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Enhancing Product Packaging with Folding Cartons

folding cartons
In today’s business landscape, product packaging plays a pivotal role in capturing consumer attention and leaving a lasting impression. Among the myriad packaging solutions available, folding cartons have emerged as a versatile and eco-friendly option that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are a business owner seeking to elevate your product packaging or a curious consumer wanting to explore the world of folding cartons, this post will shed light on the wonders of folding cartons and the importance of partnering with a reputable folding cartons manufacturer.

The Evolution of Folding Cartons: From Simplicity to Elegance

Folding-cartons have a rich history that dates back centuries. Initially, they served as a basic means of containing products, but over time, they evolved into sophisticated designs that encompass various shapes, sizes, and closure mechanisms.

Advantages of Choosing Folding Cartons Over Other Packaging Options

Why should businesses opt for folding-cartons over alternative packaging materials? In this segment, we will explore the numerous benefits that folding-cartons offer. From their sustainability and cost-effectiveness to their customizable design options, folding-cartons have become the preferred choice for a wide range of industries.

The Environmental Impact of Folding Cartons: A Green Packaging Solution

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, consumers and businesses alike are seeking greener alternatives. Folding-cartons answer this call by being biodegradable, recyclable, and sourced from sustainable materials. Learn more about how these eco-friendly solutions not only enhance brand reputation but also contribute to a healthier planet.

Reflect Your Brand Identity with Customization

In a competitive market, brand differentiation is crucial for success. Folding-cartons present an excellent opportunity to customize your packaging and create a unique brand identity. We will discuss how partnering with a skilled folding-cartons manufacturer can bring your brand vision to life through innovative designs, captivating graphics, and attention-grabbing finishes.

The Art of Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Collaborating with the proper folding-cartons manufacturer can make all the difference in achieving packaging excellence. In this section, we will delve into the factors to consider when selecting a manufacturer. From expertise and production capabilities to quality assurance and customer service, you’ll gain valuable insights to aid your decision-making process.

Folding-cartons have revolutionized the packaging industry, offering a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Embrace the potential of folding cartons to elevate your brand and leave a positive impact on both your customers and the environment.

The Versatility of Folding Cartons

Folding carton
In the ever-evolving world of packaging, cartons that fold have emerged as a popular choice for businesses seeking versatile and sustainable solutions. From protecting delicate items during transit to showcasing brand aesthetics on store shelves, a folding carton may offer a multitude of benefits. In this blog, we will discover the significance of cartons that fold and delve into the added value that a printed folding carton brings to the table.

Unleashing the Power of a Folding Carton

Printed cartons that fold take the traditional concept of packaging to new heights. By combining the structural integrity of cartons that fold with captivating printed graphics, businesses can elevate their brand presence and create a lasting impression on consumers. From vibrant colors to intricate designs, printed cartons that fold offer endless opportunities for customization, enabling brands to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Enhanced Branding and Product Visibility

The primary goal of any packaging solution is to grab the attention of potential customers. Printed cartons that fold play a crucial role in this regard, as they provide businesses with a blank canvas to showcase their brand identity. By incorporating eye-catching visuals, logos, and product information, printed cartons that fold enhance brand recognition and create a strong visual association with the product, leading to increased consumer trust and loyalty.

Eco-Friendly Folding Carton

Sustainability is a growing concern for both businesses and consumers. Printed cartons that fold offer an eco-friendly packaging alternative by utilizing recyclable and biodegradable materials. By opting for these environmentally conscious solutions, businesses can showcase their commitment to sustainability and appeal to eco-conscious consumers who prioritize responsible purchasing decisions.

Versatility of a Folding Carton Across Industries

The beauty of cartons that fold lies in their versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or consumer goods, printed cartons that fold provide a flexible packaging solution that can be tailored to meet specific product requirements. With the ability to incorporate functional features such as inserts, windows, and closures, cartons that fold ensure both product protection and an exceptional unboxing experience.

In a world where first impressions matter, printed cartons that fold serve as the perfect packaging solution for businesses aiming to captivate consumers and reinforce brand messaging. Their evolution, coupled with the power of print, enables companies to create a lasting impact while embracing sustainability. By leveraging the versatility of cartons that fold and investing in printed packaging, businesses can pave the way for success in a competitive marketplace.

