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Reduce Cost of Big Quantity Mailers


Everyone needs to utilize the available options for reducing running costs for a business. Customers and mail recipients expect their mail to be delivered fast. It can become a daunting task to figure out how to save on costs while maintaining the process’s integrity. But, saving on shipment costs is among the leading way for big quantities mailers to lower operating costs.

When dealing with large volumes of mail, getting large quantity discount mailers is vital. In this article, we shall look at four top ways for lowering shipping costs while ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Negotiate and Make a Deal with Carriers

When dealing with large quantities of mail you might want to strike a deal with carriers. The main aim here is to receive discounted rates instead of the regular price schedule. Negotiated shipping deals work because you can propose a comfortable rate without hurting your business or your customers.

Large quantity discount mailers will often indulge you by the sheer size of the shipment. You can try negotiating with several carriers until you reach a good deal.

Check your Package Sizes

In addition to the destination, determining shipping costs is based on two other main factors; the package’s size and weight. Avoid using overly large packaging but instead use packaging with the exact dimensions of the mail. Using large packages for items that can fit in smaller boxes could end causing you higher mailing costs.

Alternatively, you can use packaging offered by the shipping company. This will save you extra charges that you may incur as dimensional fees. Packages provided by the carrier do not attract any such charges.

Try Sticking to one Carrier

Sticking to a single shipping company is an excellent way of creating a relationship. The benefit of being monogamous is to increase the negotiating power. If you deal with many carriers, you share the mail volume to each. You won’t effectively bargain for lower rates when your volume of mail is not supporting your interest.

Get Insurance from a Third-Party

The benefit of using third-party insurance companies is that they charge relatively lower fees compared to shipment companies. If you are big quantities mailers, it can translate to significant savings with time.

Are You Ready to Save Some Costs?

When dealing with large quantities of mail, shipping costs contribute to a large portion of the operating budget. There are many ways to lower the shipping costs, as discussed above. The savings per shipment may seem low, but they make significant savings cumulatively.

Making Your Easy Fold Mailer Boxes More Striking

Custom mailer box
Mailer boxes are a great way to package products before shipping them out. Their self-locking designs and solid construction make them one of the most secure options that do not require additional packing materials. Thanks to the double-sided walls of these boxes, you are assured of better durability when compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. Easy fold mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to help make them more appealing to customers. Here are a few great ideas you can apply to make the most of your mailer boxes.

Add A Sticker

Mailer boxes can be cheaply sourced in plain designs. But you do not need to send them out to customers this way. You can promote your brand and share all kinds of marketing messages by applying stickers to the box. This can be done both inside and on the outside of the box. You can also use small stickers to help seal the box. You can display different kinds of messages and contact information on these stickers to help inform your customers about your brand. Play around with different seasonal themes, colors, and imagery to make it more interesting.

Use Inserts

When it comes to stabilizing your products within mailer boxes, your best option is inserts. Cardboard inserts for big volume mailers tend to work well when it comes to smaller products and are quite affordable. You can make them more interesting by contrasting colors or adding imagery for a better visual effect. You can also design them to hold samples of other products you wish to promote to the customer.

Add A Personalized Message

Smaller businesses can easily impress clients by adding personalized messages within their easy fold mailer boxes. It could be anything from thanking them for making a purchase to letting them know you are supporting a charity by contributing a percentage of their purchase. You can also use this is to boost sales by offering a discount code on a new product or just letting them know of upcoming launches. The messages you can share are endless and will help to keep your clients informed about what your brand is up to.


While you can use your box for all types of branding, you can also opt to go the opposite direction. Sometimes less can be more. Minimalist designs tend to work well for companies that prefer to make the impression that their brand likes to keep things simple. Here the focus would be on the product contained within the box, with less busy artwork or wording on the packaging.

