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Tips for Shipping Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes
If you are packing and shipping items that are heavy, you may experience challenges with the packaging. You need to have packaging like heavy duty shipping boxes that are not only strong, but also more protective compared to the standard shipment or shipping of lightweight items. Heavier shipments may be moved by forklift instead of human power at some point during transportation and shipping, especially when switching trucks several times. Here are tips to help you when shipping products using large boxes:

Have a durable Packaging

You need to choose packaging materials made of corrugated cardboard because they are strong enough to be able to withstand the weight of the stacked packages during shipping. An extra layer of protection may also be added in the box on the sides, bottom or at the top of the shipment to ensure the products are well protected. Having reinforced water-activated tape on the bottom area of the box also provides another layer of protection.

Wrapping and Cushioning the Items

You can have heavier items placed in the middle of the box to preventing tilting when being carried. Air pillows come in handy when you want to protect the items, so placing a thick layer of the air pillows is going to work great for you. If there is empty space in the box, you need to fill it. Ensure that the item doesn’t move inside the box. Shipping fragile items such as heavy vases or mugs require you to provide more clearance. You can use cushions to protect the vases in the box from things like dropping and punctures.

Shape the Shipment

When you have packed and sealed the shipment, you can give it a shake. Ensure the items inside are not moving around in the box. If there is something in the box moving, it can smash other fragile items and potentially crush the packaging material. If there is shifting or rattling when you shake the box, you should consider repacking it the proper way.

Heavy items are susceptible to damage when being moved through the supply chain and there is a need to have proper packaging and pack the items properly.

When shipping items with more weight, you need to ensure that the products are not being subjected to things like the vibration from trucks and conveyors and they can withstand dropping. Also, ensure that they don’t experience compression on the sides from things like indiscriminate stacking. You can ensure these things by doing a better job on packing using large shipping boxes that are designed to be firm, strong, and resistant to elements as well as things like compression from stacking.

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