The Best Folding Carton Manufacturer

NEPTN folding carton, custom box

Folding cartons are a popular packaging solution for a wide range of products, from food to pharmaceuticals. However, finding the right
folding carton maker can be a challenging task. In this blog post, we will explore the key factors you should consider when choosing a folding carton manufacturer for your business. 

Folding cartons are a type of paperboard packaging that are typically used for packaging small and lightweight products. They are made from a single sheet of paperboard that is cut and folded into a box shape. Folding cartons are popular because they are lightweight, easy to store, and customizable. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Folding Carton Manufacturer 

When choosing a foldable carton manufacturer, there are several factors you should consider. These include the manufacturer’s experience, quality standards, production capacity, and cost. You should also consider the manufacturer’s ability to provide customized solutions that meet your specific packaging needs. 

Benefits of Working with a Professional Folding Carton Manufacturer  

Working with a professional carton manufacturer can offer several benefits to your business. These include access to high-quality materials, advanced production techniques, and the expertise of experienced packaging professionals. A professional manufacturer can also help you reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing customized solutions that meet your specific needs. 

Tips for Finding the Right Folding Carton Manufacturer

To find the right foldable carton manufacturer for your business, you should conduct thorough research, seek recommendations from industry experts, and evaluate the manufacturer’s capabilities and expertise. You should also consider factors such as lead time, production capacity, and cost when making your final decision. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Folding Carton Manufacturer 

When choosing a foldable carton manufacturer, there are several common mistakes that businesses make that can lead to poor outcomes. In this section, we will explore these mistakes and provide guidance on how to avoid them. These may include not considering the manufacturer’s experience, quality standards, or production capacity or failing to consider the impact of packaging on sustainability and the environment. By avoiding these mistakes, businesses can make better decisions and find the right foldable carton manufacturer for their needs. 

Choosing the right foldable carton manufacturer is a critical decision that can impact the success of your business. By understanding the key factors to consider and following the tips outlined in this blog post, you can make an informed decision and find a manufacturer that meets your specific packaging needs. 

Folding Cartons and Retail Products

Printed Folding Carton One Color
If you are looking for the ideal packaging for your retail products, then folding cartons should be at the top of your list. They are highly recommended for individual retail items that are in the light to medium weight range. Here is why you should consider them for your brand.

Customize Folding Cartons

Folding carton manufacturers can make cartons to just about any dimension you have in mind. They even offer them in a variety of shapes that allow you perfectly fit the box around your product. This flexibility in design can also allow for creativity in the design so that branding and marketing efforts can also be promoted.

Affordable Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are amongst the most affordable packaging materials you can source from a box maker. Despite their good quality, they are easy to make and use limited raw material due to their thin and lightweight design. Their ability to be folded also means that they are easy to store. They typically come from box makers while flattened, meaning that they take up little space. You can further save on manufacturing costs by requesting quotes from different suppliers. Often, box makers will compete to give you the lowest possible rate to secure your business.

Protective qualities

This packaging has a rigid design when set up that makes it ideal as protective packaging for a wide range of products. This design makes it easy for consumers that buy the product to store it for a prolonged period without worry the contents will become contaminated.

Folding Carton Manufacturer

Folding Carton Manufacturer typically, use recycled materials. This is partly why you will easily find a folding carton manufacturer offering this product so cheaply. When using recycled materials, the processing of the paper is already done so the manufacture of new cartons is carried out more quickly and with less energy. These savings are passed on by the manufacturers to their customers. By using recycled materials there is also less need to cut down more trees for processing. This makes for a positive environmental impact that even final consumers appreciate and support.

Folding Carton Branding

Incorporate branding in the customized folding carton. A mix of colored graphics and text can be used to appeal to onlookers and encourage them to look up the brand and its products. The use of attractive or striking colors helps draw attention where you want it.

