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Cutting Costs on Custom Mailer Box Orders

Custom Mailer Box Cookie Crate
The custom mailer box is an excellent choice when you have a product you wish to present to clients attractively. They are come with a handy self-locking design and make for a great way to display products. They also work well in keeping items stable and protected when in transit. This makes it more likely the items will arrive in as good a condition as they left the premises. Their solid construction also makes it likely that customers will end up storing them for reuse. An attribute that is appreciated by those that support eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, all these benefits may not be enough justification for businesses to choose this particular type of box for their merchandise. The main consideration for many has to do with cost and its impact on their profits. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom printed mailer boxes can also prove beneficial in creating cost savings.

Order In Bulk

Box manufacturers have a common policy of offering discounts on bulk orders. Whatever the type of box, the larger the order, the more of a discount that is provided. This can be a big benefit to businesses as it means a lower cost per unit of box ordered. This goes directly towards lowering expenses and boosting profit.

Buy Small

Smaller sized boxes tend to make more economical sense for businesses. First, because for retail businesses, most orders tend to be small. Therefore, these are the boxes that will get the most use. Second, even for larger orders, it can make more sense to break them down into smaller sized boxes rather than one large box. This helps to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of damage from items bumping into each other while in transit. Thirdly, breaking them up into smaller packages can make for lower shipping costs.

Track Pricing

Like many other commodities in the market, paper products will from time to time suffer price fluctuations. Keeping track of these fluctuations can provide an opportunity to make good savings. Especially if you order in bulk and do not have an immediate need for a new supply. You can afford to wait longer while tracking prices and make your order when there is a dip.

Packing Material Vs Inserts

Comparison pricing should not just be about the custom mailer box alone. While you should seek quotations on this from different manufacturers, also consider how you will be packing products within. Check on how much packing materials are costing you and consider this against having the manufacturer provide inserts for your products instead.

How Custom Boxes Make Deliveries Safer

Mailer Box ISSI
With businesses increasingly shifting to e-commerce, home and office deliveries of commodities have become more common. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and wait for the convenience of doorstep delivery. It certainly helps that many businesses do offer these deliveries as a free service.

Most items cannot however be transported without some level of separation and protection. Custom printed mailer boxes have become an essential aspect of the process. Businesses can easily source for custom boxes in a variety of sizes and designs that will safeguard the contents until arrival at the client’s delivery location. these boxes manage to protect their contents due to several factors.


It is rare to find deliveries being done singularly. Delivery providers will often load up a van with multiple deliveries and have the driver make drop-offs along their route. The best way to distinguish one delivery from another is to have them individually packaged and labeled.

Custom boxes provide labeling information that allows for this to be easily organized. The driver can arrange the items within the van in such a way that they can systematically remove them and drop them off as per the delivery route.

Custom Fit

When customized, these boxes are configured to securely fit the item they enclose. Some items may require additional padding like foam inserts or bubble wrap. However, even with this, it should fit well inside the box, with no room for movement.

This ensures that the contents do not get jarred and are therefore more likely to arrive at their destination in good condition. This is also especially important when handling delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Corrugated Walls

Customized boxes are often made using corrugated cardboard material. This is the best material for making secure boxes. The extra layers provide extra protection against impact and even water damage.

Corrugated boxes also tend to stand up well to the pressure of overhead weight when stacked. This makes arranging the boxes safer when they are in transit in shipping containers or vans.


Being customized means that businesses can order these boxes with additional writing. Besides branding, boxes can also be labeled for careful handling.

Images can be used to ensure the boxes are marked for their upright positions. They can also indicate the contents so delivery personnel know the contents may be delicate. Or simply have the box printed with words like ‘handle with care’ or ‘breakable contents’.

4 Ways To Make Your Custom Mailer Boxes Pop

Custom die cut mailer box
Custom mailer boxes are special single piece boxes that can be self-locked. They typically feature sturdy corrugated construction that can be customized to both internally and externally to suit various products. This packaging is popular for retail displays and shipping products. These simple strategies can help to make mundane mailer boxes more appealing and noticeable wherever they go.

