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Why Cartons Are Great For Shipping

Custom Size Regular Slotted Cartons for Shipping
Carton boxes are a common sight in delivery vehicles. They are probably the most ordered type of box from manufacturers. Many businesses that require packaging for their products or for shipping purposes consider them to be an ideal packaging solution thanks to the several key benefits they offer.

Affordability of cartons

Most cartons are made from paperboard which is an easily available material that is also highly affordable. For businesses that order these boxes in bulk quantity, the cost savings are even higher as many manufacturers are happy to offer discounts. Because this material is so easily available, businesses will often find that many manufacturers offer them. Through comparison shopping, businesses can easily find a supplier with cheaper rates.

They are also recyclable and can be made from recycled material. This means less time is taken to process them into new boxes, helping to conserve the environment and reduce production costs. Even where the material can no longer be recycled, it can safely be disposed of as it will quickly decompose.

Lightweight design

These boxes are very lightweight by design. This means they add a minimal amount of weight when used as packaging. This in turn means lower shipping costs and an easier time handling delivery by shippers. When there is less weight to have to carry during transit, there is also less likelihood of damage occurring, especially if the delivery person lacks helpful equipment like a trolley. They can more easily handle and drop off packages when they are not too heavy.

Strength of carton

Despite the lightweight nature of this material, it is quite strong when it comes to protecting its contents. It is also able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear that further boosts protection. When packages are in transit there can be a great deal of handling and an increased risk of dropping, hitting, and being perforated. Carton material is highly resilient and will in a majority of cases keep the contents of the package intact until they arrive at their destination.

Stacking cartons

Cartons are built to be box-like in design. This design makes it easy to stack the boxes. This makes storage of the boxes easier when you can safely pile them on top of each other. Even when in transit, being stackable is a huge benefit as it helps in making effective use of limited space. It can also make transporting multiple boxes at a go easier.

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