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Understanding How A Kraft Mailer Box Can Save Businesses Money

Kraft mailer boxWhen it comes to product packaging, many businesses will mistakenly opt for the cheapest deal. A plain corrugated box will often be chosen over a Kraft mailer box thanks to its affordability. However, despite the added expense, this choice can be financially beneficial to a business. Here’s why.

Better Protection

A Kraft mailer box is customized to perfectly fit around a particular product. Their design also often includes some kind of insert that will help keep the item stable inside the box. This good fit and stabilizing ensure better protection for the product. This is a big help when businesses need to ship their products to far-flung customer destinations. The longer the distance and the more hands that handle the package, the more likely damage may occur. The added stability and protection improves the chances the product will arrive at its final destination in good condition. Often when products are damaged in transit, it is for the seller to make a replacement at their own cost. Investing in quality packaging helps reduce such incidents and therefore saves the business money.

Lower Shipping Costs

The perfect fit of products within the mailer box ensures no space is wasted. Shipping costs often factor in the size of the package and its weight. When you can send out shipments in smaller boxes, it means you get to enjoy lower shipping costs. This is particularly important for businesses that run e-commerce platforms and depend more on online shoppers. Many offer free shipping, which means the cost has to be borne by the seller. Minimizing this expense is good for maintaining good profits.

Cheap Branding

Businesses can engage their box manufacturer to digitally printing brand messages on their choice of colored mailer box. They can incorporate logos, slogans, and brand colors in the design. Digital printing is often affordable and produces a neat finish that will impress customers. You do not have to pay for separate branding materials like custom labels or tape to get your message across.

Making The Right Impression

A mailer box offers a good fit without leaving wasted space that needs to be covered up with filer. It is not a satisfying feeling for customers when they have to dig through tons of wrapping paper and Styrofoam chips to get to the product. It can lead to a bad unboxing experience which can prompt bad reviews for the business. This can mean a loss of potential sales that will affect the bottom line. Mailers offer a more sophisticated box design that will easily impress and avoid the appearance that the brand is wasteful.

Large Quantities Mailers Considerations

Large Quantities Mailers

Commonly used to pack items of different shapes and sizes, mailer boxes are preferred for online sales of retail products and promotional items. They provide an attractive and functional packaging material that you can open and reclose without damaging the box itself.  You can customize the boxes to hold different products. When using cardboard mailer boxes to package products, there are various things you should consider: 

Size of the Box 

Depending on what types you are packaging, you can choose a size that fits the items with ease. The size should not be too large for the items to leave much empty space, which could make the items knock against the walls of the box. This can damage the products being shipped. Also, you should not have a smaller size that forces you to squeeze the items to fit. Having the right size ensures that you safely ship the products and they arrive in good condition. 

The Number of Boxes  

The number of boxes you need depends on the items you expect to package. If you are planning to ship a large lot of products, you need to get an appropriate number. When ordering the boxes, make sure you have some allowance for any possible damage to the boxes. Have a little bit more boxes than the number of items you will be packaging. This ensures that in case some pieces are destroyed or rendered unusable, you don’t find yourself with insufficient mailer boxes.  

Types of the Boxes 

There are different mailer boxes you can use and the one you choose will depend on your packaging goal and the items to ship. You can have mailer boxes that you can use as they are or even have some that you can place inside the regular cardboard shipping boxes ensuring a first-class unboxing experience for the customer.   

It’s also possible to have custom premium mailer boxes that are designed according to your liking. You provide the details to the designers and they make the boxes based on that information. You can even have your logo printed on the boxes or other special design features or details that you need to be added to the packaging material.   

The large quantities mailers can be used to provide the traditional brand packaging solutions or offer a custom brand packaging experience. Your products will be shipped safely to the recipients while also ensuring that the customer loves the package designs. 

