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Customer Experience with a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box
Businesses use various packaging options depending on what products they are shipping and their customer needs. Whether you need gift wrapping, a secure shipping packaging, or a custom mailer box, you want to make the customer have a great experience. If you are shipping products to customers, mailer boxes can help ensure product integrity. Also, if you are thinking of branding your boxes, take into account how many more sets of eyes are going to see your package while in transit. This can lead to additional purchases. Having said that, how can you create a memorable cardboard box?

Think Protection First

Mailer boxes are a common packaging solution, especially in these times when you can have your items shipped from just anywhere in the world. You need to think about the functionality of the package. The main reason that you are packaging a product is to ensure it’s delivered intact. Protection comes in the forefront, so make sure the mailer box is strong enough to offer protection while the product is being shipped. The walls of the cardboard box cushion the product from physical damage. It also reduces the impact of temperatures that may harm the product.

Design Creativity

Typically, mailer boxes come as plain, grey cartons. While this is an ideal, safe solution, it won’t be remembered by many customers. Today, businesses want to make their products stand out and the packaging can offer that solution. You can change the shape of the box and decorate it with attractive colors. If you are shipping products for children like toys or some funny gadgets, you can make the boxes more playful.

Kids would love to play with the boxes when they unbox the package. Make it ready for DIY kids’ play activities like drawing and painting. While this may not seem like a big deal, it will cause numerous children to find enjoyment from your packaging.

When printing the boxes, create some witty, brilliant phrases to help with branding your products and company. Use graphics and short texts to tell your story – have a short picture story. You may even consider printing information about recycling cardboard so that the customers know you are committed to caring about the environment.

Facilitating Easy Transportation

A customized packaging solution needs to be lightweight and handy. It should be easy to handle – whether you are setting it up in a truck or on-board a ship or even on an aircraft. Cardboard boxes are designed to be lightweight so that they allow easy handling while at the same time ensuring the product doesn’t get damaged.

These things can help you when you want to design your cardboard mailer boxes. Protection of the product while shipping should come first in the design. You can then think out-of-the-box on the branding and communication with the customers using the packaging. Make sure that you know what appeals to your customers when it comes to packaging design – and provide just that. It will help create a memorable unboxing experience.

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