able to catch a glimpse of valuable info that could translate to more interest in your brand and traffic to your website.

Tips for Shipping Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

If you are packing and shipping items that are heavy, you may experience challenges with the packaging. You need to have packaging like heavy duty shipping boxes that are not only strong, but also more protective compared to the standard shipment or shipping of lightweight items. Heavier shipments may be moved by forklift instead of human power at some point during transportation and shipping, especially when switching trucks several times. Here are tips to help you when shipping products using large boxes:

Have a durable Packaging

You need to choose packaging materials made of corrugated cardboard because they are strong enough to be able to withstand the weight of the stacked packages during shipping. An extra layer of protection may also be added in the box on the sides, bottom or at the top of the shipment to ensure the products are well protected. Having reinforced water-activated tape on the bottom area of the box also provides another layer of protection.

Wrapping and Cushioning the Items

You can have heavier items placed in the middle of the box to preventing tilting when being carried. Air pillows come in handy when you want to protect the items, so placing a thick layer of the air pillows is going to work great for you. If there is empty space in the box, you need to fill it. Ensure that the item doesn’t move inside the box. Shipping fragile items such as heavy vases or mugs require you to provide more clearance. You can use cushions to protect the vases in the box from things like dropping and punctures.

Shape the Shipment

When you have packed and sealed the shipment, you can give it a shake. Ensure the items inside are not moving around in the box. If there is something in the box moving, it can smash other fragile items and potentially crush the packaging material. If there is shifting or rattling when you shake the box, you should consider repacking it the proper way.

Heavy items are susceptible to damage when being moved through the supply chain and there is a need to have proper packaging and pack the items properly.

When shipping items with more weight, you need to ensure that the products are not being subjected to things like the vibration from trucks and conveyors and they can withstand dropping. Also, ensure that they don’t experience compression on the sides from things like indiscriminate stacking. You can ensure these things by doing a better job on packing using large shipping boxes that are designed to be firm, strong, and resistant to elements as well as things like compression from stacking.

Importance of Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Heavy duty shipping boxes are currently in demand by both businesses and individuals. Although other people might say that these are just mere cardboards, these large shipping boxes are actually important in today’s fast-paced modern world. Industrially, these cardboard boxes are primarily used for packing goods, items, and products. People might say that cardboards are just made of paper, but what people don’t know is that cardboard boxes are actually very reliable.

The heavy duty shipping boxes are made of the material called corrugated cardboard, making these large shipping boxes withstand pressures and heaviness of the items. These are the strong and sturdy type of cardboard that consist fluted cardboards and flat linerboards, made on machines using flute lamination. There are different types of corrugated cardboard – single face, single wall, double wall, and triple wall – that are designed to provide a strong container for any items, big or small.

When do you need to use heavy duty shipping boxes? The name decided for itself – when shipping items. However, these large shipping boxes are not limited to shipping purposes; there are other situations that one should consider in buying these boxes.

Shipping – Business and Individual

Of course, the first usage of these boxes is for shipping. For businesses that are handling fragile items, it is important that these products will be transported accurately and efficiently. In order to avoid damages and other maintenance costs, heavy duty shipping boxes are needed. Some companies need to transport their products all over the world and that is when these boxes that are “squash-free” are needed.

For individuals who would like to send items, gifts, and products to the other corner of the country, or even overseas, large shipping boxes are needed to withstand any pressure from stacking and prevent damaging of goods.

Moving To Other Places

Are you moving from one city to another? No problem! It is proven that heavy duty shipping boxes are sturdy enough to hold items like clothes, vases, and other household items than bags and suitcases. Although made from cardboard, a triple wall shipping box can withstand a certain amount of water, apart from pressure. Another reason why this can be your next best friend in moving to other places is that these are easy to stack due to its shape. Unlike irregular-shaped bags, these boxes can be easily stored inside the vehicles, without worrying about falling off.

Storing Items

Not sending anything and not going anywhere? Well, heavy duty shipping boxes can also be used for storing items that are no longer needed. These are proven to protect the items, whether in good or bad condition. Just like in moving out, these boxes can be easily stacked and stored in a single room, provided that these are properly sealed, and there’s no need to worry about damages.

The Many Uses of Large Shipping Boxes

Large Shipping Boxes

On Christmas day, children around the world head over to the Christmas tree and start to rip open all of the presents that they see. They look at the presents and smile big when they see them, but before long they are playing with different toys. The toy that ends up being the most popular is the large shipping box that the presents came in. Children use their imagination to get hours of enjoyment out of these boxes, but they are not the only ones that find uses for boxes that have been emptied of the products that came with them.

Heavy duty shipping boxes can have many lives before they finally end up in the recycle plant. Think about all of the different ways that these large boxes can be used.