How to Create a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Traditional marketing has been taking a turn toward consumer videos and more importantly unboxing videos found throughout the internet. An unboxing video is one which a reviewer either orders or is sent a box to promote on their website or social media channel for the purpose of providing an honest review. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing, one thing you will often find is the reviewer spends a lot of time focused on the professionalism of the company’s custom mailer box – for good and for bad.  

Custom printed mailer boxes are your company’s first impression when shipping a product to a customer. So, it’s important that your first impression last – in a good way.  

Here are a few tips to help your product unboxing go smoothly.  


The reason you use custom printed mailer boxes is so that you can advertise your product while providing an experience when your customer opens the box. So, branding is important both for the recipient and everyone in between who happens to see your box. While in the past design was focused more on the outside of the custom mailer box. Now, interior design of your box is just as important as it is free from shipping labels, stamps, and shipping bruises.  

Tissue or other paper for wrapping 

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is shown that people who receive custom printed mailer boxes feel an extra sense of excitement when the items in the package are wrapped in either tissue paper or another attractive paper product. While this is not possible for all products, if you can enhance the unboxing experience it may give you a few more loyal customers who like those details.  


Anyone sending off a custom printed mailer boxes must make a decision on the filler. Peanuts, custom foam inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows are all important. Though keep in mind that the looser the filler, the bigger headache it will be for your customer. Most customers don’t want their unboxing to be fraught with peanuts all over the floor.  

Promotional Material 

It is just as important to provide your promotional materials as it is to have a great design on your custom printer mailer boxes. So, don’t forget the business cards, postcards, and discount advertising. Unboxing promotional material provides a personal and special feeling that gives your customer the impression that you care. 

Large Quantity Mailers, What’s the Hype?

Large quantity mailers

Oversized, plain, and damaged; when it comes to shipping there is a lot to be cautious of and large quantity mailers might be just what you are looking for. When you and your business are looking for a great way to ship your product there are several important decisions you’ll have to make. For example, will any shipping box work? In most cases, the answer is simply, “no.” Yes, you may be able to fit your product into a box, but then what will your packaging do for you besides either being too tight, or too large? 

A custom mailer box has a few important features to note: 

  • Tend to be a single box, meaning the lid is foldable and attached to the rest of the box.
  • The lid tucks into the box so that your customer can continue to store your product without re-taping the box closed.  
  • Custom large quantity mailers are very promotional. 
  • When you purchase mailer boxes wholesale and in large quantities you can save a lot of money.  

So, while mailer boxes are highly functional, it is also important to understand their promotional value. You’ve seen mailer boxes before, and more than likely you also have a few that are tucked away in your office or storage room. These boxes provide a safe and convenient way to store products for future use. They are also an excellent way for your customers to de-clutter their work area as the boxes are one-piece, easy to close, and easy to identify.  

But, the hype. Custom mailer boxes are one of the most promotionally marketable pieces of packaging available. So, whether you are shipping shoes, hats, or computer equipment it is important that when arriving in the mail or even stored in a room of equipment that your customer can easily find the box they are looking for.  

So, how can you be creative with a large quantity mailer? 

  • Suit it to your size so that the mailer can securely fit your product.  
  • Create a custom design on the outside that is both attractive and quickly separates your mailer from others.  
  • Define if a product and its pieces should be shipped in one compartment or many.  

When it comes to packaging there are hundreds of options. Custom mailer boxes are a nice way to safely secure the content, display brand marketing, and create a functional and reusable packaging option.

Using a Custom Mailer Box for your Business

Custom Mailer Box

Using a custom mailer box means having a versatile, sturdy, and stylish, packaging material ready for direct shipping anywhere. Mailer boxes look excellent in any color, and they can be used as a gift box, an e-commerce packaging, and sometimes, as subscription boxes.

The good thing about the corrugated mailer boxes is they don’t need a tape for assembling as a strip, or a sticker can accomplish the sealing purpose.

Businesses from all across the world are coming forward with advanced items daily that are intended to alter the way people, live, wear, as well as communicate. This is the reason, companies end up spending millions of dollars to have their products shipped using expensive packaging material. Boxes which often does not adequately protect what’s inside.