Cutting Costs on Custom Mailer Box Orders

Custom Mailer Box Cookie Crate
The custom mailer box is an excellent choice when you have a product you wish to present to clients attractively. They are come with a handy self-locking design and make for a great way to display products. They also work well in keeping items stable and protected when in transit. This makes it more likely the items will arrive in as good a condition as they left the premises. Their solid construction also makes it likely that customers will end up storing them for reuse. An attribute that is appreciated by those that support eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, all these benefits may not be enough justification for businesses to choose this particular type of box for their merchandise. The main consideration for many has to do with cost and its impact on their profits. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom printed mailer boxes can also prove beneficial in creating cost savings.

Order In Bulk

Box manufacturers have a common policy of offering discounts on bulk orders. Whatever the type of box, the larger the order, the more of a discount that is provided. This can be a big benefit to businesses as it means a lower cost per unit of box ordered. This goes directly towards lowering expenses and boosting profit.

Buy Small

Smaller sized boxes tend to make more economical sense for businesses. First, because for retail businesses, most orders tend to be small. Therefore, these are the boxes that will get the most use. Second, even for larger orders, it can make more sense to break them down into smaller sized boxes rather than one large box. This helps to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of damage from items bumping into each other while in transit. Thirdly, breaking them up into smaller packages can make for lower shipping costs.

Track Pricing

Like many other commodities in the market, paper products will from time to time suffer price fluctuations. Keeping track of these fluctuations can provide an opportunity to make good savings. Especially if you order in bulk and do not have an immediate need for a new supply. You can afford to wait longer while tracking prices and make your order when there is a dip.

Packing Material Vs Inserts

Comparison pricing should not just be about the custom mailer box alone. While you should seek quotations on this from different manufacturers, also consider how you will be packing products within. Check on how much packing materials are costing you and consider this against having the manufacturer provide inserts for your products instead.

How To Customize Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Die Cut Mailer
Corrugated mailer boxes are a popular choice in the retail market thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy design, and convenient self-locking mechanisms. They retain their shape well and are highly durable. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable further adds to why businesses often make them an essential part of their packaging supplies.

Another key reason these boxes are highly sought after is their ability to be customized. Customizations help businesses to ensure that the products they package this way enjoy a more unique appearance and can be well branded. This is however down to what features they can tweak to create the desired result. Let’s look at the various ways options like Kraft mailer boxes can be tailor-made.


There are typically limited color options for corrugated and Kraft mailer boxes. Depending on the material of the mailer, you may find that graphic colors are not an option here. The cardboard may however be imprinted with images. Simple black and white imagery often works well here. Those made with flute can however be customized to a wider range of colors on both the inside and exterior surfaces of the mailers.

Litho Laminate

This customization allows for a high-quality litho laminate to be applied onto the surface of corrugated mailer boxes. This coating paper is excellent for printing graphics. Where graphic printing of designs is needed at an affordable and fast rate, this is the way to go.


Several types of coatings can be applied to create different finishing. The basics are UV, gloss, and matte coatings. The results can vary from shiny and smooth to unpolished. Matte is plain, gloss is shiny, while UV is can go either way. It all depends on what visual effect you wish to achieve through the mailers’ presentation.


This relates to the shiny lettering or presentation of the logo you can have applied to the mailer. It can even be embossed for a more elegant look. The colors typically vary between gold and silvery shades. This customization is used on high-end products where is desirable to give a luxurious feel.


Mailer boxes can be made with windows. This is a side that is die-cut or with a PVC window through which a person can see into the box. It allows customers or gift recipients to see the product within without even having to unbox. Can be especially useful for collectors’ items that recipients would want to preserve or in food packaging.

How Custom Boxes Make Deliveries Safer

Mailer Box ISSI
With businesses increasingly shifting to e-commerce, home and office deliveries of commodities have become more common. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and wait for the convenience of doorstep delivery. It certainly helps that many businesses do offer these deliveries as a free service.

Most items cannot however be transported without some level of separation and protection. Custom printed mailer boxes have become an essential aspect of the process. Businesses can easily source for custom boxes in a variety of sizes and designs that will safeguard the contents until arrival at the client’s delivery location. these boxes manage to protect their contents due to several factors.


It is rare to find deliveries being done singularly. Delivery providers will often load up a van with multiple deliveries and have the driver make drop-offs along their route. The best way to distinguish one delivery from another is to have them individually packaged and labeled.

