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Custom Mailer Box Price Advantage

Custom die cut mailer

Cactus Containers – custom mailer box (die cut mailer)

When businesses consider investing in customized box designs, there are often concerns that their cost may be more than any benefit it will bring to the brand. Options like the custom mailer box do give products a more luxurious feel and look that can be useful for high-end products as impressions count for a lot. However, it is not surprising that they would be more expensive to order from a box manufacturer than the standard corrugated cardboard box. This premium cost for such packaging is however compensated for when you consider certain cost-saving benefits.  

Custom mailer box is lightweight 

Custom mailer boxes are lightweight as they are made from corrugated cardboard material. This characteristic means that when it comes to shipping costs, the impact is minimal. Shipping costs are calculated based primarily on the weight and size of the packaging. By limiting the weight added to a package by using a lightweight custom mailer box, you lower the shipping costs.  

Customized box 

As said, shipping costs are impacted by the size of the package. Because custom mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes, businesses can ensure they are made as small as possible to just comfortably fit the contents. Working with the box designer to ensure as small as fit as possible thus helps in reducing shipping costs and the cost of ordering these boxes from the manufacturer. 

Custom mailer box security 

Custom mailer boxes have a self-locking mechanism that helps to better secure the contents within. Since they are also customized for a good fit and can incorporate inserts that stabilize products, they are an effective way of safeguarding contents while in transit. This increases the chances that the products being delivered will arrive in good condition at their destination. With fewer incidents of products being damaged while in transit, the business does not have to deal with as many returns which can be an added cost in either having to make a refund or send out a replacement to the client.  

Custom mailer box recyclability

Custom mailer boxes are often made from materials that are recycled and can be later recycled. While it may not make much of an impact on the bottom line of the business, it can make the production of new boxes less expensive as recycled materials are already processed. Less energy and time are used to convert them into new boxes, as compared to when using wood pulp. Using recyclable materials also offers the benefit of making a positive impression on consumers who have become increasingly environmentally conscious.  

How To Save Money By Ordering Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailers

Big volume discount mailers – Cactus Containers

All businesses have a basic goal of maximizing profit while minimizing expenses. For those that require the use of quality product packaging, it is a smart move to order big volume discount mailers. This decision helps to cut back on expenses at a time when inflation and other factors have helped drive up business costs. Here is how investing in large quantities discount mailers can save your business money.

Large quantities discount mailers carry reduced pricing

Most box makers are happy to offer their clients discount pricing on their box orders if the quantities are large enough. It is a basic industry practice that encourages clients to place bigger orders to enjoy lower unit costs. It can also be a saving to the box makers who can order more raw materials at discount pricing and pass on these savings to customers that place large orders as well.

This price reduction is especially helpful when buying high-end packaging like mailers. It is also important to note that when you buy more mailers at a go you will then place fewer orders each year, reducing transport costs of the boxes to your premises.

Big volume discount mailers and security

Mailers are typically customized to fit well around specific products in terms of sizing and incorporation of such features as inserts. They are essentially built around the product to provide it with maximum protection when shipping. The boxes are also highly durable so can end up easily retained and reused.

With better security for the product, there is less likelihood of it being damaged during shipping. This reduces the problem of having to replace or compensate for damaged goods, which is a further saving for the business. With a good track record of safe deliveries, some businesses may also enjoy lower insurance rates.

Brand boosting for big volume discount mailers

With custom mailers, you will have likely added branding messages and imagery that will help market your business to the consumers. If buying big volume discount mailers, there is the assumption that you are shipping a considerable number of orders to consumers, meaning more opportunities for other prospective customers to see this information and become aware of your brand.

It is a very cheap and effective form of marketing that can do much to build awareness of your brand with anyone who sets their eyes on the packaging along the way to its final destination. So, any added investment in custom branded packaging is also an investment in marketing that makes for better value for money.

