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Improve Your Custom Shipping Box Design

Custom Shipping Box
If your products are going to sell, you want to re-imagine the design of the packaging. Selling products in retail stores is exciting, however, when you look at how the packaging appears when the product is on the shelf, it may be disheartening. Getting customers to notice your products is a big challenge for many companies, and often, packaging design is a culprit. Competition is high and if you’re going to stand out from the crowd, you need a unique packaging design for your custom shipping box. These three strategies can help you spruce up the look and feel of your packaging:

Know What Appeals your Customers

Whether you are selling products online or you are selling in traditional retail stores, you should know your customers. Customers are finding that there are more options for products than ever, so when you make yours stand out, that can make the difference between customers buying your products or not buying. If the product you are selling is being offered by multiple companies, and that’s pretty so, your packaging may be the only factor that lures customers to pick your products over those of your competitors. Your packaging cartons should feature a design that resonates with what customers want to see.

Even for eCommerce businesses, the image of the packaging they provide on their website can help draw the attention of the audience to click and learn more about the product. You only have seconds to influence the customer and packaging stands so close to making the impact on a customer.

Be Different or Unique

When you critically think about it, you find that the first interaction customers have with your products is the packaging. They hold the packaging, feel it, see it, and imagine it. The packaging creates the first impression and tells something about what’s inside. If the packaging doesn’t look appealing, then the product may not be appealing. When designing, think about the audience you are targeting. Does it resonate with their packaging demands or interests? Would they love to see the product in such a package? It is something they can adore?

Whether it’s the colors, text, shape, size, the carton window, or die-cut design – it should be unique. When thinking about the uniqueness of the design, look at how your packaging is going to be presented to the customer. On the shelves, there are other products and all have packaging designs. So you want to come up with something that is going to be different from what’s around the retail aisle.

Include Only the Product’s Essentials

You want to have a simple, yet impactful packaging design, and it doesn’t have to cost you more or make you try harder than everyone else. Nowadays, being minimalist is a trend, and you don’t want to deviate too far from what’s happening in the design market. Try to be less with your design and include only the essentials about the product within the packaging.

Customers don’t have the time to read a heavy brand message on the packaging. Have some two or so benefits of the product on the packaging – it will provide a touchpoint for the customers to gain interest in your product. From there, they can begin to learn what’s all about your product. Customers are really getting tired of reading the same aggressive messaging on the packaging. You can save your packaging from that mess and give it some space to breathe with less brand messaging. This will go a long way in attracting customers because the packaging feels and looks refreshing.

Your packaging can change the way people think and perceive your brand. It can create a brand perception in the customers’ minds. Ensure you think about the design options you have and consider – minimalistic, unique, less, clear and simple, and strong printed shipping boxes for your packaging needs.

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