Custom boxes provide labeling information that allows for this to be easily organized. The driver can arrange the items within the van in such a way that they can systematically remove them and drop them off as per the delivery route.

Custom Fit

When customized, these boxes are configured to securely fit the item they enclose. Some items may require additional padding like foam inserts or bubble wrap. However, even with this, it should fit well inside the box, with no room for movement.

This ensures that the contents do not get jarred and are therefore more likely to arrive at their destination in good condition. This is also especially important when handling delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Corrugated Walls

Customized boxes are often made using corrugated cardboard material. This is the best material for making secure boxes. The extra layers provide extra protection against impact and even water damage.

Corrugated boxes also tend to stand up well to the pressure of overhead weight when stacked. This makes arranging the boxes safer when they are in transit in shipping containers or vans.


Being customized means that businesses can order these boxes with additional writing. Besides branding, boxes can also be labeled for careful handling.

Images can be used to ensure the boxes are marked for their upright positions. They can also indicate the contents so delivery personnel know the contents may be delicate. Or simply have the box printed with words like ‘handle with care’ or ‘breakable contents’.

How To Save On Big Quantity Discount Mailers

Custom die cut mailer box
Mailer boxes are a common sight in many businesses that deal with specialty products and run promotions. They give a sense of superior quality and come in a functional design that allows them to be self-locking. This mechanism, their excellent strength, and unique design however also means that they come at a premium.

For any business, a good way to help maximize profits involves minimizing expenses. Where mailers are required, it is vital to incorporate strategies that will cut their costs. Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this.

Order Bulk

Just as with many other products, you will find that ordering big quantity discount mailers is better than small orders. The cost per unit tends to lower with bulk orders. If you have sufficient storage space and need of the mailers, consider ordering as much as you reasonably can. This should be specially done during peak shopping periods such as Christmas and end of year sales.

Simple Design

Mailer boxes can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and graphic designs. While this can help in creating unique and attractive packaging, the more embellished it is, the costlier the boxes are. Single color prints are a good option as the pricing is lower.

The simpler the design, the more easily you can use the box across multiple sales periods and promotions. Stick to writing that just identifies the business and product. Avoid identifying the season or date of the promotion. Using a generic design will mean maximum use of your bulk or small quantities mailers.

Box Material

The material used to make a box has a strong impact on the cost of the box. Some materials are cheaper than others but can be just as good for whatever marketing goals you have. Corrugated fiberboard is a popular material used in mailers. It does however come in various flute profiles.

For instance, B flutes are twice as thick as E flutes, making them ideal for heavier items. Selecting a smaller flute size can mean cheaper packaging. Do remember to however consider the safety of box contents when trying to cut costs.


Ordering mailers with inserts is a good way to secure the contents. Inserts help to keep items in a fixed position within the box. They can also help enhance the presentation. They make for a visual impact that gives products a superior feel.

However, inserts are an additional charge. Opting for boxes without this can help to reduce costs. Do however consider what alternative and cheaper filler you can use, or opt for a perfect fit of box without the need for it.

Decorative Mailer Boxes For Luxury Stores

Die Cut Mailer
Kraft mailer boxes are an interesting choice of packaging thanks to their ability to self-lock. They are also more rigid, providing firm protection for box contents.

These highly functional boxes do have an attractive and professional look to them that makes them well suited to packaging high-end items. They are also often paired with custom inserts that provide good stability and aesthetics. Here are some good reasons luxury stores should add this to their packaging materials arsenal.


Mailer boxes can be easily customized in terms of dimensions. A good box manufacturer should be able to create boxes to whatever size specifications you desire. This is good for product packaging and imparting a good impression on clients who appreciate proper presentation when unboxing.

The box can also be finished in a variety of colors and other design features to make it more attractive and provide a branding platform. Decorative mailer boxes should be appealing to the eye without being ostentatious. Work with your box supplier to develop a design that is in keeping with this class of products and clientele. The somewhat sophisticated look of mailer boxes makes them great for luxury and gift packaging.