Designing Folding Cartons For Product Display

NEPTN folding carton, custom boxes
Many factors go into deciding what kind of packaging a product will have. to begin with, businesses need to consider how the product is to be sold to consumers. If selling online, then more consideration will be given to shipping needs. If selling through stores, then the folding cartons design that will appear on the shelf will matter.

Branding will also matter as you will want to make your line of products appear distinct and recognizable to the market. Let us look at the steps one must go through in the packaging design process.

Define Your Packaging Needs

There are three main packaging layers. The outer layer is what products are normally shipped in. These can be large folding cardboard boxes used for shipping or a paper bag in which the product is packed into. The inner packaging refers to inserts and filler material that are used to keep the contents safe.

Product display packaging is what shoppers see when choosing items from shelves or what contains the product when shipped and the shipping box is removed. Most businesses will require one or all of these types of packaging.

Type of folding cartons

This will mainly depend on the type of product. For instance, liquids will need to be contained in bottles or another waterproof packaging that can secure the contents. Dry food products like cereals will often also require some waterproof packaging and folding cartons for product display purposes in stores.

You will also need to factor in the cost of packaging when making a choice as this can affect mark-up and consequently how competitively you can price your product. While you will also want to stand out from the competition, your product packaging should still fit what is expected by consumers.

Folding carton design evaluation

Once you come up with some creative designs, you need to ensure it resonates with consumers. As said, you should create a design that distinguishes your product from the competition but should still look recognizable to shoppers as they browse the shelves in the store.

Ensure whatever imagery and wording used on the product display packaging are true to the product. It should not confuse or mislead consumers. Also, consider what kind of visual effect is given when the items are stacked next to each other on the shelf. How they will look next to each other and competitors’ products.

It can be helpful to make a sample run of this packaging and give it out amongst stakeholders and consumers. Use this sample to collect views about the packaging and figure out what design elements work and what may require editing.

Making Your Easy Fold Mailer Boxes More Striking

Custom mailer box
Mailer boxes are a great way to package products before shipping them out. Their self-locking designs and solid construction make them one of the most secure options that do not require additional packing materials. Thanks to the double-sided walls of these boxes, you are assured of better durability when compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. Easy fold mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to help make them more appealing to customers. Here are a few great ideas you can apply to make the most of your mailer boxes.

Add A Sticker

Mailer boxes can be cheaply sourced in plain designs. But you do not need to send them out to customers this way. You can promote your brand and share all kinds of marketing messages by applying stickers to the box. This can be done both inside and on the outside of the box. You can also use small stickers to help seal the box. You can display different kinds of messages and contact information on these stickers to help inform your customers about your brand. Play around with different seasonal themes, colors, and imagery to make it more interesting.

Use Inserts

When it comes to stabilizing your products within mailer boxes, your best option is inserts. Cardboard inserts for big volume mailers tend to work well when it comes to smaller products and are quite affordable. You can make them more interesting by contrasting colors or adding imagery for a better visual effect. You can also design them to hold samples of other products you wish to promote to the customer.

Add A Personalized Message

Smaller businesses can easily impress clients by adding personalized messages within their easy fold mailer boxes. It could be anything from thanking them for making a purchase to letting them know you are supporting a charity by contributing a percentage of their purchase. You can also use this is to boost sales by offering a discount code on a new product or just letting them know of upcoming launches. The messages you can share are endless and will help to keep your clients informed about what your brand is up to.


While you can use your box for all types of branding, you can also opt to go the opposite direction. Sometimes less can be more. Minimalist designs tend to work well for companies that prefer to make the impression that their brand likes to keep things simple. Here the focus would be on the product contained within the box, with less busy artwork or wording on the packaging.

Benefits of Using Folding Cardboard Boxes

Printed Folding Carton One Color
The moving business has become highly lucrative with much demand for the service on both domestic and commercial fronts. People now find it easier to have professionals step in when they want to relocate.

Besides the heavy lifting, people also enjoy having many of their items set up again. From home theatre systems to arranging crockery on kitchen shelves, it makes the move easier when you do not have to rearrange things yourself.

Folding cardboard boxes have now become an essential aspect of the moving business. They are the preferred choice of packaging for several key reasons.


