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Unveiling the Versatility of Corrugated Boxes

Custom Printed Shipping Box, RSC Corrugated Cardboard, 2 color Flexo
Corrugated boxes have emerged as an indispensable asset for businesses across diverse industries. Whether it’s e-commerce, manufacturing, or retail, the reliability, versatility, and Eco-friendliness of a corrugated box have made them the top choice for shipping, storing, and protecting a wide array of products. Let’s dive deeper into the multifaceted nature of these boxes and explore the ways they have transformed the packaging landscape.

The Versatility of Corrugated Boxes

Characterized by their rippled or fluted pattern sandwiched between two flat layers, they provide exceptional strength and durability. This structural brilliance makes them ideal for safeguarding goods during transit, ensuring that items remain intact and unscathed, even when subjected to rigorous handling and transportation processes.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions for Sustainable Practices

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, corrugated-boxes have become synonymous with sustainable packaging solutions. Made from recyclable materials and often produced using Eco-friendly practices, these boxes minimize the ecological footprint of businesses while offering an efficient means of protecting goods. The recyclability of these boxes not only reduces waste but also aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Customization for Enhanced Brand Identity

One of the most compelling features of corrugated-boxes is their adaptability to various customization options. Businesses can leverage this characteristic to create bespoke packaging solutions that align with their brand identity. Custom printing, sizing, and structural modifications enable companies to craft unique packaging experiences that not only protect the product but also serve as a powerful branding tool, fostering brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Packaging Solutions

Beyond their structural and environmental benefits, corrugated-boxes are cost-effective packaging solutions that cater to businesses of all scales. Their lightweight nature reduces shipping costs, while their robust construction ensures that products are well-protected, minimizing the risk of damage and associated financial losses. This affordability and efficiency combination make corrugated-boxes a top choice for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes without compromising on product safety and quality.

In the ever-evolving industry of packaging, corrugated-boxes stand as a testament to the symbiosis of durability, sustainability, and versatility. As businesses strive to meet the demands of a dynamic market while embracing Eco-friendly practices, these boxes serve as a reliable and adaptable solution, ensuring that products reach consumers unscathed, while also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

The Versatility and Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Corrugated cardboard
In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, efficient and reliable packaging solutions are crucial for businesses across industries. Among the wide array of packaging materials available, corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard box has emerged as popular choices due to their versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness. This blog post explores the numerous advantages of utilizing corrugated packaging and sheds light on its diverse applications in various sectors.

Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Future

Cardboard of this type are an environmentally friendly packaging option that aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices. Made from renewable resources such as recycled paper fibers, it offers a recyclable and biodegradable solution, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with packaging materials.

Superior Protection and Durability of Corrugated Cardboard

One of the standout features of this type of rigid cardboard box is its exceptional strength and durability. The unique structure, with a fluted layer sandwiched between two liner boards, provides rigidity and resistance to external impacts. This makes them ideal for protecting fragile items during storage and transportation, ensuring goods arrive safely at their destination.

Cost-Effective and Customizable Solution

Corrugated packaging is not only reliable but also cost-effective. Its production process is efficient, resulting in affordable packaging solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Additionally, manufacturers can easily customize cardboard boxes to suit specific requirements, such as size, shape, and printing designs, offering businesses the opportunity to enhance their branding efforts.

Lightweight and Space-Efficient Corrugated Cardboard

Another significant advantage of corrugated packaging is its lightweight nature. Compared to alternative packaging materials like plastic or metal, cardboard is considerably lighter, reducing transportation costs and making handling more convenient. Moreover, its stackability and ability to be collapsed when not in use saving valuable storage space, optimizing logistics and warehouse management.

Versatility of Corrugated Cardboard Across Industries

Corrugated packaging finds extensive use in a wide range of industries. From e-commerce and retail to food and beverage, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, its adaptability and versatility make it a preferred choice. Whether it’s shipping products, displaying goods on store shelves, or organizing items within warehouses, corrugated cardboard fulfills diverse packaging needs.

In conclusion, the merits of corrugated boxes as packaging solutions are undeniable. The combination of sustainability, strength, cost-effectiveness, and customization options make them an attractive choice for businesses aiming to enhance their packaging strategies. As consumer preferences shift towards eco-consciousness and businesses strive for efficiency, cardboard packaging remains a dependable ally in meeting these evolving demands. By harnessing the power of this versatile material, companies can not only safeguard their products but also contribute to a greener future.

