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Custom Mailer Boxes for High-End Items

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High-end products like custom watches and perfumes tend to be small but valuable. It is important to carefully choose their packaging so that it not only appeals to the target market but also adequately protects the contents within.
Cardboard mailer boxes are amongst the best options for high-end products. They offer several benefits that make them ideal for use in this market segment.  

Lightweight Material 

Cardboard mailer boxes are lightweight yet strong. This means the use of this packaging does not add much to the cost of shipping that is typically pegged on the weight of the parcel. With lower shipping costs the business can secure higher profits.  This is especially beneficial if the business runs an e-commerce platform and needs to have its products shipped to the buyer.  

Custom Designs 

Unlike plain cardboard boxes, mailer boxes are typically customized in a variety of styles. This can make it easy to make your brand stand out by adding colors, imagery, and other printing. Design features like embossing can also be added to introduce a more luxurious feel. You should discuss your options with your box maker who can likely help develop designs that will appeal to your target market. There are many shapes and sizes to also choose from so you can better fit whatever product within the box.  

Secure Transport 

Easy fold mailer boxes are designed to be self-locking. You do not need to seal the edges with tape or glue to close them tight. This ensures that the contents are unlikely to fall out and should arrive at their destination in good shape. The box walls are also designed to be sturdy, meaning they can better tolerate rough handling. Where the product does not fill the interior of the box, there are also often custom inserts that ensure the stability of the items.  

Standalone Packaging 

Mailer boxes do not require you to add any external packaging. you can simply pack up the contents, close the box and label the address for delivery. It is even easier if the products are being bought from a store. Mailer boxes are great for presentation and do not need additional flourishes if being given as a gift. They often have appealing designs tailored to the kind of product and target market. 


Mailer boxes are made of cardboard that is easy to recycle, reuse, and is biodegradable. These qualities tend to appeal to many demographics as more and more people become concerned about how their activities affect the environment.  

How Are Mailer Boxes The Best For Shipping Luxury Products?

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Businesses now heavily rely on e-commerce to better connect with customers at a time where shopping in person is no longer considered necessary or as safe. To fulfill the orders that customers make, it has become increasingly important to invest in a good quality of packaging. The packaging has to ensure the safe delivery of products to client locations and provide additional value like branding that will help boost the business image.

Mailer boxes are a special kind of box packaging that is made using one piece of material that can be folded into a self-locking design. Here is why it is should be used by businesses that sell high-end retail products.

Customizable Design

Despite being just one piece, mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure sturdy protection for the contents inside. The boxes can be made with various materials, to whatever thickness, waterproof, and even with inserts to help stabilize and safeguard the contents within. This is especially important where you are dealing with fragile products that are traveling a long distance. This type of box reduces the risk the shipment will be damaged and need to be compensated for.


Easy fold mailer boxes are usually made using very lightweight cardboard material. This makes whatever purchase easy to carry around. It also makes shipping more affordable as weight is often one of the factors used to price the service. These boxes can also be customized in a variety of ways to make them easy to carry in one hand. They can feature handles or even slots with which to insert hands. This can be highly appreciated by shippers or customers that buy the products in-store and need to easily get them home.


As said, these boxes can be customized in different ways. This also includes appearances. The graphics, motifs, imagery, and writing applied to the box can be used to support branding efforts. They can help enhance the appearance of the contents and make the company brand more notable to whoever sees the box. Applying attractive designs can help draw the attention of those around the box and stir interest that can lead to more inquiries and grow sales. Since mailers often do not need the addition of external packaging, you can simply focus on customizing the box design to maximum effect.


The materials used to make mailers are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. They can also often be recycled. Even those that can afford high-end products are conscious of the need to safeguard the environment. They are often more willing to patronize businesses that share this worldview, which can further support sales growth.

Making Your Easy Fold Mailer Boxes More Striking

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Mailer boxes are a great way to package products before shipping them out. Their self-locking designs and solid construction make them one of the most secure options that do not require additional packing materials. Thanks to the double-sided walls of these boxes, you are assured of better durability when compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. Easy fold mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to help make them more appealing to customers. Here are a few great ideas you can apply to make the most of your mailer boxes.

Add A Sticker

Mailer boxes can be cheaply sourced in plain designs. But you do not need to send them out to customers this way. You can promote your brand and share all kinds of marketing messages by applying stickers to the box. This can be done both inside and on the outside of the box. You can also use small stickers to help seal the box. You can display different kinds of messages and contact information on these stickers to help inform your customers about your brand. Play around with different seasonal themes, colors, and imagery to make it more interesting.

Use Inserts

When it comes to stabilizing your products within mailer boxes, your best option is inserts. Cardboard inserts for big volume mailers tend to work well when it comes to smaller products and are quite affordable. You can make them more interesting by contrasting colors or adding imagery for a better visual effect. You can also design them to hold samples of other products you wish to promote to the customer.

Add A Personalized Message

Smaller businesses can easily impress clients by adding personalized messages within their easy fold mailer boxes. It could be anything from thanking them for making a purchase to letting them know you are supporting a charity by contributing a percentage of their purchase. You can also use this is to boost sales by offering a discount code on a new product or just letting them know of upcoming launches. The messages you can share are endless and will help to keep your clients informed about what your brand is up to.


While you can use your box for all types of branding, you can also opt to go the opposite direction. Sometimes less can be more. Minimalist designs tend to work well for companies that prefer to make the impression that their brand likes to keep things simple. Here the focus would be on the product contained within the box, with less busy artwork or wording on the packaging.