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Cutting Costs on Custom Mailer Box Orders

Custom Mailer Box Cookie Crate
The custom mailer box is an excellent choice when you have a product you wish to present to clients attractively. They are come with a handy self-locking design and make for a great way to display products. They also work well in keeping items stable and protected when in transit. This makes it more likely the items will arrive in as good a condition as they left the premises. Their solid construction also makes it likely that customers will end up storing them for reuse. An attribute that is appreciated by those that support eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, all these benefits may not be enough justification for businesses to choose this particular type of box for their merchandise. The main consideration for many has to do with cost and its impact on their profits. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom printed mailer boxes can also prove beneficial in creating cost savings.

Order In Bulk

Box manufacturers have a common policy of offering discounts on bulk orders. Whatever the type of box, the larger the order, the more of a discount that is provided. This can be a big benefit to businesses as it means a lower cost per unit of box ordered. This goes directly towards lowering expenses and boosting profit.

Buy Small

Smaller sized boxes tend to make more economical sense for businesses. First, because for retail businesses, most orders tend to be small. Therefore, these are the boxes that will get the most use. Second, even for larger orders, it can make more sense to break them down into smaller sized boxes rather than one large box. This helps to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of damage from items bumping into each other while in transit. Thirdly, breaking them up into smaller packages can make for lower shipping costs.

Track Pricing

Like many other commodities in the market, paper products will from time to time suffer price fluctuations. Keeping track of these fluctuations can provide an opportunity to make good savings. Especially if you order in bulk and do not have an immediate need for a new supply. You can afford to wait longer while tracking prices and make your order when there is a dip.

Packing Material Vs Inserts

Comparison pricing should not just be about the custom mailer box alone. While you should seek quotations on this from different manufacturers, also consider how you will be packing products within. Check on how much packing materials are costing you and consider this against having the manufacturer provide inserts for your products instead.

Customer Experience with a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Businesses use various packaging options depending on what products they are shipping and their customer needs. Whether you need gift wrapping, a secure shipping packaging, or a custom mailer box, you want to make the customer have a great experience. If you are shipping products to customers, mailer boxes can help ensure product integrity. Also, if you are thinking of branding your boxes, take into account how many more sets of eyes are going to see your package while in transit. This can lead to additional purchases. Having said that, how can you create a memorable cardboard box?

Think Protection First

Mailer boxes are a common packaging solution, especially in these times when you can have your items shipped from just anywhere in the world. You need to think about the functionality of the package. The main reason that you are packaging a product is to ensure it’s delivered intact. Protection comes in the forefront, so make sure the mailer box is strong enough to offer protection while the product is being shipped. The walls of the cardboard box cushion the product from physical damage. It also reduces the impact of temperatures that may harm the product.

Design Creativity

Typically, mailer boxes come as plain, grey cartons. While this is an ideal, safe solution, it won’t be remembered by many customers. Today, businesses want to make their products stand out and the packaging can offer that solution. You can change the shape of the box and decorate it with attractive colors. If you are shipping products for children like toys or some funny gadgets, you can make the boxes more playful.

Kids would love to play with the boxes when they unbox the package. Make it ready for DIY kids’ play activities like drawing and painting. While this may not seem like a big deal, it will cause numerous children to find enjoyment from your packaging.

When printing the boxes, create some witty, brilliant phrases to help with branding your products and company. Use graphics and short texts to tell your story – have a short picture story. You may even consider printing information about recycling cardboard so that the customers know you are committed to caring about the environment.

Facilitating Easy Transportation

A customized packaging solution needs to be lightweight and handy. It should be easy to handle – whether you are setting it up in a truck or on-board a ship or even on an aircraft. Cardboard boxes are designed to be lightweight so that they allow easy handling while at the same time ensuring the product doesn’t get damaged.

These things can help you when you want to design your cardboard mailer boxes. Protection of the product while shipping should come first in the design. You can then think out-of-the-box on the branding and communication with the customers using the packaging. Make sure that you know what appeals to your customers when it comes to packaging design – and provide just that. It will help create a memorable unboxing experience.

How to Create a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Traditional marketing has been taking a turn toward consumer videos and more importantly unboxing videos found throughout the internet. An unboxing video is one which a reviewer either orders or is sent a box to promote on their website or social media channel for the purpose of providing an honest review. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing, one thing you will often find is the reviewer spends a lot of time focused on the professionalism of the company’s custom mailer box – for good and for bad.  

Custom printed mailer boxes are your company’s first impression when shipping a product to a customer. So, it’s important that your first impression last – in a good way.  

Here are a few tips to help your product unboxing go smoothly.  


The reason you use custom printed mailer boxes is so that you can advertise your product while providing an experience when your customer opens the box. So, branding is important both for the recipient and everyone in between who happens to see your box. While in the past design was focused more on the outside of the custom mailer box. Now, interior design of your box is just as important as it is free from shipping labels, stamps, and shipping bruises.  

Tissue or other paper for wrapping 

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is shown that people who receive custom printed mailer boxes feel an extra sense of excitement when the items in the package are wrapped in either tissue paper or another attractive paper product. While this is not possible for all products, if you can enhance the unboxing experience it may give you a few more loyal customers who like those details.  


Anyone sending off a custom printed mailer boxes must make a decision on the filler. Peanuts, custom foam inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows are all important. Though keep in mind that the looser the filler, the bigger headache it will be for your customer. Most customers don’t want their unboxing to be fraught with peanuts all over the floor.  

Promotional Material 

It is just as important to provide your promotional materials as it is to have a great design on your custom printer mailer boxes. So, don’t forget the business cards, postcards, and discount advertising. Unboxing promotional material provides a personal and special feeling that gives your customer the impression that you care. 