Shipping Books in Corrugated Boxes

Large Shipping Box


Ship books with ease by using corrugated boxes. Whether you are a bookseller shipping orders to clients, or you have a shelf of books you are relocating with to a new home, you should be using corrugated boxes. Book lovers can be sensitive about the condition of their books and will naturally want shipping that ensures their tomes arrive at their destination in as good a condition as they left. Here are some helpful tips on how you can best achieve this.

Small, corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are strong, but books are heavy and dense. There is a limit to what a corrugated box can safely accommodate. Hence, the reason you should go for many smaller boxes than fewer larger boxes when shipping books. This will also make it easier for whomever is handling the box during transit to lift and carry the box.

Wrap for corrugated boxes

You can choose to wrap each book individually, especially if you just ship a single book to a client. If the books are many, you can line the box with packing paper or tissue. This is especially helpful if you have ornate books or those with graphic slipcovers that you would not want spoiled.

Corrugated boxes weight

Just as when packing other household or office items when moving, you should always place the heaviest items going into a box at the very bottom. Create less pressure on lighter books at the top. Prevent damage or shape lost.

Corrugated boxes interior stacking

Do not arrange your books vertically as you would on a shelf when packing them into a corrugated box. Just lay them flat on their side to stack them. Books can have varying heights and it can become more awkward to try to arrange them this way, especially if stacking.

Fill the gaps

You would rather leave some gaps in the box than overfill. You can use diverse kinds of items to fill in these gaps, with the best options being soft materials like bed sheets, towels, or pillows. They can provide extra padding and thus protection for your precious books.

Reinforce the corrugated box

Once you have finished packing, it is time to seal the box tightly. Make further use of the packing tape to reinforce the box along all its edges and corners. This will make it harder for the box to come apart due to weight or rough handling.

Corrugated box label

Properly label the corrugated box.  Help movers differentiate the contents and stack accordingly.

How to Ship a Cardboard Box Onto Pallets

Custom cardboard box
Most businesses now make use of the cardboard box when fulfilling client orders. They often send out large shipments onto pallets. Pallets are transport plates on which cargo can be secured and loaded onto different vehicles for shipment. They can be made of various materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Businesses need to be careful in how they load these pallets to ensure that the items are properly secured. This will help in ensuring a safe and efficient delivery.  

Correct size cardboard box  

Different businesses will have products of assorted sizes. It is important to ensure that whatever product you are shipping and how it is packaged does not hang over the sides of the pallet. The dimensions of your corrugated cardboard box should fit comfortably within the limits of your pallet. Its construction should also be sound enough to support the weight.  

Pack your box right 

It is important to ensure that before you place a cardboard box on the pallet, it is properly packed. This means that all the contents of the box have been properly secured and stabilized. This will require the use of some padding so that the contents do not shift around or bump into each other. It is also advisable to ensure even weight distribution. This will make it easier to ensure good weight distribution on the pallet. The boxes should also be well-sealed using packing tape.  

Stack cardboard box safely  

As said, your boxes should have an even weight distribution. However, chances are you might have boxes of different weights. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lightest on top to keep the pallet stable. You can help boost stability and prevent the boxes at the bottom from collapsing by adding layers of flattened cardboard in between the rows of boxes. Having a few flattened cardboard boxes or a corrugated slip mat as a base before you start stacking will also help.  

Secure cardboard box  

Make use of shrink wrap and adjustable pallet straps to ensure your boxes remain immobile on the pallet. At least three to five layers of shrink wrap are needed to ensure the boxes are tightly secured. Always start from the bottom and work your way up. The straps will help to further secure the boxes to the pallet.  

Consult your shipper 

Shippers or freight carriers have their own rules about how pallets should be prepared before pickup. From experience, they will know how to advise you to ensure your pallet is appropriately prepared. Take time to familiarize yourself with their requirements to ensure ease and efficiency when transporting your shipments.  

Why Choose Recycled Corrugated Boxes

printed corrugated suitcase box
When it comes to the manufacture of corrugated boxes, there is the option to use either wood pulp or recycled corrugated board. When wood pulp is used in the manufacturing process, the outcome is referred to as virgin corrugated board. When these boxes are later recycled and used to make new boxes, the results are termed recycled corrugated board.

