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Protect Fragile Items in a Shipping Box

custom shipping box
With more and more people opting to shop online, businesses that sell even fragile items have been forced to figure out how best to pack boxes for shipping so the contents do not end up damaged while in transit. When you have products that can easily break this becomes critical as during shipping, poor handling and rough travel can easily lead to scratches and breakages. Here are a few tips you can use to improve the chances that whenever your items are packed in a shipping box, they arrive at their destination safely.

Correct size shipping box

Always pick a box size that can adequately accommodate the items you are shipping plus any packaging material that will be used to pad or protect them. Too big and the contents may end up getting jostled about, too small and you may not be able to reinforce. Also, consider using corrugated cardboard material with more fluting. This added thickness will help to better protect the contents, not just from jostling, but also if exposed to dampness or perforated.

Boxes for shipping label

People will not know to handle a package carefully unless that information is well displayed on the outside of the box. Make use of labels or stickers to ensure people know the contents are fragile and need to be carefully handled. This often compels handlers to be more careful and avoid stacking other boxes on top. Also, be sure to indicate which way the shipping box should be placed upright. This can be especially important with bottled products like wine that should not have the cork continually absorbing the liquid.

Boxes for shipping packaging

Once you have packed your fragile items in the box, be sure to use packing material to fill up void spaces. This will help keep the contents immobilized inside the box so they do not get jostled around. This is especially important if you have packed more than one item and want to avoid them knocking into each other and breaking

Boxes for shipping: dividers

Dividers are another way to separate items. You can pack multiple items in the same box safely and in their own compartment. Try to ensure that whatever arrangement you use, the box is well balanced to prevent it from easily toppling over

Shipping box reinforcement

Consider reinforcing the box at the bottom and along its edges. This can help when the box is exposed to moisture or even when mishandled by preventing the box from collapsing. For moisture protection, consider using packaging tape that will prevent absorption. You can also use a polyurethane coating or a lacquer spray sealer spray.

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