Here’s what your brand would get from using custom corrugated mailer boxes:

  • Brand advertising – You can get custom printed shipping boxes having the name of your company, slogan, logo besides some additional products and services which you might offer. These boxes are hugely helpful in reaching your brand to countless customers; hence, they promote awareness related to the goods and services which you propose.

  • Easy to assemble – It is effortless to ship mailer box and assembling your containers can be a straightforward job. For assembling, you just need to fold, snap, and close.

  • Unique packaging solutions – With the invention and introduction of new products in the market, competition is reaching new heights. Irrespective of the product’s quality, its packaging does contribute a lot to its perception among many other brands. The custom mailer boxes can help you in getting the majority of the market share for your novel products.

  • Stylish and durable – When you want your products to arrive with an impact, using a custom mailer box usually does the trick. You will find mailer boxes in 1/16”, E-Flute, B-Flute 1/8” and the thickness of the container are customized to ensure an extra layer of protection and sturdiness.

  • Build a professional image – Corrugated mailer boxes can help you achieve a professional branding. Regardless if you are running an online store, managing a physical shop, or from shipping items from your corporate office, packaging designs to meet with your company standards help establish a sense of a competent and detailed company.

Corrugated mailer boxes are not just ordinary containers for delivery, but they are excellent means of helping expand your business.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes are Not Just Options

Wholesale Mailer Boxes

With the increase in online marketing, more and more retailers and wholesalers are on the lookout for customized and affordable packaging. With the rise of such scenario, mailer boxes come in much handy and are cost-effective in comparison to other packaging options. With this proposition, we can conclude that they are not just options, but a must for businesses who would like to be on top.

With an array of features combining with top-quality material, design, and color, these boxes are the best for shipping products – be it for short distance or long haul. Some of the pros of opting for large quantity mailers or wholesale mailer boxes are faster turnarounds, complementary online proofing, and recyclable options.

Large quantity mailers can also come with features like the self-locking technology, easy assemblage, protective dust flaps, double-sided printing, and more. When your business product requires protection but also needs that touch of style, custom made wholesale mailer boxes is a must.

Get rid of the conventional packaging design

If you have a product that provides limited impact, then you have a traditional packaging design. You must distinguish what your product is about and everything related to it so you can create a voice. The more creative and innovative your solutions are the higher your brand will succeed.

Majority of the packaging boxes are square in shape which creates a feeling of boredom. Designing a different looking box will introduce an element of interest to the product while preserving its functionality. Mailer boxes can also come in high-quality prints and add-on foils to create a premium look. So, if you have a slightly higher marketing budget, you can opt for those premium packaging look to get rid of the boredom associated with traditional packaging.

A selection of boxes to suit your needs

Customized large quantity mailers do not require tapes or adhesives to assemble. Perfect for e-commerce packaging or retail-ready gift box, these boxes provide you with an easy-to-use box that does not need anything more.

Some of the custom printed mailer boxes include the kraft mailer box, plain corrugated mailer box full printed mailer box, printed corrugated mailer box, and the corrugated custom clutch kit mailer box. Depending on the purpose the box is required for, you can purchase large quantity mailers at affordable rates and fast turnaround time from reputed manufacturers.

Custom Printed Mailing Box for Your Business

Custom Printed Mailing Box

Running your own business is a challenge especially today where competition for almost all market is fierce and cutthroat. No matter the industry, there are always businesses going head to head to see who can score the lion’s share of the market. With so much competition, it’s easy to see why businesses put in the time and resources to gain the competitive edge they need to succeed, whether its through better marketing strategies, innovative product differentiation, and more.

One of the ways businesses try to outdo the other is by using tried-and-tested strategies and devices to outsmart, surpass, and outmaneuver the competition. A popular means to accomplish this is through active brand development, and for small to medium-sized businesses that ship their products directly to the consumer, the most cost-effective way to achieve this is with the use of a custom printed mailing box.