Custom Printed Mailing Box and Inserts

custom foam insertsCustom printed mailing boxes are a great option for securing products for shipping. They are also visually appealing, making them ideal for high-end products. Their self-locking design reduces the need to add on other packaging supplies. However, while the box itself is highly secure, how the products are placed within will also matter. It is advisable to include a custom insert in your mailer box rather than rely on alternatives such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Here is why.  

Reinforced Safety 

Inserts help to keep box contents immobilized. This means you do not have to worry about the contents rattling around and hitting the sides of the walls inside. If this were to happen, it would result in damage which the seller may be forced to compensate for if the box was shipped. Ensuring that you have an insert that is tailored to the size and shape of the products being packaged increases the chances they will arrive at their destination in good condition.  


The added cost of an insert to a custom printed mailing box is quite minimal, especially when like the box, you buy them in bulk quantities that qualify for discounts. It is an affordable way to boost the safety of the box and make for a more pleasurable unboxing experience for the recipient. You can choose to design the insert so it matches the rest of the box or opt for a plain scheme that can be just as attractive and suited to high-end products.  


Inserts provide another surface you can use to promote your brand. You can add your logo or other messages to the visible areas once the box is opened up. This can provide a good opportunity to cross-sell other products, offer discounts, share links to your e-commerce platform through QR codes, provide instructions on product use, and much more. It is a great way to boost visibility, educate, and enhance the appeal of your brand. ` 


You can have inserts made in a variety of designs and form different materials like paper, cardboard, and foam. You can use this to create a unique visual experience and tout your brand as being Eco-friendly. Paper and cardboard are the best options when wanting to demonstrate that your brand is Eco-friendly. So while you get to make the customer feel special during their unboxing experience, you also get to demonstrate the values your brand holds dear.  

Custom Mailer Boxes for High-End Items

Custom mailer Marquis

High-end products like custom watches and perfumes tend to be small but valuable. It is important to carefully choose their packaging so that it not only appeals to the target market but also adequately protects the contents within. Cardboard mailer boxes are amongst the best options for high-end products. They offer several benefits that make them ideal for use in this market segment.  

Lightweight Material 

Cardboard mailer boxes are lightweight yet strong. This means the use of this packaging does not add much to the cost of shipping that is typically pegged on the weight of the parcel. With lower shipping costs the business can secure higher profits.  This is especially beneficial if the business runs an e-commerce platform and needs to have its products shipped to the buyer.  

Custom Designs 

Unlike plain cardboard boxes, mailer boxes are typically customized in a variety of styles. This can make it easy to make your brand stand out by adding colors, imagery, and other printing. Design features like embossing can also be added to introduce a more luxurious feel. You should discuss your options with your box maker who can likely help develop designs that will appeal to your target market. There are many shapes and sizes to also choose from so you can better fit whatever product within the box.  

Secure Transport 

Easy fold mailer boxes are designed to be self-locking. You do not need to seal the edges with tape or glue to close them tight. This ensures that the contents are unlikely to fall out and should arrive at their destination in good shape. The box walls are also designed to be sturdy, meaning they can better tolerate rough handling. Where the product does not fill the interior of the box, there are also often custom inserts that ensure the stability of the items.  

Standalone Packaging 

Mailer boxes do not require you to add any external packaging. you can simply pack up the contents, close the box and label the address for delivery. It is even easier if the products are being bought from a store. Mailer boxes are great for presentation and do not need additional flourishes if being given as a gift. They often have appealing designs tailored to the kind of product and target market. 


Mailer boxes are made of cardboard that is easy to recycle, reuse, and is biodegradable. These qualities tend to appeal to many demographics as more and more people become concerned about how their activities affect the environment.  

Understanding How A Kraft Mailer Box Can Save Businesses Money

Kraft mailer boxWhen it comes to product packaging, many businesses will mistakenly opt for the cheapest deal. A plain corrugated box will often be chosen over a Kraft mailer box thanks to its affordability. However, despite the added expense, this choice can be financially beneficial to a business. Here’s why.