Shipping Safety

As more businesses go the online route, so too does the luxury end of the market. Keeping up standards at brick and mortar outlets is a must. So when you have shoppers that are picking product online, you must ensure their shopping experience is just as delightful with the delivery of an impressive-looking box that carries their purchase.

Mailer boxes are highly discreet and stylish. They are also easy to seal and provide good safety. You can be assured of your product remaining in good condition until it arrives at the buyer’s destination. Make use of quality inserts to further stabilize contents and reduce the risk of anything fragile being damaged.

Environmental Benefits

Today’s shoppers are more discerning and pay strong attention to the ethical values of the businesses they frequent. Kraft paper is a biodegradable material, making boxes made of it just as environmentally friendly. When Kraft mailer boxes disintegrate, it results in a much smaller carbon footprint and demonstrates a concern for the environment we all share.

Kraft paper is made of wood pulp from sustainable sources. Manufacturers often use trees that are too old and those that are imperfect for this production of brown paper. It can also be made from the same recyclable material. Whatever mix that is used, it still results in a strong and quality product that has been responsibly produced.

4 Ways To Make Your Custom Mailer Boxes Pop

Custom die cut mailer box
Custom mailer boxes are special single piece boxes that can be self-locked. They typically feature sturdy corrugated construction that can be customized to both internally and externally to suit various products. This packaging is popular for retail displays and shipping products. These simple strategies can help to make mundane mailer boxes more appealing and noticeable wherever they go.

Brand Your Box

Branding normally takes the form of using company colors and having the company name and logo printed on the box. Be creative in how you choose to apply the colors and consider accents such as foiling to help add a touch of class. Even if you choose to not use signature company colors on the exterior, you can still incorporate them on the inside, and in filler material. When printing the logo, ensure you leave a reasonable amount of clear space around it to keep it focused. Be sure to also indicate contact information such as web address and email somewhere on the packaging.

Add Attractive Imagery

Custom printed mailer boxes can feature more than just the name and logo of your business. There is all manner of playful, sentimental, and deeply resonating imagery you can use to impress your clients and make them to not only want to keep the box as a keepsake or for reuse but also reinforce the memory of your brand. Take inspiration from the core business that you do or even the festive time of year to customize your boxes. For instance, a running figure on a box with trainers, or a steaming cup of joe on a pack of coffee beans can be creatively applied.

Use Inserts

There are many items you can add to a box to make a customer feel special. From a handwritten note thanking them for their patronage to small product samples of a new line, the ideas are endless. Take advantage of this strategy to add a personal touch or simply add value to the purchase that has been made. A customer will certainly feel surprised and delighted when discovering an unexpected item when unboxing. This feeling will long be remembered and encourage repeat business and recommending your business.

Introduce A Window

Many people appreciate being able to view the contents of a box without necessarily having to open it. While custom mailer boxes do not need to be cut into to open them, having a window area where people can look in to view the contents is great, especially if the items are valued by collectors. It is also a good option where your products are going to be stocked on shelves. Potential customers can better trust the contents match what they need.

Customer Experience with a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Businesses use various packaging options depending on what products they are shipping and their customer needs. Whether you need gift wrapping, a secure shipping packaging, or a custom mailer box, you want to make the customer have a great experience. If you are shipping products to customers, mailer boxes can help ensure product integrity. Also, if you are thinking of branding your boxes, take into account how many more sets of eyes are going to see your package while in transit. This can lead to additional purchases. Having said that, how can you create a memorable cardboard box?

Think Protection First

Mailer boxes are a common packaging solution, especially in these times when you can have your items shipped from just anywhere in the world. You need to think about the functionality of the package. The main reason that you are packaging a product is to ensure it’s delivered intact. Protection comes in the forefront, so make sure the mailer box is strong enough to offer protection while the product is being shipped. The walls of the cardboard box cushion the product from physical damage. It also reduces the impact of temperatures that may harm the product.

Design Creativity

Typically, mailer boxes come as plain, grey cartons. While this is an ideal, safe solution, it won’t be remembered by many customers. Today, businesses want to make their products stand out and the packaging can offer that solution. You can change the shape of the box and decorate it with attractive colors. If you are shipping products for children like toys or some funny gadgets, you can make the boxes more playful.