Brand Your Box

Branding normally takes the form of using company colors and having the company name and logo printed on the box. Be creative in how you choose to apply the colors and consider accents such as foiling to help add a touch of class. Even if you choose to not use signature company colors on the exterior, you can still incorporate them on the inside, and in filler material. When printing the logo, ensure you leave a reasonable amount of clear space around it to keep it focused. Be sure to also indicate contact information such as web address and email somewhere on the packaging.

Add Attractive Imagery

Custom printed mailer boxes can feature more than just the name and logo of your business. There is all manner of playful, sentimental, and deeply resonating imagery you can use to impress your clients and make them to not only want to keep the box as a keepsake or for reuse but also reinforce the memory of your brand. Take inspiration from the core business that you do or even the festive time of year to customize your boxes. For instance, a running figure on a box with trainers, or a steaming cup of joe on a pack of coffee beans can be creatively applied.

Use Inserts

There are many items you can add to a box to make a customer feel special. From a handwritten note thanking them for their patronage to small product samples of a new line, the ideas are endless. Take advantage of this strategy to add a personal touch or simply add value to the purchase that has been made. A customer will certainly feel surprised and delighted when discovering an unexpected item when unboxing. This feeling will long be remembered and encourage repeat business and recommending your business.

Introduce A Window

Many people appreciate being able to view the contents of a box without necessarily having to open it. While custom mailer boxes do not need to be cut into to open them, having a window area where people can look in to view the contents is great, especially if the items are valued by collectors. It is also a good option where your products are going to be stocked on shelves. Potential customers can better trust the contents match what they need.

How to Create a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Traditional marketing has been taking a turn toward consumer videos and more importantly unboxing videos found throughout the internet. An unboxing video is one which a reviewer either orders or is sent a box to promote on their website or social media channel for the purpose of providing an honest review. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing, one thing you will often find is the reviewer spends a lot of time focused on the professionalism of the company’s custom mailer box – for good and for bad.  

Custom printed mailer boxes are your company’s first impression when shipping a product to a customer. So, it’s important that your first impression last – in a good way.  

Here are a few tips to help your product unboxing go smoothly.  


The reason you use custom printed mailer boxes is so that you can advertise your product while providing an experience when your customer opens the box. So, branding is important both for the recipient and everyone in between who happens to see your box. While in the past design was focused more on the outside of the custom mailer box. Now, interior design of your box is just as important as it is free from shipping labels, stamps, and shipping bruises.  

Tissue or other paper for wrapping 

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is shown that people who receive custom printed mailer boxes feel an extra sense of excitement when the items in the package are wrapped in either tissue paper or another attractive paper product. While this is not possible for all products, if you can enhance the unboxing experience it may give you a few more loyal customers who like those details.  


Anyone sending off a custom printed mailer boxes must make a decision on the filler. Peanuts, custom foam inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows are all important. Though keep in mind that the looser the filler, the bigger headache it will be for your customer. Most customers don’t want their unboxing to be fraught with peanuts all over the floor.  

Promotional Material 

It is just as important to provide your promotional materials as it is to have a great design on your custom printer mailer boxes. So, don’t forget the business cards, postcards, and discount advertising. Unboxing promotional material provides a personal and special feeling that gives your customer the impression that you care. 

Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Impressing possible customers with custom printed mailer boxes has always been beneficial not only for brand recognition but to elicit loyalty amongst your potential customers. Famous brands are not only known for the quality of the products they offer but also because they provide an added twist to help their brand stand out amongst their competitors.

Made either from corrugated paper material or using heavy duty paperboards, these packaging materials can be manufactured based on your specifications. It can have a custom printing and designed according to what your product and company needs. Not only do they provide an extra appeal to your products, but they also ensure your items are out of harm’s way during shipment.

A Unique Solution That Makes a Lasting Impression

Tailored according to what your brand is about, custom printed mailer boxes are the right solutions to give your products a certain edge. They can be used not only to customize your branding but also let your customers visualize how meticulous your business is when it comes to creating a lasting impression. It can be a good investment that gives you the ROI you need from your business.

This type of packaging material is precisely what their name implies. They are custom printed for your brand and has hinged lids which can have your company logo and the message your business stands for. Think of a pair of brand new shoes coming from your favorite store. They are packaged using custom printed mailer boxes to give new shoe owners an authentic feel of what they are buying.