Better Protection

A Kraft mailer box is customized to perfectly fit around a particular product. Their design also often includes some kind of insert that will help keep the item stable inside the box. This good fit and stabilizing ensure better protection for the product. This is a big help when businesses need to ship their products to far-flung customer destinations. The longer the distance and the more hands that handle the package, the more likely damage may occur. The added stability and protection improves the chances the product will arrive at its final destination in good condition. Often when products are damaged in transit, it is for the seller to make a replacement at their own cost. Investing in quality packaging helps reduce such incidents and therefore saves the business money.

Lower Shipping Costs

The perfect fit of products within the mailer box ensures no space is wasted. Shipping costs often factor in the size of the package and its weight. When you can send out shipments in smaller boxes, it means you get to enjoy lower shipping costs. This is particularly important for businesses that run e-commerce platforms and depend more on online shoppers. Many offer free shipping, which means the cost has to be borne by the seller. Minimizing this expense is good for maintaining good profits.

Cheap Branding

Businesses can engage their box manufacturer to digitally printing brand messages on their choice of colored mailer box. They can incorporate logos, slogans, and brand colors in the design. Digital printing is often affordable and produces a neat finish that will impress customers. You do not have to pay for separate branding materials like custom labels or tape to get your message across.

Making The Right Impression

A mailer box offers a good fit without leaving wasted space that needs to be covered up with filer. It is not a satisfying feeling for customers when they have to dig through tons of wrapping paper and Styrofoam chips to get to the product. It can lead to a bad unboxing experience which can prompt bad reviews for the business. This can mean a loss of potential sales that will affect the bottom line. Mailers offer a more sophisticated box design that will easily impress and avoid the appearance that the brand is wasteful.

Why Black And White Mailer Boxes Appeal To Adult Consumers

black and white boxWhen it comes to customizing product packaging, it is typical to choose a base color and then customize writing, logo, and other features that will contrast against it. You may often see this on brown, black, and white mailer boxes that are used to display product samples or high-end products.

Keeping designs simple in this way is often recommended as it gives a more professional and memorable look. In some industries, being more colorful may seem attractive, but this aesthetic needs to be carefully considered and should match the product and what impression you want to make with potential buyers. Going for more neutral coloring offers more benefits, especially when looking to appeal to an adult audience.


White and black mailer boxes provide a simple background to work with. This tends to appeal to adult consumers who often find this simplicity more trustworthy and direct. It can also make for an interesting contrast where a graphic design or colorful writing is added. If you find in your market research the competitors are more focused on more complex colorful designs, going the neutral route may help to make your product stand out better.


This is especially true of white mailer boxes. White is often used for products that people would like to keep sanitary, like dishes and milk. It gives an impression of cleanliness and sophistication, so can often be seen used in electronics like smartphones and headphones. It is also often commonly used as the background color for cleaning products.


Black boxes are popular for men’s products like colognes and shaving kits. The color tends to impart a feeling of boldness and mystery. Another reason you will find black mailer boxes easily available in high-end gift stores for the display of such expensive items like jewelry. Like the color white, this neutral tone also evokes a sense of sophistication.


The coolness of the black and white tones is also well-suited to giving a feeling of luxury. They are classic colors that complement just about any other shade, making whatever product that is being packaged give an air of elegance.

Both black and white provide a kind of blank canvas against which other colors can be added to evoke other emotions. For instance, pairing them with red adds a sensual connotation, while gold and silver will make the item seem even more high-end.

Custom Mailer Boxes That Are Eco-Friendly

custom mailer box

Wanting to protect our planet is a noble cause. Part of making this possible lies in ensuring the packaging materials we use result in minimal waste and harm to the environment. Custom mailer boxes are a popular option of packaging for items that are being shipped and sold in retail stores. Their self-locking design and sturdy construction make them ideal for more delicate and valuable items. Here are a few ways you can customize them for your products while also keeping them eco-friendly.

