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Shipping Books in Corrugated Boxes

Large Shipping Box
Ship books with ease by using corrugated boxes. Whether you are a bookseller shipping orders to clients, or you have a shelf of books you are relocating with to a new home, you should be using corrugated boxes. Book lovers can be sensitive about the condition of their books and will naturally want shipping that ensures their tomes arrive at their destination in as good a condition as they left. Here are some helpful tips on how you can best achieve this.

Small, corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are strong, but books are heavy and dense. There is a limit to what a corrugated box can safely accommodate. Hence, the reason you should go for many smaller boxes than fewer larger boxes when shipping books. This will also make it easier for whomever is handling the box during transit to lift and carry the box.

Wrap for corrugated boxes

You can choose to wrap each book individually, especially if you just ship a single book to a client. If the books are many, you can line the box with packing paper or tissue. This is especially helpful if you have ornate books or those with graphic slipcovers that you would not want spoiled.

Corrugated boxes weight

Just as when packing other household or office items when moving, you should always place the heaviest items going into a box at the very bottom. Create less pressure on lighter books at the top. Prevent damage or shape lost.

Corrugated boxes interior stacking

Do not arrange your books vertically as you would on a shelf when packing them into a corrugated box. Just lay them flat on their side to stack them. Books can have varying heights and it can become more awkward to try to arrange them this way, especially if stacking.

Fill the gaps

You would rather leave some gaps in the box than overfill. You can use diverse kinds of items to fill in these gaps, with the best options being soft materials like bed sheets, towels, or pillows. They can provide extra padding and thus protection for your precious books.

Reinforce the corrugated box

Once you have finished packing, it is time to seal the box tightly. Make further use of the packing tape to reinforce the box along all its edges and corners. This will make it harder for the box to come apart due to weight or rough handling.

Corrugated box label

Properly label the corrugated box.  Help movers differentiate the contents and stack accordingly.

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