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How To Customize Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Die Cut Mailer
Corrugated mailer boxes are a popular choice in the retail market thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy design, and convenient self-locking mechanisms. They retain their shape well and are highly durable. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable further adds to why businesses often make them an essential part of their packaging supplies.

Another key reason these boxes are highly sought after is their ability to be customized. Customizations help businesses to ensure that the products they package this way enjoy a more unique appearance and can be well branded. This is however down to what features they can tweak to create the desired result. Let’s look at the various ways options like Kraft mailer boxes can be tailor-made.


There are typically limited color options for corrugated and Kraft mailer boxes. Depending on the material of the mailer, you may find that graphic colors are not an option here. The cardboard may however be imprinted with images. Simple black and white imagery often works well here. Those made with flute can however be customized to a wider range of colors on both the inside and exterior surfaces of the mailers.

Litho Laminate

This customization allows for a high-quality litho laminate to be applied onto the surface of corrugated mailer boxes. This coating paper is excellent for printing graphics. Where graphic printing of designs is needed at an affordable and fast rate, this is the way to go.


Several types of coatings can be applied to create different finishing. The basics are UV, gloss, and matte coatings. The results can vary from shiny and smooth to unpolished. Matte is plain, gloss is shiny, while UV is can go either way. It all depends on what visual effect you wish to achieve through the mailers’ presentation.


This relates to the shiny lettering or presentation of the logo you can have applied to the mailer. It can even be embossed for a more elegant look. The colors typically vary between gold and silvery shades. This customization is used on high-end products where is desirable to give a luxurious feel.


Mailer boxes can be made with windows. This is a side that is die-cut or with a PVC window through which a person can see into the box. It allows customers or gift recipients to see the product within without even having to unbox. Can be especially useful for collectors’ items that recipients would want to preserve or in food packaging.

Using a Custom Mailer Box for your Business

Custom Mailer Box

Using a custom mailer box means having a versatile, sturdy, and stylish, packaging material ready for direct shipping anywhere. Mailer boxes look excellent in any color, and they can be used as a gift box, an e-commerce packaging, and sometimes, as subscription boxes.

The good thing about the corrugated mailer boxes is they don’t need a tape for assembling as a strip, or a sticker can accomplish the sealing purpose.

Businesses from all across the world are coming forward with advanced items daily that are intended to alter the way people, live, wear, as well as communicate. This is the reason, companies end up spending millions of dollars to have their products shipped using expensive packaging material. Boxes which often does not adequately protect what’s inside.

Here’s what your brand would get from using custom corrugated mailer boxes:

  • Brand advertising – You can get custom printed shipping boxes having the name of your company, slogan, logo besides some additional products and services which you might offer. These boxes are hugely helpful in reaching your brand to countless customers; hence, they promote awareness related to the goods and services which you propose.

  • Easy to assemble – It is effortless to ship mailer box and assembling your containers can be a straightforward job. For assembling, you just need to fold, snap, and close.

  • Unique packaging solutions – With the invention and introduction of new products in the market, competition is reaching new heights. Irrespective of the product’s quality, its packaging does contribute a lot to its perception among many other brands. The custom mailer boxes can help you in getting the majority of the market share for your novel products.

  • Stylish and durable – When you want your products to arrive with an impact, using a custom mailer box usually does the trick. You will find mailer boxes in 1/16”, E-Flute, B-Flute 1/8” and the thickness of the container are customized to ensure an extra layer of protection and sturdiness.

  • Build a professional image – Corrugated mailer boxes can help you achieve a professional branding. Regardless if you are running an online store, managing a physical shop, or from shipping items from your corporate office, packaging designs to meet with your company standards help establish a sense of a competent and detailed company.

Corrugated mailer boxes are not just ordinary containers for delivery, but they are excellent means of helping expand your business.