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Custom Mailer Box Price Advantage

Custom die cut mailer
When businesses consider investing in customized box designs, there are often concerns that their cost may be more than any benefit it will bring to the brand. Options like the custom mailer box do give products a more luxurious feel and look that can be useful for high-end products as impressions count for a lot. However, it is not surprising that they would be more expensive to order from a box manufacturer than the standard corrugated cardboard box. This premium cost for such packaging is however compensated for when you consider certain cost-saving benefits.  

Custom mailer box is lightweight 

Custom mailer boxes are lightweight as they are made from corrugated cardboard material. This characteristic means that when it comes to shipping costs, the impact is minimal. Shipping costs are calculated based primarily on the weight and size of the packaging. By limiting the weight added to a package by using a lightweight custom mailer box, you lower the shipping costs.  

Customized box 

As said, shipping costs are impacted by the size of the package. Because custom mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes, businesses can ensure they are made as small as possible to just comfortably fit the contents. Working with the box designer to ensure as small as fit as possible thus helps in reducing shipping costs and the cost of ordering these boxes from the manufacturer. 

Custom mailer box security 

Custom mailer boxes have a self-locking mechanism that helps to better secure the contents within. Since they are also customized for a good fit and can incorporate inserts that stabilize products, they are an effective way of safeguarding contents while in transit. This increases the chances that the products being delivered will arrive in good condition at their destination. With fewer incidents of products being damaged while in transit, the business does not have to deal with as many returns which can be an added cost in either having to make a refund or send out a replacement to the client.  

Custom mailer box recyclability

Custom mailer boxes are often made from materials that are recycled and can be later recycled. While it may not make much of an impact on the bottom line of the business, it can make the production of new boxes less expensive as recycled materials are already processed. Less energy and time are used to convert them into new boxes, as compared to when using wood pulp. Using recyclable materials also offers the benefit of making a positive impression on consumers who have become increasingly environmentally conscious.  

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