Kids would love to play with the boxes when they unbox the package. Make it ready for DIY kids’ play activities like drawing and painting. While this may not seem like a big deal, it will cause numerous children to find enjoyment from your packaging.

When printing the boxes, create some witty, brilliant phrases to help with branding your products and company. Use graphics and short texts to tell your story – have a short picture story. You may even consider printing information about recycling cardboard so that the customers know you are committed to caring about the environment.

Facilitating Easy Transportation

A customized packaging solution needs to be lightweight and handy. It should be easy to handle – whether you are setting it up in a truck or on-board a ship or even on an aircraft. Cardboard boxes are designed to be lightweight so that they allow easy handling while at the same time ensuring the product doesn’t get damaged.

These things can help you when you want to design your cardboard mailer boxes. Protection of the product while shipping should come first in the design. You can then think out-of-the-box on the branding and communication with the customers using the packaging. Make sure that you know what appeals to your customers when it comes to packaging design – and provide just that. It will help create a memorable unboxing experience.

Large Quantities Mailers Considerations

Large Quantities Mailers

Commonly used to pack items of different shapes and sizes, mailer boxes are preferred for online sales of retail products and promotional items. They provide an attractive and functional packaging material that you can open and reclose without damaging the box itself.  You can customize the boxes to hold different products. When using cardboard mailer boxes to package products, there are various things you should consider: 

Size of the Box 

Depending on what types you are packaging, you can choose a size that fits the items with ease. The size should not be too large for the items to leave much empty space, which could make the items knock against the walls of the box. This can damage the products being shipped. Also, you should not have a smaller size that forces you to squeeze the items to fit. Having the right size ensures that you safely ship the products and they arrive in good condition. 

The Number of Boxes  

The number of boxes you need depends on the items you expect to package. If you are planning to ship a large lot of products, you need to get an appropriate number. When ordering the boxes, make sure you have some allowance for any possible damage to the boxes. Have a little bit more boxes than the number of items you will be packaging. This ensures that in case some pieces are destroyed or rendered unusable, you don’t find yourself with insufficient mailer boxes.  

Types of the Boxes 

There are different mailer boxes you can use and the one you choose will depend on your packaging goal and the items to ship. You can have mailer boxes that you can use as they are or even have some that you can place inside the regular cardboard shipping boxes ensuring a first-class unboxing experience for the customer.   

It’s also possible to have custom premium mailer boxes that are designed according to your liking. You provide the details to the designers and they make the boxes based on that information. You can even have your logo printed on the boxes or other special design features or details that you need to be added to the packaging material.   

The large quantities mailers can be used to provide the traditional brand packaging solutions or offer a custom brand packaging experience. Your products will be shipped safely to the recipients while also ensuring that the customer loves the package designs. 

How to Create a Custom Mailer Box

Custom Mailer Box

Traditional marketing has been taking a turn toward consumer videos and more importantly unboxing videos found throughout the internet. An unboxing video is one which a reviewer either orders or is sent a box to promote on their website or social media channel for the purpose of providing an honest review. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing, one thing you will often find is the reviewer spends a lot of time focused on the professionalism of the company’s custom mailer box – for good and for bad.  

Custom printed mailer boxes are your company’s first impression when shipping a product to a customer. So, it’s important that your first impression last – in a good way.  

Here are a few tips to help your product unboxing go smoothly.  


The reason you use custom printed mailer boxes is so that you can advertise your product while providing an experience when your customer opens the box. So, branding is important both for the recipient and everyone in between who happens to see your box. While in the past design was focused more on the outside of the custom mailer box. Now, interior design of your box is just as important as it is free from shipping labels, stamps, and shipping bruises.  

Tissue or other paper for wrapping 

While it may not seem like a big deal, it is shown that people who receive custom printed mailer boxes feel an extra sense of excitement when the items in the package are wrapped in either tissue paper or another attractive paper product. While this is not possible for all products, if you can enhance the unboxing experience it may give you a few more loyal customers who like those details.  