Despite the remarkable lightweight nature of cardboard boxes, they can be exceedingly strong. Heavy-duty varieties that are made with corrugated fiberboard are particularly helpful in handling heavy objects. This is very useful when you want to securely transport heavy items. The extra layering helps to support the weight, while also providing protective padding that prevents damage from impact.


Being foldable is very helpful to shipping and moving companies. This allows them to easily store their stock of cardboard boxes when not in use or transit. They can be laid out flat, taking up minimal space. It also means that the boxes can easily be ordered in bulk quantities. Many a folding cartons manufacturer offers deep discounts the larger the order that is placed. So moving companies get to optimize on spacing while minimizing cost.


Moving firms often enjoy much-repeated use out of their stock of cardboard boxes. When carefully handled, they can retain their structural integrity for long periods, allowing the movers to keep reusing them for long periods. Even in cases where the client decides to buy the boxes, they too can enjoy many years of repeated use of these boxes. They can be used to stash away items in the attic, basement, or garage without much worry. Especially when kept away from damp conditions.


Once folding cardboard boxes are no longer reusable, they can often be recycled. This means they can be broken down and used to manufacture new boxes. This is beneficial to the environment as it means less need to source virgin raw materials from trees. Given the high use of cardboard boxes in the moving business, it is a key source of such materials for recycling plants.


Cardboard boxes are produced at a cheap cost by the folding cartons manufacturer. Given the highly competitive nature of the industry, it often means that those that buy these finished boxes also get low pricing. For moving companies that have a strong need for the product, the discounts on bulk purchases add to the cost saving benefit.

Why Invest In Folding Cartons As Your Packaging

Custom Made Folding Boxes
Product packaging can come in an array of forms including plastic wrapping, bulk bins, and containers. The best option for most products remains folding cartons tailored to individual products. Here are some of the reasons why businesses should opt for this investment for their products.

Easily Customizable

Foldable cartons can be made to suit a wide variety of dimensions. No matter the type of product you offer and how you wish to display it in its packaging, you can certainly get a tailored solution that fits. When you choose a suitable folding carton manufacturer, you not only get the packaging that correctly matches your product but also features parts that can be useful like packaging handles and hang tabs. You can also incorporate windows where customers can get to see the item within its packaging before buying. There are also various designs of boxes to consider. From five panel wrap to double cover boxes, you can find a variety of suitable options to suit your product.

Visual Appeal

Folding cartons are very flexible in the ways they can be customized visually. You can have the manufacturer color the carton in a variety of shades, or have the design include imagery or graphics for greater visual impact. Besides the standard dimensions of regular boxes, you can also have the cartons take different shapes including spheres. This versatility can help make your product stand out more against the competition in the market.

Sound Construction

Paperboard is a great material for use in product packaging. Besides being incredibly lightweight, it can also help in keeping the content of the box protected against moisture. When cargo is being transported, it is not unusual for there to be wet conditions. With the right construction material, the cartons can prove highly protective, preventing water damage. The corrugated design also helps in absorbing impact should the carton be jarred.


Because there are a variety of design options, there are also multiple ways you can make your product packaging cost-effective. By opting for standard box designs and simple graphics, you can still get good quality packaging that makes a positive impact on your brand. However, for just a little more money you can invest in more attractive designs and still make some savings by taking advantage of bulk discounts. Opt for a folding carton manufacturer that utilizes sustainable and widely available resources and you should get lower quotations on your packaging than expected.

Using Folding Cartons to Market Your Products

Custom Folding Cartons with Foam Inserts Pets Spark

Folding cartons
are customized packing designs used to protect and contain individual pieces of products. They are designed in a variety of colors, wording, and imagery that makes it easy to determine the contents inside. A folding carton manufacturer can also make them with windows that display the contents, with a clear barrier to keep them safe and sanitary. In this way, potential buyers can visually confirm that the contents are what they wanted.
This type of packaging is very useful in the marketing of products.

Draws Attention

Whether sitting on a shelf or represented as an image on an online store, many products attract the interest of potential buyers based on their packaging. This is especially important when grouped amongst other similar products on the same shelf. This type of packaging helps products to stand out from their competition. For undecided shoppers, attractive packaging can often be enough to influence their decisions. If they are satisfied with the product, then the interesting designs will be more memorable and encourage them to become repeat buyers.