Using a Custom Mailer Box for your Business

Custom Mailer Box

Using a custom mailer box means having a versatile, sturdy, and stylish, packaging material ready for direct shipping anywhere. Mailer boxes look excellent in any color, and they can be used as a gift box, an e-commerce packaging, and sometimes, as subscription boxes.

The good thing about the corrugated mailer boxes is they don’t need a tape for assembling as a strip, or a sticker can accomplish the sealing purpose.

Businesses from all across the world are coming forward with advanced items daily that are intended to alter the way people, live, wear, as well as communicate. This is the reason, companies end up spending millions of dollars to have their products shipped using expensive packaging material. Boxes which often does not adequately protect what’s inside.

Here’s what your brand would get from using custom corrugated mailer boxes:

  • Brand advertising – You can get custom printed shipping boxes having the name of your company, slogan, logo besides some additional products and services which you might offer. These boxes are hugely helpful in reaching your brand to countless customers; hence, they promote awareness related to the goods and services which you propose.

  • Easy to assemble – It is effortless to ship mailer box and assembling your containers can be a straightforward job. For assembling, you just need to fold, snap, and close.

  • Unique packaging solutions – With the invention and introduction of new products in the market, competition is reaching new heights. Irrespective of the product’s quality, its packaging does contribute a lot to its perception among many other brands. The custom mailer boxes can help you in getting the majority of the market share for your novel products.

  • Stylish and durable – When you want your products to arrive with an impact, using a custom mailer box usually does the trick. You will find mailer boxes in 1/16”, E-Flute, B-Flute 1/8” and the thickness of the container are customized to ensure an extra layer of protection and sturdiness.

  • Build a professional image – Corrugated mailer boxes can help you achieve a professional branding. Regardless if you are running an online store, managing a physical shop, or from shipping items from your corporate office, packaging designs to meet with your company standards help establish a sense of a competent and detailed company.

Corrugated mailer boxes are not just ordinary containers for delivery, but they are excellent means of helping expand your business.

Having a Relationship with Your Custom Mailer Box Supplier is Good for Business

We love building relationships with our clients. Whether your business is large or small, knowing who is supplying your shipping and packaging products matters. Having a reliable company behind your boxes can have a huge impact on your company’s sales and operations.

Customers seeing or holding your product for the first time are usually seeing and touching the box. Don’t overlook the importance of a well-crafted, professional container and all the branding and marketing opportunities available. A knowledgeable salesperson that is familiar with your company and goals can help you make the right decisions about boxes and print options.

Original and fun boxes can help you stand out. Custom mailer box will surprise potential client. Die cut containers for packaging or store displays show your personality and edge. Boxes don’t have to be boring, they can be a very effective marketing tool! To get the most from your boxes, you want a container company with talented and creative designers on staff.

As a company, your shipping is only as good as your boxes are. With all the work you put into every detail of your product, are you willing to trust the shipping to cheap or outsourced box suppliers? When you have an ongoing relationship with your box company, you know their containers are excellent quality and can be relied on.

Having a shipping supply company you routinely do business with means you have a stream of box supplies and a timeline you can trust. When we say we will have a set of new boxes for you ready to load and ship in by Friday, you know the boxes will be there. When you order your supplies from companies you haven’t worked with before, you don’t know for certain if they will come through on time.

Having a relationship with your box company means having a real person you can call on the phone. Someone local, who knows you and has your business container records on file. You can call and simply ask for the same size boxes you ordered last month. Not having to go through the process repeatedly saves you time and money!

We are all about building relationships with our clients. We are here to help your business be the best it can be. Our boxes will store, transport, and display your products and our salespeople are here to help.

Mailing Boxes That Match Your Product

Just about every company needs a good supply of mailing boxes and for some companies, they may go through literally thousands every year. This means that something so seemingly small can become a very large expense for any business.Before you purchase mailing boxes for your company, or just keep buying them from the same supplier you’ve had for years, it’s good to think about how to save money on them overall. It’s also good to think about the type of mailing boxes you use and if they can be improved upon for marketing or security reasons. A business today should never let any opportunity for advertising to get past them, as competition is typically fierce in any industry. This means putting your name and contact information in front of customers as much as possible.Customized mailing boxes can help with marketing and knowing the right sizes and materials can mean saving money overall. Some use oversized shipping containers because they don’t want to stock a variety of sizes, and this can mean paying too much.

On the other hand, if you choose the cheapest mailing boxes available just to save money, you could have shipments arrived damaged and needing replacement.First, determine your needs when it comes to mailing boxes. Make sure you have ones that are large enough for packing your goods properly but avoid getting just one or two sizes for convenience. If you stock certain sizes for certain products you can save money down the road.Note the weight limit of the mailing boxes you choose; this is very important if you’re shipping items that are heavy at all. Trying to overdo it with the weight can mean items fall out of the boxes during shipment. The best tape in the world won’t hold something that is overstuffed.Using your mailing boxes as marketing tools can also be helpful. Once you’ve determined the sizes and weight limits you need, consider having them imprinted especially for you. Customers may immediately recognize logos and emblems so think about having these printed on your mailing boxes.

Keep in mind that your customers are not the only ones that see these materials as your items are shipped, so putting your name out there during that shipping process is like free advertising for yourself.To ensure that you save money on your needed mailing boxes, take the time to shop around as much as possible. Don’t purchase them just from your local office supply company or mailing supply retailer. Even if you get catalogs delivered to you from sales reps, shop around online for mailing boxes. You may be surprised at how affordable they can be versus your current supplier when you take the time to really compare prices.These simple tips will help you to save money onmailing boxes and to ensure you have the right ones you need. It will also mean using them as advertising and marketing for yourself when you ship your products.