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The three Rs of Folding Cardboard Boxes

Folding Cardboard Boxes

When a business makes their product, they usually put it into a cardboard box so it can be shipped to the consumer. Once it has been delivered to the consumer or to the business that will sell the products, the boxes are emptied. That leads many people to wonder what happens to the folding cardboard boxes once they have outlived their initial purpose. The answer is many different things can happen.

Protecting the environment is important to many people in the world. They have come up with the three R’s that they hope will help the environment. Those three R’s are Reuse, repurpose and recycle. One of the great things about folding cardboard boxes is how easily they can do any of these three things.


Reusing cardboard boxes is very common. People will often put the products back into the box for storage or they fill the boxes up with other products. They can be used over and over again because of the durability of the cardboard. Folding corrugated boxes are even stronger than regular boxes and can be reused over and over again. This ability to reuse the boxes means that fewer new boxes have to be made, and there is less waste and less stuff being put into landfills.


Cardboard boxes are also very easy to repurpose. Their size and shape lends them to many different things. From being used to help pack up a house for moving or creating a table in a new home until more furniture is found, the ability to repurpose a cardboard box is only limited by a person’s imaginations. Many parents wonder why they spend so much money on Christmas presents when their kids seem to have so much more fun playing with the boxes their presents came in. Repurposing is something that is learned at a very young age.


One of the great things about any paper product is the ability to recycle it. Once the box has outlived all of its other uses, the cardboard can be ground up and used to make a new box. Most folding corrugated boxes are made out of recycled cardboard boxes. In that way, the box just keeps on living forever.

Cardboard boxes play a vital role for businesses and individuals around the world. Not only do they help businesses get products to people, but they also have many other lives after that. It is time for people to embrace all that these cardboard boxes do for them and the environment.

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