Let Your Brand Be Known

By using high-quality custom printed mailing boxes for product shipping, your businesses can achieve higher levels of product differentiation. Applying unique designs and brand imagery to shipping containers reinforces the brand in the hearts and minds of the consumer.

In marketing terms, this is referred to as effective brand positioning. Apart from the actual products, a brand’s name and value lie in how the public perceives them. With the use of a custom printed mailing box, your businesses are in a better position to establish the brand and create correlations between product branding and excellent customer value and satisfaction.

Create Better Value

Custom mailer boxes don’t just benefit the business, but they also help the customer. High-quality custom boxes improve customer satisfaction by providing them with a more intimate and interactive shopping experience. Especially with the truly unique and innovative designs that go into some of these custom mailing boxes, customers get to experience something different, something they can only get with your brand.

The positive shopping experiences only help to enhance brand positioning, establish the brand as customer-oriented, and benefit the company in the long-term. Custom boxes not only increase the perceived value of your brand, but it also increases the actual amount that customers receive. What’ best of all, it’s relatively inexpensive to start using custom mailer boxes for product shipping.

They may not be as cheap and in as high supply as generic boxes, but custom mailer boxes with effective branding is a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long run.

Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Impressing possible customers with custom printed mailer boxes has always been beneficial not only for brand recognition but to elicit loyalty amongst your potential customers. Famous brands are not only known for the quality of the products they offer but also because they provide an added twist to help their brand stand out amongst their competitors.

Made either from corrugated paper material or using heavy duty paperboards, these packaging materials can be manufactured based on your specifications. It can have a custom printing and designed according to what your product and company needs. Not only do they provide an extra appeal to your products, but they also ensure your items are out of harm’s way during shipment.

A Unique Solution That Makes a Lasting Impression

Tailored according to what your brand is about, custom printed mailer boxes are the right solutions to give your products a certain edge. They can be used not only to customize your branding but also let your customers visualize how meticulous your business is when it comes to creating a lasting impression. It can be a good investment that gives you the ROI you need from your business.

This type of packaging material is precisely what their name implies. They are custom printed for your brand and has hinged lids which can have your company logo and the message your business stands for. Think of a pair of brand new shoes coming from your favorite store. They are packaged using custom printed mailer boxes to give new shoe owners an authentic feel of what they are buying.

Adds Versatility and Professionalism to Your Packaging

When it comes to versatility and a professionally crafted packaging, nothing compares to custom printed mailer boxes. It can be designed and printed with your business logo and can be painted inside out to create a more powerful presentation of your product. Customized mailer boxes can be used for various other purposes including subscription boxes, recycled box container or organizer, and a holiday gift wrapping container.

Ordering large quantities mailers from manufacturers can also be cost-effective because prices can be negotiable depending on your bulk order. And whatever the shape and size of your mailer box, it always possesses a quality that makes your product look more professionally made.

Unlike cheap packaging materials like plastic or thin paper boxes, a tailored mailer box usually does the trick of allowing you to market your product at a better price. Custom printed mailer boxes are simple and appealing packaging materials that guarantee your product is represented well and are well protected.

Why You Should Use Cardboard Mailer Boxes

Cardboard Mailer Boxes

If you are selling goods online, chances are you are using ordinary cardboard boxes to package and ship your products. You may not be aware of it but there is a better way to package your product and help boost your business – cardboard mailer boxes and here are five reasons why:


Mailer boxes have an attached self-locking lid which makes packaging of products so much simpler. All you have to do is put your item inside the box, close the lid in place, and it is ready for shipping. With traditional boxes, the packaging process is much more time consuming and labor intensive.


Since you will save a lot of time and energy when using cardboard mailer boxes, you can pack more items in half the time and send them faster to your customers. Given that you will not be spending time on packaging and shipping, you can also focus on other business-related matters that can help grow your business. At the end of the day, you will get a lot of things done.