Ease of Display and Transportation

Customized packaging for display purposes provides an opportunity to include certain conveniences. When appropriately sized, it helps to keep the cost of shipping at a minimum. This is because the size and weight of the items will be optimal. With less space being taken up in the transport vehicle and more items being accommodated in larger packing boxes, it means optimizing costs while better able to facilitate bulk shipping.
Certain design features like hanging holes can also help make it easier to display the products when in stores. Also, the mentioned display windows on boxes will make it easier for shoppers to quickly confirm if the contents are the product they want.

Building Brand Recognition

Folding cartons are a form of customized packaging. Businesses can incorporate their company name and logo on the packaging. Consumers are always more impressed by items that are contained in beautifully designed and branded packaging then plain brown boxes. A folding carton manufacturer can customize this packaging in a variety of designs that suit the branding and desired aesthetics of the manufacturer or retailer. An attractive appearance can make even the most mundane of products seem like a gift. It makes unboxing all the more exciting. If enjoyable, it can make a shopper eager to repeat the experience.

Reasons Businesses Use Printed Foldable Boxes

Printed Foldable Boxes
A foldable carton provides economical packing solutions to businesses. If you want to promote or display products and generate good sales, you can consider using printed foldable boxes. The cartons can be customized in design so that they securely hold the product you are selling or a package of the product. Various industries including personal care, cosmetics, electronics, and food can utilize folding cartons to make their products stand out from the competition. Here are the top reasons why businesses can use folding boxes:


Being made of high-grade paperboard or kraft chipboard, folding boxes come in different weights and thicknesses. Having a carton that is structurally sound ensures that you keep the items secure. You can securely ship your products to customers, ensuring that you don’t have complaints about products or items that have become damaged during the shipping and transportation process.

Have Creative Designs

Folding box designers use creative designs to design packaging boxes that are attractive. Using creative designs for the cartons enhances product visibility and increases sales. The packaging may be printed in a full-color process or several colors using different coatings and finishes. Depending on what products you want to package and your design preferences, you can choose a design that is unique to your business. Manufacturing companies and retail stores can take advantage of creative designs when designing folding cartons to help in branding.


In most cases, folding cartons tend to be shipped flat, something that lowest the freight costs. If you were to ship cartons or packaging boxes when they are already assembled, it would mean that you pay more because of the space they occupy. The folding cartons can be assembled on your business premises and they are easy to erect. As businesses seek strategies and ways to reduce their operational costs and other expenses, the revenue they save by having the folding cartons shipped to their location not assembled goes a long way to help reduce the overall business costs.

In essence, folding packaging can feature different designs including clear windows to help show off your items even without having to open the boxes. The inside of the cartons can also be printed with information about the product, your brand, or user instructions ensuring that you add value to your products. If you would want to enhance your product features and add value to the products, you should consider creating folding boxes that are uniquely designed to meet your packaging and business branding needs.

Ease of Storing Folding Cardboard Boxes

corrugated fiberboard box

Storage is something that many of us lack in our day-to-day operations, and due to this, it is important that you are using something that makes life much easier. Whether you are looking to store items at a later date or if you are getting ready to move, you want to have boxes on hand for all of your needs. You just don’t want to have to store them and have them take up all the room in the home when they are just sitting around, not really doing anything.  

Folding Cardboard Boxes are the Solution 

Folding cardboard boxes are the solution to having a way to store them away from everyone’s eyes and keeping them out of the way. When this is the case, you can feel much more confident about keeping boxes, even when you are not using them. You can ensure that you will be able to fold them down and then slide them away.  

Some of the ways to store these folding cartons you can use to your advantage include: 

  • Sliding them under couches, beds, or other furniture 
  • Sliding them to the side of the furniture 
  • Place them on shelves in a closet or other area 
  • Place them in other areas of the home where a slim box could fit

You can ensure that these folding cartons provide enough space while unfolded. This is a common misconception. While they are small in size when they are folded down, they open up to be a decent size, which allows you to store anything that you want inside of them.  

