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What Makes Mailer Boxes The Best For Shipping High End Products

Custom mailer boxBusinesses now heavily rely on e-commerce to better connect with customers at a time where shopping in person is no longer considered necessary or as safe. To fulfill the orders that customers make, it has become increasingly important to invest in a good quality of packaging. The packaging has to ensure the safe delivery of products to client locations and provide additional value like branding that will help boost the business image.

Mailer boxes are a special kind of box packaging that is made using one piece of material that can be folded into a self-locking design. Here is why it is should be used by businesses that sell high-end retail products.

Customizable Design

Despite being just one piece, mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure sturdy protection for the contents inside. The boxes can be made with various materials, to whatever thickness, waterproof, and even with inserts to help stabilize and safeguard the contents within. This is especially important where you are dealing with fragile products that are traveling a long distance. This type of box reduces the risk the shipment will be damaged and need to be compensated for.


Easy fold mailer boxes are usually made using very lightweight cardboard material. This makes whatever purchase easy to carry around. It also makes shipping more affordable as weight is often one of the factors used to price the service. These boxes can also be customized in a variety of ways to make them easy to carry in one hand. They can feature handles or even slots with which to insert hands. This can be highly appreciated by shippers or customers that buy the products in-store and need to easily get them home.


As said, these boxes can be customized in different ways. This also includes appearances. The graphics, motifs, imagery, and writing applied to the box can be used to support branding efforts. They can help enhance the appearance of the contents and make the company brand more notable to whoever sees the box. Applying attractive designs can help draw the attention of those around the box and stir interest that can lead to more inquiries and grow sales. Since mailers often do not need the addition of external packaging, you can simply focus on customizing the box design to maximum effect.


The materials used to make mailers are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. They can also often be recycled. Even those that can afford high-end products are conscious of the need to safeguard the environment. They are often more willing to patronize businesses that share this worldview, which can further support sales growth.

What to Know About Large Volume Discount Mailers

Custom Boxes

Mailer boxes are the best packaging material to protect your items from the rigors of long haul transport and shipping. These boxes are made from durable corrugated boards with interlocking flaps having the superb structural strength to withstand certain amounts of pressure. Of all the packaging material, mailer boxes are probably the best because they have double side walls to make them durable and stress-resistant.

Made from thick fiberboards, the side walls of a mailer box has fluted inner seams made with either one or two linerboards. The flutes also have S-shaped arches giving them superior strength. Gadgets, shoes, and especially items use this type of packaging to prevent damage during shipment. They are sturdy packaging materials and are good at protecting your items.

Choosing the Right Mailer Box for Your Merchandise

There are different considerations before getting a large volume discount mailers for your company’s needs. The first thing you have to determine if the size of the item you need to put inside the container. This would help you choose the right size and the proper design to complement what’s inside. If you are sending magazines or a small book, corrugated envelopes the best materials to use.

For larger or fragile items, it is better to use bigger boxes with ample space and a protective layer of cardboard or foam backing. These types of packaging material also come in different size and style to help you adequately choose the right ones.

The fluted walls of a mailer box provide adequate stacking strength while at the same time protecting the content from exposure to harsh conditions. Considering fragility, the weight, and the size of your product will ultimately help you choose the appropriate mailer box for your needs.

Compare Mailer Boxes by Considering their Board Strength

Unknown to many, mailer boxes are manufactured with different board strength and capacity. Each design goes through a rigorous testing process known as the burst test. The edge crust test or ECT is the most reliable way of determining how sturdy a packaging material is and the best way to help you decide if the packaging box can withstand shipment rigidity.

Burst strength rating is also affected by the box’s design quality. Double-walled mailers are stronger with better crush resistance values ideal for heavier items. Triple-walled mailer boxes are even sturdier than a double-walled mailer and significantly handles greater weights. They are ideally used by industries for stacking heavy loads on shipping pallets.

Why You Should Use Cardboard Mailer Boxes

Cardboard Mailer Boxes

If you are selling goods online, chances are you are using ordinary cardboard boxes to package and ship your products. You may not be aware of it but there is a better way to package your product and help boost your business – cardboard mailer boxes and here are five reasons why:


Mailer boxes have an attached self-locking lid which makes packaging of products so much simpler. All you have to do is put your item inside the box, close the lid in place, and it is ready for shipping. With traditional boxes, the packaging process is much more time consuming and labor intensive.


Since you will save a lot of time and energy when using cardboard mailer boxes, you can pack more items in half the time and send them faster to your customers. Given that you will not be spending time on packaging and shipping, you can also focus on other business-related matters that can help grow your business. At the end of the day, you will get a lot of things done.

Aesthetic Value

Today, customers care about packaging as much as the product itself, which means having an outstanding item for selling is no longer enough. Majority of customers nowadays take photos of the packages they ordered online and capture the “unboxing” on video. Both pictures and video would then be uploaded to their social media accounts for the rest of the world to see. How would your brand make a good first impression if your packaging is just a boring brown box?

Use this opportunity to market your business. Customize your mailer boxes with a design and style that are both captivating and memorable. This way, potential customers will be encouraged to patronize your business once they see your products online.


Apart from being made from biodegradable materials which are environment-friendly, cardboard mailers can be reused and recycled in many ways. Unlike ordinary cardboard boxes that are normally thrown away, mailer boxes are used to keep the product for a long time, which means it wouldn’t go to waste.

Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, the goal of your business is to satisfy your clients because when they are happy, they will not only continue purchasing your brand, but they will also encourage others to do the same. Custom mailers will increase customer satisfaction considering its appeal and usability, things that are lacking in a traditional box.

Given the many benefits of using cardboard mailer boxes described above, isn’t it time for your business to ditch your boring cardboard box and use mailers instead?