Aesthetic Value

Today, customers care about packaging as much as the product itself, which means having an outstanding item for selling is no longer enough. Majority of customers nowadays take photos of the packages they ordered online and capture the “unboxing” on video. Both pictures and video would then be uploaded to their social media accounts for the rest of the world to see. How would your brand make a good first impression if your packaging is just a boring brown box?

Use this opportunity to market your business. Customize your mailer boxes with a design and style that are both captivating and memorable. This way, potential customers will be encouraged to patronize your business once they see your products online.


Apart from being made from biodegradable materials which are environment-friendly, cardboard mailers can be reused and recycled in many ways. Unlike ordinary cardboard boxes that are normally thrown away, mailer boxes are used to keep the product for a long time, which means it wouldn’t go to waste.

Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, the goal of your business is to satisfy your clients because when they are happy, they will not only continue purchasing your brand, but they will also encourage others to do the same. Custom mailers will increase customer satisfaction considering its appeal and usability, things that are lacking in a traditional box.

Given the many benefits of using cardboard mailer boxes described above, isn’t it time for your business to ditch your boring cardboard box and use mailers instead?

Why You Need Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

Custom Boxes

Do you remember that in marketing, you need to add your personal touch or your own branding to the product that you are offering? Aside from the retail packaging and non-retail packaging, custom printed mailing boxes will definitely give a personal touch to the products you are shipping or promoting. While you might be wondering what this mailing box means, these are the mailers with an attached self-locking lid and a company logo, product’s name, or any other information on it.

In layman’s term, the custom printed mailing boxes that come as small quantity mailers or as large quantity mailers are the shipping boxes dedicated to one company and its products. While a lot of small entrepreneurs think that only large businesses can take advantage of these mailers, they are wrong. Aside from the shipping purposes, these mailers are also used for online sales and product promotion.

Do you need this custom printed mailing box for your business now? Yes! Here’s why.

Branding and Recognition

These boxes are custom made with your business name on it. This means that this is a form of branding. Aside from the common investment on TV ads, bills, and retail packages just for the sake of branding, a custom printed mailing box is also an effective way to build your brand without even spending a lot of fortune.

Just by including your brand’s name on the shipping box, which is already a sale and the cost is already covered by either the company or the customer, you will be able to market your brand name. During the shipping and handling process, it is not just the buyer or the customer that will see your box, but also the people who will be delivering the boxes and the people who are around the delivery men and the customer. People will start recognizing your business.

Competitiveness and Professionalism

Now that it is clear that the main purpose of these mailing boxes is for branding, you should also know that these boxes will promote competitiveness and professionalism. People that will start recognizing your business’ name will now think that your business is somewhat “bigger” than it is in its current condition. This will make the potential customers think that your brand is well-known because it is everywhere because there is shipping at almost everywhere. Custom printed mailing boxes will eventually make the potential customers trust your brand and turn them into actual customers.

Communication and Information

Aside from the business name on the mailing boxes, you might want to add some vital information connected to your business. This information includes address, contact number, website, and email address. You could not just simply build your brand and leave the potential customers clueless on how to contact your business. You should also disseminate information that will lead customers to your business. Establish communication with your potential customers as they slowly learn about your brand.

Ways Custom Mailer Boxes Can Help Your Business

Custom Mailer Boxes

According to recent statistics, e-commerce is steadily on the rise, growing over 20% every year. This is not surprising considering that 51% of Americans would rather make their purchases online rather than physically go to stores. Given this trend, businesses can only stay marketable if they have an online presence and able to ship their products to their customers.

It is important to note, however, that sending products to clients is not just a mechanical task considering that it can create opportunities to increase sales and profit by simply using custom mailer boxes. If you are currently using large quantities of mailers that are standard and unappealing, it is high time you consider shifting to custom printed shipping boxes for the following reasons:

  • It can improve your business image.

Custom mailer boxes can make your business appear more professional and organized. Keep in mind that first impression is important and whether you like it or not, your shipping presentation can affect how the customer appraises your company.

  • It can serve as an effective marketing strategy.