While recycled boxes may not be as strong as those made from virgin corrugated board, due to the fibers becoming shorter and weaker with each recycling, they do offer some benefits that make them a worthwhile investment for any business wanting to stock up on corrugated cartons.

Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly

Since the raw material used to make these boxes is older boxes, this makes them the most environmentally friendly option. Being environmentally conscious is important for modern-day businesses as it not only reduces their impact on the environment but also makes a positive impression on consumers. Consumers and the public in general have become more sensitive to environmental issues and are more willing to patronize and support businesses that share the same values.

Less deforestation with corrugated boxes

The wood pulp used to make virgin corrugated boxes comes from trees that have been cut down. When using recycled boxes to make new ones, a smaller amount of virgin fibers is added during processing to strengthen the resulting boxes. When your business depends on recycled materials to make its boxes, this means it does not contribute as much to deforestation for its packaging needs.

Corrugated cartons are recyclable

Virgin corrugated board can safely be recycled as much as five times before it is no longer useful. This means that often, even the recycled boxes you are using can still make their way back into the box maker’s hands to create new packaging. This further reduces dependency on the wood pulp for box manufacturing.

Limit methane production using corrugated boxes

When corrugated cartons are thrown away without being recycled, they usually end up in landfills. As they decompose, they produce methane which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. The more you can encourage your customers to recycle their boxes, the more you will be doing to protect the planet from global warming by cutting methane emissions.

Customer appeal of corrugated boxes

As said, people now prefer to patronize and support environmentally conscious businesses. Packaging is a simple but effective way you can share with your customers these ideals and encourage them to keep buying their goods and services from you. It can also be a marketing selling point that helps grow your customer numbers.

Corrugated Packaging Tips

custom shipping RSC
Corrugated packaging is highly popular for shipping all kinds of goods thanks to its ability to protect and be lightweight. However, when using it, businesses need to take due caution to ensure they are deriving as much benefit as possible.  

Corrugated packaging correct size  

When ordering corrugated boxes for your products and shipments from a corrugated packaging company, you need to ensure you get a range of sizing that is a good fit. They should not be too tight to cause the content to burst out nor too big to lead to waste. Choosing the right size that conforms well to the shape and size of your products will help safeguard the contents better and limit shipping costs.  

Corrugated packaging cushion 

Most products do not have a box shape so it can be difficult to fully customize packaging that is the exact shape of the product. too many odd shapes can also make shipping difficult as the flat edges of box shapes are what make it possible to carry out stacking. However, the void that is left between the product and the packaging needs to be filled to help protect it from damage while in transit. It will also help immobilize it within the packaging so it does not end up knocking about.  

Fillers like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper can be used to fill up these voids and provide extra cushioning for the product within. The same can also be accomplished by using inserts. They can help to absorb shocks and reduce the risk of breakage and other damage.  

Corrugated packaging proper storage 

As you make every effort to ensure that your corrugated packaging safeguards your products in transit, you also need to be careful of how you store these boxes before they are dispatched. Many businesses will order such packaging in bulk and keep a stock of the boxes and other supplies on their premises. Storage space is typically designated for this. Businesses need to ensure that their storage area is kept clean, clear of pests, and organized. Also, keep the boxes away from exposure to moisture as this can degrade the material.  

Best carrier for a corrugated packaging company   

While businesses will make every effort on their part to ensure their products are securely packaged for the journey, the rest is often left to the shipper. Where a business has multiple choices of shippers to choose from, it is important to consider their reputation, especially when it comes to handling deliveries. You will want to select a shipping company that is known for taking due care and has a formidable reputation for delivering packages intact.  

Guide For Storing Corrugated Boxes

currugatged boxes
Corrugated boxes are amongst the most commonly used form of packaging for businesses. Even retailers have largely adopted this option to facilitate their online orders from customers. While they may be able to regularly order the boxes they want from box makers, like any other commodity, they still need to keep some stock on hand so they can send out goods on time. While a corrugated box does have many beneficial qualities, care still needs to be taken when storing them to avoid damage that would render them a waste.