Adds Versatility and Professionalism to Your Packaging

When it comes to versatility and a professionally crafted packaging, nothing compares to custom printed mailer boxes. It can be designed and printed with your business logo and can be painted inside out to create a more powerful presentation of your product. Customized mailer boxes can be used for various other purposes including subscription boxes, recycled box container or organizer, and a holiday gift wrapping container.

Ordering large quantities mailers from manufacturers can also be cost-effective because prices can be negotiable depending on your bulk order. And whatever the shape and size of your mailer box, it always possesses a quality that makes your product look more professionally made.

Unlike cheap packaging materials like plastic or thin paper boxes, a tailored mailer box usually does the trick of allowing you to market your product at a better price. Custom printed mailer boxes are simple and appealing packaging materials that guarantee your product is represented well and are well protected.

Ways to Use a Custom Die Cut Box

Custom Die Cut Box

Most people are familiar with a custom die cut box. They have been used to hold entries for contests and as a way to display items. While most people are familiar with them, not all businesses are using them as well as they should. It is always a good idea to learn the different ways to use these types of boxes.

  • Ballot Boxes – These boxes include a slip in the top. They are a perfect way to allow people to slip a ballot into them for a contest or special promotion. A business can use these boxes to collect information about customers and to create an excellent mailing list that they can use to market their business.
  • Display boxes – The boxes can be cut, so they act as a storage container for the products that they hold. When a box includes custom printing on it, it allows the business to tell people more about what is inside the box. These boxes are perfect for POP displays.
  • Mailers – Custom printed mailer boxes are the perfect way to ship products. The boxes can be opened and reclosed easily. The ability to add whatever printed material one desires on the box makes them a great marketing tool and a terrific way to build brand awareness.
  • Cut out wraps – This type of box is perfect for shipping products. It is easy to open and can hold many different products from books to electronics. One of the great advantages of these boxes is their ease of storage. They do not take much room and can be quickly put together around whatever needs to be shipped.
  • Suitcase boxes – These boxes provide the user with a handle and are often reused after the person has received the product inside. That makes it a marketing tool that last a long time when there is a custom design printed on the box.

Many small businesses may steer away from a custom die cut box because they are afraid it will cost them too much or that it will be more difficult to use. These issues are very easy to overcome, and once a business starts using the custom boxes, they will realize how powerful a tool they can become. People remember the packaging they receive things in. That can help turn them into regular customers and can help build the brand of a business up. All of these things are crucial to the success of any business.

Send a Message with Custom Mailer Boxes

You can get your message out to all of your customers or potential clients by using custom printed mailing boxes. You are staying up-to-date with the times, and long gone are the days of simple mailer boxes. Custom packages are the new wave, and if you stay up-to-date with boxes, your clients will trust you to produce modern products.

The material you choose for your custom printed mailing box is entirely up to you. There are different sizes and styles of white or coated corrugated board options available for you to choose from. Kraft is also available, and it is made of recycled content.

The color and design you choose for your custom mailer boxes should send a message to clients. That message should be that you value their business, and you hope they keep coming back to your company in the future. A dull box will not send a message, but a colorful and lively box will. You can choose to use 1 color on your box, or you can customize the package with up to 4 colors. You will need to send in your artwork for approval. Make sure you include your company logo and contact information on your mailer box. This could bring in more business for you.

Your mailer box can be used for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to send out a gift to customers. They will appreciate that you went above and beyond to customize the box that the gift is inside of. Taking a little time for your customers goes a long way.

The theme for your custom printed mailing box should coincide with your business. For instance, if you are a doctor, you can choose a doctor bag box theme. Other themes and designs for businesses include:

  • Pizza Designs
  • Briefcase Designs
  • Pyramid Designed Boxes
  • Suitcase Shapes
  • And more…

If you have a preferred design that you do not see on our list, be sure to let the design team know. All shape requests are not guaranteed, but the artwork team will do its best to accommodate you without compromising your business or brand.

You will receive a sample of the design you choose before your order is placed. You are required to sign off on the sample, which ensures that you are satisfied with what you see. Contact Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc. today for your next order of custom mailer boxes; our artwork team is ready to take your order, and get to work on customizing your boxes!