You no longer have to enclose fliers or invest on expensive marketing campaigns if your shipping boxes already contain your business logo and what your company stands for. With customized boxes, there is also a greater chance that your “advertisement” would be noticed and read, rather than fliers that usually end up in the garbage bin.

  • It can set you apart from the competition.

Considering the number of businesses in your line of industry, every company needs to be unique for it to stand out from the rest. Using customized shipping containers that are attractive and appealing will help attract your target audience and even encourage them to refer you to other potential customers.

  • It can ensure that your product will reach your customers in good condition.

One downside of shipping your products instead of handing them out personally in stores is that it can be damaged in the transporting process. This likelihood is increased if you are using ordinary boxes. If you customized your boxes, you have the chance to choose the best material, thickness, and other factors that will best protect your product so it will reach the intended customer in good condition.

E-commerce will continue to thrive, which means product shipping will be an important vehicle for reaching out to your customers. If you want your business to make the most out of shipping and to experience the various benefits mentioned above, it is high time you think about investing in custom shipping boxes.

Benefits of Shipping with Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Mailer Boxes

The truth of the matter is that the many successful retailers will set themselves apart, at least to an extent, with their company packaging. Just consider the favorite items you grew up with, for example, your first favorite pair of sneakers, then consider the packaging. Did anything stand out? Odds are that the packaging assisted in maintaining a consistent image, as well as reinforce the positive elements of product ownership. If you are sending items to customers’ doors inside plain brown boxes, you are sending a message that you do not care about the packaging. If you do not care about the packaging, what will this say about how you care for your own products?

Brand Reinforcement Benefit

Each time a customer opens up a package which arrives to their office or home in custom mailer boxes, they’re being greeted with a logo or image which reinforces a brand before they get their hands upon the product they’ve bought. It’ll make it more likely that they’ll relate the product with your brand name. As you expand your branding efforts, people only will have to see a reminder of the brand image, from a blend of colors to a similar phrase or image, to remember positive memories of products related to that brand.

Heightened Shipping / Shopping Experience

Occasionally the little things may make all the difference, and while opting to ship the products in customized printed cardboard boxes does not necessarily cost a much more, it may go a long way in creating a more interactive shipping and shopping experience for your customers. As a package arrives inside a custom box, it’ll show a heightened care level on a merchant’s behalf. It’ll create an all-encompassing, more positive experience which not just augments the branding and packaging efforts, yet assists a customer in feeling like they’re having a special shopping experience from beginning to end.

Printed Box that has a Logo

Developing a brand identity and ordering custom cardboard boxes that embody that identity is not always easy, of course. Most businesses cooperate with consultants to develop their logo designs and branding identity. And as it’ll come to producing and customizing the boxes and dealing with a large quantity of mailers, it is better to work with a shipping box provider which offers a broad array of services and products which meet your needs. With efficient branding, packaging and marketing for your items, customers are certain to see the quality waiting in the box.

Small Businesses and Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

Custom Printed Mailing Boxes

There are many people that have created an online retail website with the hope of turning into something much bigger. It is a goal that may be shared by many, but not everyone will be able to reach that goal. One of the problems that these businesses run into is people look at them as being small and that they cannot offer the same things that bigger, more established businesses can offer. The solution is that a small business needs to find a way to make it look like the big businesses. One of the ways to do that is through the use of custom printed mailing boxes.

The Branding of a Business

When packages see a sneaker with a swoosh or a pair of golden arches, they immediately associate those images with big, well-known companies. They have trust in these companies because of the reputation that has been established. That trust may or may not always be justified, but it is there and it creates business.

A small business needs to find a way to create that same type of trust. If they send out packages that look like they were hand packed, addressed and are void of any images of notices, they will not be able to gain the trust of the people receiving the packages. Custom printed mailing boxes can give the small business the professional image they are looking for. It can also be used to show off the brand of the business and to start to create brand recognition. The more people that see and recognize the brand on the custom printed boxes, the more trust that will be gained.

