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Guide For Storing Corrugated Boxes

currugatged boxesCorrugated boxes are amongst the most commonly used form of packaging for businesses. Even retailers have largely adopted this option to facilitate their online orders from customers. While they may be able to regularly order the boxes they want from box makers, like any other commodity, they still need to keep some stock on hand so they can send out goods on time. While a corrugated box does have many beneficial qualities, care still needs to be taken when storing them to avoid damage that would render them a waste.

Keep Off the Floor

Never store corrugated boxes on the floor. This direct contact will make it easier for certain problems to occur. For instance, if there is a water leak, a spreading pool of water will easily come in contact with the boxes and become absorbed into the material. This can make them unusable. Lying on the floor will also make it easier for pests to come in contact with the boxes, possibly eating through the material or breaking it down to use for nesting.

Boxes are best kept on shelving or pallets. Box manufacturers and other businesses that store large quantities of boxes will also find pallets helpful in allowing them to shift boxes using a forklift.

Avoid Areas with Moisture

As said, exposure to water or other liquids is bad for cardboard. So it is advisable to ensure your storage space is not likely to expose your stock of boxes to moisture. Avoid anywhere near water taps, water tanks, or where water pipes run through.

Avoid Fire Risks

Also, avoid storing your boxes near heat sources that could lead to them becoming ignited. A corrugated box is easily flammable and can even pose a threat to the safety of the entire building and its residents.

Lay Them Flat

When shipping and storing boxes, it is best to ensure they are flattened and lying on the side, never the edge. This will help reduce the risk they will become crushed. Placing them on their edge side and stacking them can end up deforming their shape, making them more difficult to assemble and use for shipping.

Ensure Accessibility

With e-commerce having become so popular, even small businesses are seeing a daily need for shipping boxes. This means you should store your boxes in an easily accessible place where you will not struggle to find the choices you need. This easy access is also important for being able to check on the condition of your boxes regularly.

Limit the Damage to a Corrugated Box

Incorporate these extra safety measures for maximum preservation.

The corrugated box has a stellar reputation for offering excellent protection as product packaging. This is what makes it a top choice for most businesses shipping products, alongside its affordability and versatility in design. But even with their good reputation, corrugated boxes can still do with a little extra help in protecting contents.  

We have all seen videos of delivery personnel and airport staff mishandling packages. To help boost the chances that the items arrive in a safe condition, it may be worthwhile considering these safety tips.  

Choose The Right Corrugated Box 

For heavy and more delicate items, consider choosing the strongest corrugated carton variety. Double and triple-walled boxes are a good option. The extra fluting means thicker walls that will better insulate the contents and provide extra protection in case of perforation. The added layers will also be helpful if there is exposure to moisture. It will make it harder for the liquid to get into the products packaged inside. Heavier boxes are also ideal where there will be stacking during shipping. They are better able to support the added weight of other boxes placed on top.  


The edges of boxes tend to sustain the most damage during transit and storage. It is a good idea to reinforce them to limit the risk of damage. You can easily accomplish this by taping up the edges. Strapping tape is the best option when it comes to reinforcing a heavy corrugated box. It has added strength, durability, and flexibility that make it ideal for such work. Lighter boxes can adequately be secured using carton sealing packing tape. Water-activated tape should be considered where you have security concerns as it tightly seals itself to the corrugated carton, making it obvious when it has been tampered with.  

Stack Safely 

If your shipment is going out on a pallet, ensure that the packages have been stacked correctly and tied down where necessary. The last thing you need is for anything to topple over. Ensure that all the packages are stacked with the heaviest at the bottom and closer to the center. Nothing should be sticking out past the edge of the pallet. Also, try to ensure that there is even weight distribution to avoid the risk of the pallet tipping over.  

Wrap Up Contents 

Where items are being shipped over long distances and during bad weather conditions, there is an increased risk they may end up being exposed to moisture. Even where the box has thick walls, enough moisture exposure can lead to water penetrating deep. Form a habit of wrapping any delicate items like books and electronics in plastic wrap before placing them in the box. That way, even if water gets through, your items remain safe from damage.  

The Inside Story About Corrugated Containers

It is not about cardboard corrugated containers, but about high quality custom made creations to suit your needs. People want to pack just about anything into a box, but stuffing cloth or paper into extra spaces just would not do. That is why there are many companies competing to give customers just the right kind of box in the exact shape and size that they want.

Style – A Different Language

Nowadays a corrugated box has to be multi-functional, by being an advertisement and a brand identity. Therefore, companies are striving to give custom-made boxes a unique style of their own. Although unique shapes may be more expensive than regular ones, they are a comparatively cheaper form of advertisement. It improves the visual appeal of the product even though it is the package we are talking about, but it also indicates that the product inside is of the highest quality. That is, after all, what the customer wants and that is why the market is taking the business of boxes very seriously.

Variety – The Spice of Life

The first thing that people will notice is the package and if it comes in the regular shape and size, it will tend to blend in with the other products on display. That is why variety is stressed upon and custom made corrugated containers are given so much priority. These high-end boxes do cost a little bit more, but they are designed to catch the customer’s eye. Cardboard can be easily cut into any shape and is a good medium for printing solutions as well. That is why customers prefer to go for cardboard boxes rather than wooden boxes.

Price – The Competitive Edge

The prices are the best part of making use of corrugated containers as they are unbelievably cheap. Most of them are made to give the customer more value for their money, even if they have chosen a cheaper type of packaging material. A cardboard corrugated box will be durable and strong enough to hold heavy items as well.

Eco Friendly – Taking the Green Route

A cardboard corrugated box can be recycled and reused, which makes it the eco-friendly choice. When they are remade into boxes, it further reduces the energy required for manufacture more. Also, as the box can be folded, it can be reused several times before it can be taken for recycling. When the time comes that the materials can no longer be used, they can be safely disposed of since they are 100% biodegradable.