Keep Off the Floor

Never store corrugated boxes on the floor. This direct contact will make it easier for certain problems to occur. For instance, if there is a water leak, a spreading pool of water will easily come in contact with the boxes and become absorbed into the material. This can make them unusable. Lying on the floor will also make it easier for pests to come in contact with the boxes, possibly eating through the material or breaking it down to use for nesting.

Boxes are best kept on shelving or pallets. Box manufacturers and other businesses that store large quantities of boxes will also find pallets helpful in allowing them to shift boxes using a forklift.

Avoid Areas with Moisture

As said, exposure to water or other liquids is bad for cardboard. So it is advisable to ensure your storage space is not likely to expose your stock of boxes to moisture. Avoid anywhere near water taps, water tanks, or where water pipes run through.

Avoid Fire Risks

Also, avoid storing your boxes near heat sources that could lead to them becoming ignited. A corrugated box is easily flammable and can even pose a threat to the safety of the entire building and its residents.

Lay Them Flat

When shipping and storing boxes, it is best to ensure they are flattened and lying on the side, never the edge. This will help reduce the risk they will become crushed. Placing them on their edge side and stacking them can end up deforming their shape, making them more difficult to assemble and use for shipping.

Ensure Accessibility

With e-commerce having become so popular, even small businesses are seeing a daily need for shipping boxes. This means you should store your boxes in an easily accessible place where you will not struggle to find the choices you need. This easy access is also important for being able to check on the condition of your boxes regularly.

Waterproofing a Corrugated Fiber Box

corrugated fiber box
One of the key benefits of a corrugated fiber box is its ability to protect the contents within. This is why it is highly popular for packaging and shipping items. However, this benefit can fail if the material is exposed to moisture. Moisture can compromise a box’s structure, causing it to become weak and disintegrate when little pressure is applied.  

When shipping items, especially over long distances, there is the risk that at some point, the box will be exposed to moisture. Hence the reason that some businesses invest in corrugated fiberboard box designs that feature more fluting. This provides additional layering that can prevent the box from easily becoming damaged when exposed to liquids.  

Waterproofing can also be achieved by applying a waterproofing coating to the box. Different materials can be used to create this protective layering including fiberglass resin, PVA adhesive, paraffin wax, and lacquer. The layer is applied on the outside and when dry, will prevent moisture from penetrating through to the corrugated fiber box. It works the same when you have the box maker add a laminate layer on the outside.  


It provides better protection for the contents of the box. It also keeps the structure of the box strong. When the contents are thus secured, it reduces the risk they might be damaged. When goods are delivered in good condition, the sender does not have to worry about having to make a replacement. This will make the business appear more reliable when their deliveries are not rejected for being damaged.  

Since the box is less likely to be damaged, the recipient can likely keep it for later reuse. Waterproofing can make a box more durable, allowing the person who has it to repeatedly enjoy its use. Adding this protective layer can also be added to the box manufacturing process so you do not have extra work of preparing boxes before shipping. While it may add to the cost of buying these boxes, it is more convenient and will be expertly done.  


It can affect the recyclability of the box later on. Unless the protective layer can be separated from the fiberboard, you may not be able to submit the boxes for recycling. Another downside is that it can limit the addition of branding. If you want to add a logo, other design, or printed information on the box, you will have to use an alternative like stickers. Printing directly on the box is not possible when you have added a waterproof layer.  

Limit the Damage to a Corrugated Box

corrugated box has a stellar reputation for offering excellent protection as product packaging. This is what makes it a top choice for most businesses shipping products, alongside its affordability and versatility in design. But even with their good reputation, corrugated boxes can still do with a little extra help in protecting contents.  

We have all seen videos of delivery personnel and airport staff mishandling packages. To help boost the chances that the items arrive in a safe condition, it may be worthwhile considering these safety tips.  

Choose The Right Corrugated Box 

For heavy and more delicate items, consider choosing the strongest corrugated carton variety. Double and triple-walled boxes are a good option. The extra fluting means thicker walls that will better insulate the contents and provide extra protection in case of perforation. The added layers will also be helpful if there is exposure to moisture. It will make it harder for the liquid to get into the products packaged inside. Heavier boxes are also ideal where there will be stacking during shipping. They are better able to support the added weight of other boxes placed on top.  


