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Reducing The Cost Of Your Shipping Supplies

shipping supplies
No matter the size of your business, it always makes good business sense to try and keep costs low to maximize profits. Shipping supplies have become an increasingly large part of many business budgets thanks to the surge in e-commerce. More consumers are opting to make their purchases online and wait for their delivery at home. Here are some helpful tips that can be used to limit this expense.

Optimize packaging sizes of shipping supplies

When ordering shipping supplies like boxes, it is advisable to ensure the sizing is a good fit for the range of products you send out. The smaller the size of the packaging, the lower the cost of ordering boxes and the cheaper it will be to ship. Work with your box supplier to have your boxes customized for this purpose.

Using shipping tools and automation

For larger businesses that have many deliveries to effect, automation can help speed up the packaging process and reduce the need to have extra staff just for this function. There are distinct kinds of machines you can incorporate into your operations to take over such mundane and time-consuming tasks as taping and sealing boxes. These machines not only save on the expense of additional workers but can also limit your carbon footprint by ensuring minimal waste is produced. They can also help reduce incidents of workplace injuries by reducing the need for manual handling of shipping tools and make for more precise packaging that will impress customers.

Vary protection in your shipping supplies

While shipping supplies like corrugated boxes do much to protect products while in transit, not all products are made the same. Some are more durable than others and can arrive just as safely at their destination when less protective packaging is used. For instance, single clothing items can often arrive at their destination in the same condition whether in a box or an envelope. Only that an envelope would be cheaper. Consider the range of products you do send out and invest in a variety of options that will allow you to maximize your profit margin while still effecting safe delivery.

Buy shipping supplies in bulk

Buying your supplies in bulk can certainly help reduce costs as box makers and other suppliers are happy to offer discounts on large orders. However, do keep in mind the amount of storage you have on your premises for these supplies. You need to ensure there is enough space for storage while still accommodating other operations and the safety of your employees.

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