The boxes are made from a thicker, more durable cardboard material, as they need to last for a longer period of time. You want to ensure that you are using a box that provides a way to safely and securely keep the items you’re moving in a box that allows it. Find the boxes that provide everything that you need from durability to size, to ease of storage, ease of use, and so much more.  

The cardboard boxes are something that you may need to use from time to time for various reasons but being able to store them when you are done using them or keeping them for another time is ideal. With the right folding cardboard boxes, this is something that can be done. You can use these boxes over and over and over again, to your advantage while saving cash.  

Storage with Folding Cardboard Boxes

Custom Folding Cartons with Foam Inserts Pets Spark

Cardboard boxes are one of the most common storage options used for packing a wide variety of goods. Almost everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to products of long-term use is being stored and shipped using cardboard boxes. An improvised version of such packaging material from ready-made boxes to customized foldable ones has taken the market by storm.

Printed foldable boxes can be made from a single color up to four colors with Hi-Gloss UV coating or matte finish. The interior of the package can also be given the same appearance for a better product look. There are several benefits of using a printed foldable box, some of which are as follows

Easy to recycle and an environmentally-friendly option

While the conventional wooden fruit crates take reasonably large spaces during storage, folding cardboard boxes take the least space. They can be easy to dispose of or recycle giving them the versatility you need from packaging material. This makes them suitable for various products including fruits and vegetable which often gets squashed during transit.

The pulp of a non-virgin paperboard is often made from a recycled paperboard material. Moreover, scraps generated from manufacturing can be easily reused. This process of recycling and reuse in the manufacturing industry minimizes the negative impact on the environment by reducing the generation of waste products.

A customizable, flexible, and rigid packaging material

One of the primary benefits of folding cardboard boxes is the flexibility it provides. Each type of box can be tailored to meet the needs of business and designed to meet their demands. Features like windows and hanging tabs can be included give the box a unique look. Using wet-strength paperboard helps prevent moisture from damaging the products inside the container.

Paperboard used for different shipping products comes with a variety of weights to ensure the security of the content while remaining structurally sound. Cartons made out of corrugated board provide additional support to ship heavier products.

Different types of printed foldable boxes are used to house different products. The manufacturing company has diversified its product line to provide customers with ample amounts of choices. Some of the most used cardboard boxes include the straight truck-end, reverse truck-end, truck top auto-bottom, full flap auto-bottom, snap-lock bottom, and the sealed end.

It is easy to look for the type of box your business needs. More than providing protection, it can be used as a cheap way of advertising your product and a marketing strategy to make your business grow.

Grab Attention with Corrugated Folding Boxes

Custom Made Folding Boxes
The retail industry was left in frenzy with the introduction of product packaging. To capture every buyer’s attention, companies are now finding solutions on how to make their brand more known through their packaging. As a result of this need, product packaging now became a means of direct interaction between the brand and their target market.

Retail packaging can be defined as a packaging solution meant to assist retailers in running their respective brands and shops efficiently and seamlessly. With its colorful prints and stylish fonts, retail packaging is specifically designed to grab the customers’ attention. Aside from this, the packaging is also maintained to keep the product in good condition during shipping or manhandling.

Packaging made from corrugated cardboard is the best choice to achieve both functionality and style.

Why should you choose corrugated cardboard for your folding boxes?

The main reason for using folding cardboard boxes and other packaging needs is simply because this material is very flexible. You can fold it and design it easily because you can bend it any way you like. Also, this material is easily cut into any form and shape. While being artistic and functional, using corrugated cardboard can also help save the environment since it is easily recyclable and it is environment-friendly.

For companies who are looking for ways to save on the cost of packaging, corrugated folding cartons is also an ideal choice since it is the cheapest packaging material available in the market.

You can also add digital prints, labels, sticker, and graphic designs to the surface of the material, thus, enhancing its aesthetic value.

Where to buy quality corrugated cardboard material?

This material is easily available so you don’t have to worry about its supply. You can check out the internet for various packaging solutions offered and see which fits your needs and style.

If you are unsure, you can always seek professional advice from a folding carton company. Discuss with them the concept you want and ask them to innovate a design that can help you get ahead of your competitors.