The edges of boxes tend to sustain the most damage during transit and storage. It is a good idea to reinforce them to limit the risk of damage. You can easily accomplish this by taping up the edges. Strapping tape is the best option when it comes to reinforcing a heavy corrugated box. It has added strength, durability, and flexibility that make it ideal for such work. Lighter boxes can adequately be secured using carton sealing packing tape. Water-activated tape should be considered where you have security concerns as it tightly seals itself to the corrugated carton, making it obvious when it has been tampered with.  

Stack Safely 

If your shipment is going out on a pallet, ensure that the packages have been stacked correctly and tied down where necessary. The last thing you need is for anything to topple over. Ensure that all the packages are stacked with the heaviest at the bottom and closer to the center. Nothing should be sticking out past the edge of the pallet. Also, try to ensure that there is even weight distribution to avoid the risk of the pallet tipping over.  

Wrap Up Contents 

Where items are being shipped over long distances and during bad weather conditions, there is an increased risk they may end up being exposed to moisture. Even where the box has thick walls, enough moisture exposure can lead to water penetrating deep. Form a habit of wrapping any delicate items like books and electronics in plastic wrap before placing them in the box. That way, even if water gets through, your items remain safe from damage.  

Packing Cardboard Boxes to Prevent Breakages

cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes are one of the most abundant packaging options to be found anywhere in the world. Many retail products are sold in these boxes, both in stores and when undertaking deliveries. While quite convenient, they may not always be the safest option. More so if the items being packed are breakable. Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of breakage when using a corrugated cardboard box to deliver.  

Pack Separately 

Where you have a large order with multiple other items, you may be tempted to pack everything together. This is quite risky for breakable items. They should ideally be packed on their own and clearly labeled so whoever is handling them knows they are delicate.  


Never assume that the person handling the box is aware that the contents are delicate. Be sure to clearly label that the contents are breakable and the box should be handled with care. Also, use symbols to ensure they know which way is up.  

Sturdy Box 

Ensure the corrugated cardboard box you use to ship your items is sturdy enough. If too thin or worn, it can easily fall apart and cause damage to the contents. It will also be easily damaged if cut into or exposed to moisture.  

Stack Topside 

If you are doing the delivery yourself, ensure that the box with breakable items is placed on top in a stable position. Do not allow other boxes to be placed on top. Cardboard boxes are still quite malleable, especially if there is no insert within. This can cause the walls to cave in. Even slightly done, this can cause breakage.  


There are many packing materials you can use to cushion the contents of a box. From bubble wrap to packing peanuts, they can help ensure your items get to their destination in a safe condition. If on a budget you can even use more readily available materials like old newspapers or worn pillowcases.  


Inserts are another way to go in ensuring the contents of a box remain stable inside. Their dimensions ensure the item is kept suspended but stable within. They can also be made of cardboard. You can work with your box maker to have inserts made that are of the correct fit.  

Pad Top and Bottom 

Create some extra cushioning on the top and bottom of the box. The bottom will often suffer the worst wear and tear during handling along the way. The top may also be exposed to pressures from stacking and carrying.  


How Paper Food Packaging Has Boosted Food Safety

Food Packaging
Despite all the challenges we face today in terms of contagious diseases and water shortages, food safety is at an all-time peak thanks in part to the innovative and safety-conscious designs of current food packaging.

Food packaging clean transport

Manufacturers of the corrugated cardboard boxes used to ship fresh produce and packaged foods ensure a sterile manufacturing environment. The paper materials themselves usually go through a sterilization process that ensures no contamination of products that are later packaged within. This means that the boxes are delivered in a safe condition that should prove safe for storing foodstuffs. Contamination not only increases the risk of illness for consumers but can also compromise the shelf life of the food products.

Safe Transport

Corrugated cardboard boxes are also thick enough to ensure minimal effect on packaged foods within. This reduces the risk of bruising to the produce, and that what gets to consumers is in the best condition possible. Damaged food products can prove a financial loss to manufacturers or other suppliers. The resulting food waste can be detrimental when consumers shy away from choosing that stock.


Some of the boxes used for packaging food come with self-closing designs that are often bolstered by the use of adhesives. They provide an easy means to check on tampering of products. Consumers will typically avoid food packaging products that seem to have already been opened. This has helped reduce incidents of contaminated food getting to people’s plates.