Anyone sending off a custom printed mailer boxes must make a decision on the filler. Peanuts, custom foam inserts, bubble wrap, and air pillows are all important. Though keep in mind that the looser the filler, the bigger headache it will be for your customer. Most customers don’t want their unboxing to be fraught with peanuts all over the floor.  

Promotional Material 

It is just as important to provide your promotional materials as it is to have a great design on your custom printer mailer boxes. So, don’t forget the business cards, postcards, and discount advertising. Unboxing promotional material provides a personal and special feeling that gives your customer the impression that you care. 

Large Quantity Mailers, What’s the Hype?

Large quantity mailers

Oversized, plain, and damaged; when it comes to shipping there is a lot to be cautious of and large quantity mailers might be just what you are looking for. When you and your business are looking for a great way to ship your product there are several important decisions you’ll have to make. For example, will any shipping box work? In most cases, the answer is simply, “no.” Yes, you may be able to fit your product into a box, but then what will your packaging do for you besides either being too tight, or too large? 

A custom mailer box has a few important features to note: 

  • Tend to be a single box, meaning the lid is foldable and attached to the rest of the box.
  • The lid tucks into the box so that your customer can continue to store your product without re-taping the box closed.  
  • Custom large quantity mailers are very promotional. 
  • When you purchase mailer boxes wholesale and in large quantities you can save a lot of money.  

So, while mailer boxes are highly functional, it is also important to understand their promotional value. You’ve seen mailer boxes before, and more than likely you also have a few that are tucked away in your office or storage room. These boxes provide a safe and convenient way to store products for future use. They are also an excellent way for your customers to de-clutter their work area as the boxes are one-piece, easy to close, and easy to identify.  

But, the hype. Custom mailer boxes are one of the most promotionally marketable pieces of packaging available. So, whether you are shipping shoes, hats, or computer equipment it is important that when arriving in the mail or even stored in a room of equipment that your customer can easily find the box they are looking for.  

So, how can you be creative with a large quantity mailer? 

  • Suit it to your size so that the mailer can securely fit your product.  
  • Create a custom design on the outside that is both attractive and quickly separates your mailer from others.  
  • Define if a product and its pieces should be shipped in one compartment or many.  

When it comes to packaging there are hundreds of options. Custom mailer boxes are a nice way to safely secure the content, display brand marketing, and create a functional and reusable packaging option.

Using a Custom Mailer Box for your Business

Custom Mailer Box

Using a custom mailer box means having a versatile, sturdy, and stylish, packaging material ready for direct shipping anywhere. Mailer boxes look excellent in any color, and they can be used as a gift box, an e-commerce packaging, and sometimes, as subscription boxes.

The good thing about the corrugated mailer boxes is they don’t need a tape for assembling as a strip, or a sticker can accomplish the sealing purpose.

Businesses from all across the world are coming forward with advanced items daily that are intended to alter the way people, live, wear, as well as communicate. This is the reason, companies end up spending millions of dollars to have their products shipped using expensive packaging material. Boxes which often does not adequately protect what’s inside.

Here’s what your brand would get from using custom corrugated mailer boxes:

  • Brand advertising – You can get custom printed shipping boxes having the name of your company, slogan, logo besides some additional products and services which you might offer. These boxes are hugely helpful in reaching your brand to countless customers; hence, they promote awareness related to the goods and services which you propose.

  • Easy to assemble – It is effortless to ship mailer box and assembling your containers can be a straightforward job. For assembling, you just need to fold, snap, and close.

  • Unique packaging solutions – With the invention and introduction of new products in the market, competition is reaching new heights. Irrespective of the product’s quality, its packaging does contribute a lot to its perception among many other brands. The custom mailer boxes can help you in getting the majority of the market share for your novel products.

  • Stylish and durable – When you want your products to arrive with an impact, using a custom mailer box usually does the trick. You will find mailer boxes in 1/16”, E-Flute, B-Flute 1/8” and the thickness of the container are customized to ensure an extra layer of protection and sturdiness.

