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How to Ship a Cardboard Box Onto Pallets

Custom cardboard box
Most businesses now make use of the cardboard box when fulfilling client orders. They often send out large shipments onto pallets. Pallets are transport plates on which cargo can be secured and loaded onto different vehicles for shipment. They can be made of various materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Businesses need to be careful in how they load these pallets to ensure that the items are properly secured. This will help in ensuring a safe and efficient delivery.  

Correct size cardboard box  

Different businesses will have products of assorted sizes. It is important to ensure that whatever product you are shipping and how it is packaged does not hang over the sides of the pallet. The dimensions of your corrugated cardboard box should fit comfortably within the limits of your pallet. Its construction should also be sound enough to support the weight.  

Pack your box right 

It is important to ensure that before you place a cardboard box on the pallet, it is properly packed. This means that all the contents of the box have been properly secured and stabilized. This will require the use of some padding so that the contents do not shift around or bump into each other. It is also advisable to ensure even weight distribution. This will make it easier to ensure good weight distribution on the pallet. The boxes should also be well-sealed using packing tape.  

Stack cardboard box safely  

As said, your boxes should have an even weight distribution. However, chances are you might have boxes of different weights. Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lightest on top to keep the pallet stable. You can help boost stability and prevent the boxes at the bottom from collapsing by adding layers of flattened cardboard in between the rows of boxes. Having a few flattened cardboard boxes or a corrugated slip mat as a base before you start stacking will also help.  

Secure cardboard box  

Make use of shrink wrap and adjustable pallet straps to ensure your boxes remain immobile on the pallet. At least three to five layers of shrink wrap are needed to ensure the boxes are tightly secured. Always start from the bottom and work your way up. The straps will help to further secure the boxes to the pallet.  

Consult your shipper 

Shippers or freight carriers have their own rules about how pallets should be prepared before pickup. From experience, they will know how to advise you to ensure your pallet is appropriately prepared. Take time to familiarize yourself with their requirements to ensure ease and efficiency when transporting your shipments.  

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