Food Preservation

Boxes are often the first line of defense from external factors that could lead to damage. Dry food often needs sealed plastic packaging that offers additional safety from moisture, pests, air, and bacteria. This helps to extend the shelf life, flavor, and appearance of the food for longer. The controlled environment also aids in preventing contamination that can harm consumers.

Safer Food Packaging

While plastics do play a role in helping to better preserve foods, they do also come with certain health risks. Especially from the phthalate content. Packaging materials made from paper tend to be safer to use, especially where heat is applied, like in the microwave. Or, when there is some risk of chemicals leaching into the food. Even government bodies do recommend food grade paper packaging as a safer option to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Food packaging information

Food packaging will often include printed material. This is often a combination of branding and information sharing. Details such as health advisories and ingredients are important for food safety. They can help those with food allergies, other health conditions, or dietary requirements make better food choices.

Why Corrugated Boxes Make For An Ecofriendly Choice

Custom cardboard box
We have become increasingly aware of how human activity is affecting the natural environment. This has encouraged many to consumer choices that have minimal impact. The desire to leave the world a better place than we found it has gained momentum.

One way in which businesses are contributing to this cause is through the careful consideration of packaging materials for products. Corrugated boxes have become a popular option thanks to several ecofriendly benefits.

Corrugated cardboard recycling

Corrugated cardboard that we find in many shipping boxes is often partly or entirely made using recycled material. That means less dependency on freshly harvested paper material that comes from trees. The recycled material can include old cardboard boxes and newspapers.

These boxes can also in turn be later recycled for the same purpose of making newer boxes. This cycle of repetition is best supported through mindful manufacturing processes that exclude the use of dyes and bleaching products.

Sustainable sourcing

Many manufacturers of cardboard and other paper materials now make a greater effort to ensure their raw materials come from sustainable sources. These are typically fast-growing trees that are efficiently utilized with minimal waste. For each tree felled, several others are planted to replace it.

The number of trees required has also declined over time. This is thanks to the incorporation of recycled material in the manufacture of new corrugated boxes. Many are made up of about 70-100% recycled material.

Corrugated boxes energy savings

Recycled material requires less energy to process into new packaging. With many cardboard boxes being made this way, there is less consumption of energy resources, which is less demanding on the environment.

It is also noteworthy that manufacturers will try their best to source these recyclable materials from their local areas. The shorter the distance that these materials travel to get to manufacturers, the less energy resources that are expended.


Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are highly durable. This means they can easily be reused several times over without their structural integrity suffering. They are also often used as storage boxes that can keep for several years. Moving companies will often offer to supply their own boxes, some of which will have been used in previous jobs.

This high level of reuse is great for the environment as it reduces the demand for newly made boxes. It is also cost-saving for the box owners. In some places, they may be able to gain some financial consideration for turning in these boxes as recycling.

How To Minimize The Weight Of A Shipping Box

Shipping Box
Sending out goods for delivery is often good news. It means that you have customers willing to buy your products, even if they cannot come to your store. Even for businesses that operate entirely online, this revenue is always appreciated.

However, deliveries are never done for free. This is another industry that charges for its services. While many businesses will claim to offer free deliveries, the reality is that they have already factored in this cost into their product pricing. But they must keep this impact minimal to remain competitive.

One of the best ways they manage to minimize this cost is by cutting down on the weight of boxes for shipping. The less their shipments weigh, the less costly it becomes to cover this expense. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Custom Boxes

Investing in custom boxes is always a good idea. Oversize boxes will take up more room and will be heavier. Especially when you factor in the extra packaging you will need to add inside the shipping box to keep the contents stable. Extra filler like inserts and bubble wrap also means extra packaging expenses. Sourcing for custom fit boxes for your merchandise will help keep shipping expenses low.

Deeper, Not Wider

When configuring boxes, it is best to choose specifications that are deeper rather than wider. This means the smallest dimensions should be on the top and bottom sides. This makes loading of the boxes into containers and vans more space-saving. It can also limit the amount of corrugated material that will be used to make the box. Being able to place more boxes on the same pallet can also increase the amount of product you ship with little impact on the rates.