  • Build a professional image – Corrugated mailer boxes can help you achieve a professional branding. Regardless if you are running an online store, managing a physical shop, or from shipping items from your corporate office, packaging designs to meet with your company standards help establish a sense of a competent and detailed company.

Corrugated mailer boxes are not just ordinary containers for delivery, but they are excellent means of helping expand your business.

What to Know About Large Volume Discount Mailers

Custom Boxes

Mailer boxes are the best packaging material to protect your items from the rigors of long haul transport and shipping. These boxes are made from durable corrugated boards with interlocking flaps having the superb structural strength to withstand certain amounts of pressure. Of all the packaging material, mailer boxes are probably the best because they have double side walls to make them durable and stress-resistant.

Made from thick fiberboards, the side walls of a mailer box has fluted inner seams made with either one or two linerboards. The flutes also have S-shaped arches giving them superior strength. Gadgets, shoes, and especially items use this type of packaging to prevent damage during shipment. They are sturdy packaging materials and are good at protecting your items.

Choosing the Right Mailer Box for Your Merchandise

There are different considerations before getting a large volume discount mailers for your company’s needs. The first thing you have to determine if the size of the item you need to put inside the container. This would help you choose the right size and the proper design to complement what’s inside. If you are sending magazines or a small book, corrugated envelopes the best materials to use.

For larger or fragile items, it is better to use bigger boxes with ample space and a protective layer of cardboard or foam backing. These types of packaging material also come in different size and style to help you adequately choose the right ones.

The fluted walls of a mailer box provide adequate stacking strength while at the same time protecting the content from exposure to harsh conditions. Considering fragility, the weight, and the size of your product will ultimately help you choose the appropriate mailer box for your needs.

Compare Mailer Boxes by Considering their Board Strength

Unknown to many, mailer boxes are manufactured with different board strength and capacity. Each design goes through a rigorous testing process known as the burst test. The edge crust test or ECT is the most reliable way of determining how sturdy a packaging material is and the best way to help you decide if the packaging box can withstand shipment rigidity.

Burst strength rating is also affected by the box’s design quality. Double-walled mailers are stronger with better crush resistance values ideal for heavier items. Triple-walled mailer boxes are even sturdier than a double-walled mailer and significantly handles greater weights. They are ideally used by industries for stacking heavy loads on shipping pallets.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes are Not Just Options

Wholesale Mailer Boxes

With the increase in online marketing, more and more retailers and wholesalers are on the lookout for customized and affordable packaging. With the rise of such scenario, mailer boxes come in much handy and are cost-effective in comparison to other packaging options. With this proposition, we can conclude that they are not just options, but a must for businesses who would like to be on top.

With an array of features combining with top-quality material, design, and color, these boxes are the best for shipping products – be it for short distance or long haul. Some of the pros of opting for large quantity mailers or wholesale mailer boxes are faster turnarounds, complementary online proofing, and recyclable options.

Large quantity mailers can also come with features like the self-locking technology, easy assemblage, protective dust flaps, double-sided printing, and more. When your business product requires protection but also needs that touch of style, custom made wholesale mailer boxes is a must.

Get rid of the conventional packaging design

If you have a product that provides limited impact, then you have a traditional packaging design. You must distinguish what your product is about and everything related to it so you can create a voice. The more creative and innovative your solutions are the higher your brand will succeed.

Majority of the packaging boxes are square in shape which creates a feeling of boredom. Designing a different looking box will introduce an element of interest to the product while preserving its functionality. Mailer boxes can also come in high-quality prints and add-on foils to create a premium look. So, if you have a slightly higher marketing budget, you can opt for those premium packaging look to get rid of the boredom associated with traditional packaging.

A selection of boxes to suit your needs

Customized large quantity mailers do not require tapes or adhesives to assemble. Perfect for e-commerce packaging or retail-ready gift box, these boxes provide you with an easy-to-use box that does not need anything more.

Some of the custom printed mailer boxes include the kraft mailer box, plain corrugated mailer box full printed mailer box, printed corrugated mailer box, and the corrugated custom clutch kit mailer box. Depending on the purpose the box is required for, you can purchase large quantity mailers at affordable rates and fast turnaround time from reputed manufacturers.