The Obstacles that are Faced

Small businesses can give plenty of reasons that they will not use custom printed boxes. It often boils down to one thing: cost. The business thinks that they will either have to invest a lot of money in large orders to get the custom printed boxes and then they will have to invest money in storing the boxes that can take them too long to use up.

To avoid this problem, a small business can turn to small quantity mailers. Instead of ordering more mailers than a small business can use in a reasonable amount of time, it is possible to find suppliers that offer small quantity mailers. The cost will be a little more per unit than a large order is, but money is not tied up in unneeded inventory. It is a great way for a small business to look bigger and to gain the trust needed to grow.

Make Your Small Business Big with a Custom Printed Mailing Box

Custom Printed Mailing Box

The goal of most small businesses is fairly similar. They hope to one-day grow and become considered a big business. Even the small businesses that do not harbor the dream of growing bigger, still often want to be able to look like the big businesses. Big businesses have a polish to them and they can offer things that others cannot because of their size. A big business can use its purchasing power to do things that look custom, but do not cost as much as what others have to pay. Their ability to purchase and do things in a larger volume is something that small businesses may not think they can match. If small businesses take the time to learn about small quantity mailers, they may find out that they can do things like the big boys.

What are they?

In order to get the lowest prices on boxes, the common thought is that you have to order in bulk. For small businesses that need boxes for shipping, this may not make sense. Spending a lot of money on boxes that they may not use for a long time means typing money up in inventory. It also requires finding the space for the boxes until they are needed. These things do not make sense for a small business.

Instead of buying large quantities of boxes, there is the option of buying small quantity mailers. This means that the business does not have to tie up their money in shipping materials they do not need and they do not have to worry about storing the boxes.

Adding graphics

Another way to look like a larger business is by adding custom graphics to the boxes. In combination with the smaller quantities, the custom printed mailing box gives the small business the opportunity to do something they may not have considered. The graphics can be used to help grow brand awareness or they can provide useful information. Just letting people know where a package is coming from is something that customers appreciate.

A custom printed mailing box will cost more for a small business than a generic, standard mailing box, but it does offer a lot of value. Advertising and professionalism are gained with these products. These can be another tool that helps a small business grow and eventually they may not have to worry about ordering smaller quantities because they will need to order their custom boxes in bulk.

Ways to Use a Custom Die Cut Box

Custom Die Cut Box

Most people are familiar with a custom die cut box. They have been used to hold entries for contests and as a way to display items. While most people are familiar with them, not all businesses are using them as well as they should. It is always a good idea to learn the different ways to use these types of boxes.

  • Ballot Boxes – These boxes include a slip in the top. They are a perfect way to allow people to slip a ballot into them for a contest or special promotion. A business can use these boxes to collect information about customers and to create an excellent mailing list that they can use to market their business.
  • Display boxes – The boxes can be cut, so they act as a storage container for the products that they hold. When a box includes custom printing on it, it allows the business to tell people more about what is inside the box. These boxes are perfect for POP displays.
  • Mailers – Custom printed mailer boxes are the perfect way to ship products. The boxes can be opened and reclosed easily. The ability to add whatever printed material one desires on the box makes them a great marketing tool and a terrific way to build brand awareness.
  • Cut out wraps – This type of box is perfect for shipping products. It is easy to open and can hold many different products from books to electronics. One of the great advantages of these boxes is their ease of storage. They do not take much room and can be quickly put together around whatever needs to be shipped.
  • Suitcase boxes – These boxes provide the user with a handle and are often reused after the person has received the product inside. That makes it a marketing tool that last a long time when there is a custom design printed on the box.

Many small businesses may steer away from a custom die cut box because they are afraid it will cost them too much or that it will be more difficult to use. These issues are very easy to overcome, and once a business starts using the custom boxes, they will realize how powerful a tool they can become. People remember the packaging they receive things in. That can help turn them into regular customers and can help build the brand of a business up. All of these things are crucial to the success of any business.