Don’t wait for your competitor to outshine you. Call a corrugated cardboard manufacturer today and get that attention-grabbing packaging and design you need.

Folding Cardboard Boxes – Now the Popular Choice

Custom Made Folding Boxes
It is very common to see cardboard boxes used as the popular choice of storage. They can be very useful especially when it comes to storing a lot of goods and when shipping fresh produce like vegetables and fruits. In addition to that, they can be used to store significant documents.

Folding Cardboard Boxes Easy for you to Recycle

One of the reasons why many loved using folding cardboard boxes is that they can be easily recycled. With old wooden fruit crates, they will take a huge amount of space than the folding cardboard boxes. And, if they will not be used again, it may be difficult to dispose of. With cardboard, it can easily be recycled. This is also the reason why vegetable wholesalers and retailers boxes because they are eco-friendly.

Moving Firms Save Money

Before, moving or removal firms are using wooden storage crates. However, it is obvious that these crates will take a huge amount of space or room. This is because of the fact that they could not be easily folded flat. Now, folding cardboard boxes do the same job just like the wooden crates. It is just that they can be folded flat especially when not used. Thus, the removal firm will save a lot of money. They will no longer need to use a huge storage area. The boxes are also strong enough to store goods or to move household belongings. The boxes are also cheaper as compared to other storage options. Thus, they can help the company save more.

Folding Cardboard Boxes Can be Easily Stored

Folding cardboard boxes can be stacked on top of the other to such a considerable height without getting damaged. But, if they do get damaged, it is so easy to replace and dispose of them. If they will be thrown to the landfill, they are considered as biodegradable material. In addition to that, you could buy waterproof-type of cardboard boxes. They are very ideal for the purpose of storage.

Some of the long-term uses for cardboard boxes include document storage. There are now a lot of companies that make use of cardboard boxes for long-term storage purposes. It is not only cost-effective but also an eco-friendly option. In fact, really durable folding cardboard boxes are now available. They have stapled and glued seams that can hold very large weight.

Save a lot of money by using folding cardboard boxes and folding corrugated boxes today, for your ease and convenience!

Different Types of Folding Boxes

Custom Folding Carton Flint Tinder

In the packaging industry, folding boxes are the in-demand form of packaging. Aside from the proven sturdiness and strength of these folding boxes, these are also made from eco-friendly materials, which is what the world needs today. After the primary use of these folding cardboard boxes, such as retail packaging and shipping boxes, these can be recycled, upcycled, and reused.

The primary and secondary uses of these folding boxes are simple. The materials used to create these boxes, such as paperboards and corrugated cardboard, are also simple. However, there are different types of folding cardboard boxes – straight tuck end, reverse tuck end, snap lock bottom, and sealed end to name a few.

Straight Tuck End

The straight tuck end type is the most common type of folding boxes. Almost every product requires this kind of packaging, especially when the front display panel is large transparent window type front, which is used to endorse the products inside. Both top and bottom enclosures “tuck” from the front portion to the rear portion of the box, preventing any raw edge exposure.

Reverse Tuck End

The reverse tuck end is the type of folding boxes that is quite similar to the enclosures of the straight tuck end. The only difference is that the top enclosure of the folding cardboard box covers or “tucks” from rear part to the front part of the box, while the bottom enclosure seals or “tucks” from the front part to the rear part of the box. This type of folding boxes is usually used when the front display panel is not transparent, not opened, and not exposing the product inside. Cosmetic products are the most common type of product using this packaging type.

Snap Lock Bottom

Now, the snap lock bottom is the type of folding boxes that is not similar to the straight tuck end and the reverse tuck end types, but this is still a common type of packaging. Unlike the straight tuck end and the reverse tuck end types that can be formed and closed by machines, the snap lock bottom type is locked and enclosed manually by hands.

The bottom enclosure has different sizes of locking panels. The large piece should go first and be followed by the two dust flaps and the smaller piece to finally seal the bottom part of the folding box. The snap lock bottom is usually used for cosmetic products, pharmaceutical and medical products, and other retail products that are heavier and require additional security.

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