  • Toys for kids – Kids will find plenty of ways to use larger boxes. They can become a fort or they can turn them into a hiding place. Doors and windows can be cut into the box to turn it into a playhouse. If the box is broken down it can be used as a sled or a wagon. The only limit to how the large shipping boxes are used is the parent and child’s imagination.
  • Storage – One of the things that people have in common is their ability to accumulate stuff. Often, the hardest part of collecting stuff is getting rid of it. That is why people fill up their homes, garages and attics with all of the stuff. They believe they will need it someday. In order to manage all of the stuff, it is best to put it into the large boxes that have been collected. The boxes can be marked with what is inside and are much easier to store.
  • Furniture – Furnishing a home can be expensive. Heavy duty shipping boxes can serve as furniture for a much lower cost. They can work as tables or as clothes storage. They may not be a permanent solution, but they can definitely help out for a while.
  • Moving – The one thing that people need when they move is boxes. They need to pack up everything in their home and often the large shipping boxes are the best option. As long as they are not overloaded and made too heavy, they are a great asset for anyone planning to move.
  • Passing them along – Even if one person does not have a need for a large box, there is someone else that probably does. Giving boxes away to others is one of the best ways to keep using them.

Ship It Right with Large and Small Shipping Boxes

No matter what your business may be, shipping is a necessary part of what you do. No matter how much you may rely on e-mail, faxing, or digital sharing of various sorts, you can’t avoid the need to ship physical objects. Legal documents need physical signatures. E-bay items need to be shipped or returned. Items you sell online through your own website need nice packaging and the right packaging so that they are delivered successfully.

Small shipping boxes, cardboard tubes, triangular boxes, Styrofoamor evenlarge shipping boxes. The more you can determine exactly what you will be shipping on a regular basis, and hone in on the sizes and shapes you need, the more prepared you will be for purchasing large quantities of shipping boxes and saving money in the long run.

That is one of the most cost-saving and logistically smart considerations, no matter what your situation. Can you boil down all your shipping needs into particular sizes, and troubleshoot the different types of custom or non-custom shipping needs that will arise?

Let us say that you are an E-bay seller – a massive one. You ship widgets, but your widgets are only a subset of widgets that are sold and purchased in a category of E-bay that you have come to monopolize. Good for you and your widgets. But to truly be cost effective, you need a shipping strategy that pleases your customers and allows you to reap the benefits of effective shipping. This means easy shipping. This means shipping that isn’t overly complicated. And it’s possible, since you most likely sell again and again on E-bay, very similar items with similar size, shape, and weight considerations.

You sell widgets. You sell widgets that are a cross-section of E-bay that are roughly similar. You don’t sell miniature figurines and car parts at the same time. No, your widgets are similar. So already, your shipping needs aren’t drastically different from one package to the next. But can you creatively categorize your widgets even further? Doing so will allow you to think through the different types of shipping boxes and shipping containers. You eventually should be able to estimate the amounts you sell of each of these categories.

And there you go. It may seem like you spent a lot on a small part of your operation. But if you rely on shipping on a day-to-day basis, it will make a difference. It will make a difference to you and it will make a difference to the buyer of each widget that you sell.

Where to Find Large Shipping Boxes

It will happen that you need to ship something that is quite large. It will inevitably happen once in our lifetimes. The problem is two-fold: 1) you can’t find a box that’s big enough to fit your item – or 2) you’re too embarrassed to bring it into the post office. The standard-sized boxes at the post office may not be big enough to send large items. That leads to the dilemma of finding large shipping boxes, ones that you may not be able to find at the store. It is nearly impossible to find something bigger than what you can find at the post office but you can – if you search online.

Shipping items is important. It is the most trusted source outside of emails to get information and materials to someone. Large items can come in the form of gift baskets (which can also be placed in cardboard gift boxes), and furniture. Of course there are several items that can be shipped but to save on the cost of the shipping you should buy boxes that fit the size of the item online. As an added bonus you can even have them customized to meet your needs.

You could be shipping to a client – or you could be shipping some important items to a friend. You should never have to pay for items other than the actual shipping price. Everything else is robbery. To buy large shipping boxes, simply go online and find a store that offers them. If you are gifting something, get cardboard gift boxes that suit all your wants and needs.

Big items have the tendency to tear up your typical cardboard box. Either it is because it is too heavy or it is oddly shaped cutting through the box. While this is not a common problem, it is still does happen. This is why you should buy boxes that are sturdy, enhanced to safely and securely ship your item. There is nothing more embarrassing for someone than accepting a box (gift of not) that is tattered, torn, and ripped. That just simply looks unprofessional. It doesn’t bode well as the one sending the box, either.

There are options out there – you just need to know where to look. It is unlikely that your typical office store will have large boxes for shipping. But you can quickly and easily find them online at Cactus Containers. You will see a big difference in price and quality.