Choose Lighter Board

Corrugated boxes are considered a safer option thanks to their excellent shock absorption. The more flutes, the better the water resistance, and ability to survive penetration or denting. While there is no big difference noticed when the number of flutes is varied, there can be some impact when you choose a thinner board that will cover the interior and exterior surfaces. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the shipping box will still accommodate whatever custom design features you desire.

Buy in Bulk

When ordering boxes for shipping, consider upping your quantity. Most manufacturers will offer bigger discounts on larger orders. And since most box designs are collapsible, having a large number of boxes may not take up as much room as you would think.

4 Eco-Friendly Reasons To Choose Corrugated Boxes

Die Cut Corrugated Inserts
For most businesses, the main concern when choosing packaging material is that it should deliver the product to the client safely and affordably. In today’s world, however, businesses are being compelled to be more environmentally conscious of how their activities affect the natural world. Consumers now prefer to support brands that make an effort to minimize their carbon footprint. The use of corrugated boxes helps in this cause for several reasons.

Recyclable Material

These boxes can be manufactured using recycled paper materials like old cartons, cereal boxes, and newspapers. Not only are they made of recycled material, but they can also be recycled again for the same purpose. If the boxes are printed on using ‘green inks’, or not at all, they can also be safely disposed of or decompose without worry they will contaminate the environment as they are biodegradable.


The layered design of corrugated cardboard gives it a rigid and durable form when in use. Even the most basic options that come with just 3 layers can be quite sturdy. Once a customer has taken delivery of the box and removed the contents, they can reuse it for other purposes. They are often a good way to store away items in attics, basements, and storage lockers. They can last for even several years and be safely reused as much as 7 times. And again, when the box becomes too weak and damaged for storage, it can still be safely disposed of.

Sustainable Sources

Besides recyclable material, corrugated cardboard is also typically made from the pulp of tree varieties that are fast-growing and from sustainable forests. Sustainable forests are carefully managed so that as mature trees are harvested, even more are being planted to replace them. This cycle ensures a reliable supply of wood material without depletion of tree life.

Low Energy Costs

The recyclable components of corrugated boxes mean that less energy is used by manufacturers to produce the packaging. Utilizing less energy means that there is more power to spare for other production work. This in turn also means more efficient manufacturing processes that result in less waste and pollution. Because many businesses that buy these boxes prefer them in their plain state, there is often little use of inks and bleaches. This not only means less processing but also a more biodegradable product that will not harm the environment even if it ultimately ends up in a landfill.

Why Use Wholesale Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Die Cut Corrugated Inserts
Shipping products have become an integral part of business functions. With more consumers choosing to make orders remotely, all types of businesses have had to incorporate deliveries into their services. There are many different ways that sellers can package their products to arrive safely at the customer’s doorstep. Wholesale corrugated boxes are amongst the best options available to sellers for several key reasons.


These boxes can be customized to a variety of sizes and dimensions to fit the specifications of various products. This is important because a good fit helps to better secure the product within the box. It also minimizes the cost involved in shipping. Weight and size of packages strongly influence shipping costs.

The thickness of the box walls can also be customized with extra layering to further reinforce the construction. Customization in terms of appearance is also vital. Businesses can reinforce their brand image and make their products stand out with creatively printed boxes. Whether you use natural landscape images, the company logo, or just your business name, take time to put a creative spin on it to attract the right kind of attention.


The construction of wholesale corrugated boxes provides plenty of shock absorption and padding. This helps ensure that even with some jostling along the way, your products should remain secure and unharmed while in transit. The fluting feature of these boxes also helps to prevent moisture from getting to the contents if there is water exposure. Some coatings also help make the boxes water and flame resistant.


Even wholesale boxes in California can be quite cost-effective thanks to bulk order discounts and the use of recyclable material for construction. These boxes are quite easy to manufacture for those with suitable machinery and rely on renewable resources. Their high strength also means that they can easily be reused and later recycled for the same purpose. This quality is also appreciated by many consumers who are environmentally conscious and prefer to align themselves with businesses that share the same values.

High Strength Construction

As mentioned, corrugated boxes are very strong. Not only does it make their reuse easier, but it also means better protection for contents when being transported. The boxes can easily be stacked without the ones below suffering serious pressure that would damage the contents. This is another reason these boxes are preferred by shippers who have to stack multiple boxes to fill up a container.

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