Use a Tight Fit

custom mailer box can be made to whatever specifications. It is best for the environment when you limit the amount of material that goes into making these boxes and will eventually be disposed of when its useful life is over. Choose dimensions that are a tight fit for the product that will be placed in the box. This will not only limit waste but will also help save some money on ordering said boxes.

Optimize Packaging

Many retailers will use multiple packaging materials on the same item. They will be repeatedly boxed, wrapped, and placed in carrier bags. Optimizing your packaging designs so lesser materials are used in getting products from the business to customers can help limit waste and cut costs.

Request Recycling

Label your custom mailer boxes with a request to please recycle. Even just indicating that the box is recyclable with the standard symbol can help encourage that action from the recipient. It also lets the recipient know that your brand is dedicated to environmental efforts, a quality that many consumers appreciate in the companies they do business with.

Use Recycled Packaging

When ordering your boxes, you can find out from suppliers if they use recycled materials in their manufacturing processes. This can help save some money on production costs as recycled materials are already processed and require less work to make into new boxes than raw materials like pulp. It is cheaper and eases the demand for trees that must be processed into pulp. Shop around for a manufacturer that can meet this standard.

Go Plant-Based

Plant-based packaging is a growing trend where biological materials like corn husks and mushrooms are used to make boxes. Much of the raw materials come from food waste, meaning that fewer trees have to be sacrificed to make boxes. The resulting boxes can be as durable as those made from wood sources. They can be a particularly good option for packaging food items as they are considered safer and less likely to affect flavors.

What Makes Mailer Boxes The Best For Shipping High End Products

Custom mailer boxBusinesses now heavily rely on e-commerce to better connect with customers at a time where shopping in person is no longer considered necessary or as safe. To fulfill the orders that customers make, it has become increasingly important to invest in a good quality of packaging. The packaging has to ensure the safe delivery of products to client locations and provide additional value like branding that will help boost the business image.

Mailer boxes are a special kind of box packaging that is made using one piece of material that can be folded into a self-locking design. Here is why it is should be used by businesses that sell high-end retail products.

Customizable Design

Despite being just one piece, mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure sturdy protection for the contents inside. The boxes can be made with various materials, to whatever thickness, waterproof, and even with inserts to help stabilize and safeguard the contents within. This is especially important where you are dealing with fragile products that are traveling a long distance. This type of box reduces the risk the shipment will be damaged and need to be compensated for.


Easy fold mailer boxes are usually made using very lightweight cardboard material. This makes whatever purchase easy to carry around. It also makes shipping more affordable as weight is often one of the factors used to price the service. These boxes can also be customized in a variety of ways to make them easy to carry in one hand. They can feature handles or even slots with which to insert hands. This can be highly appreciated by shippers or customers that buy the products in-store and need to easily get them home.


As said, these boxes can be customized in different ways. This also includes appearances. The graphics, motifs, imagery, and writing applied to the box can be used to support branding efforts. They can help enhance the appearance of the contents and make the company brand more notable to whoever sees the box. Applying attractive designs can help draw the attention of those around the box and stir interest that can lead to more inquiries and grow sales. Since mailers often do not need the addition of external packaging, you can simply focus on customizing the box design to maximum effect.


The materials used to make mailers are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. They can also often be recycled. Even those that can afford high-end products are conscious of the need to safeguard the environment. They are often more willing to patronize businesses that share this worldview, which can further support sales growth.

Merits to Buying Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailersBig volume discount mailer boxes are a great way to package products. Though costlier than other types of standard packaging, they offer an attractive way of presenting products and offer a self-locking feature that many consumers appreciate. The self-locking lid allows for the boxes to be easily reused without worrying the box will be damaged. They can also be customized in a variety of ways that promotes branding.

There are also benefits associated with buying large quantities discount mailers. Here is why you should consider investing in bulk quantities of this packaging.

Big Volume Discount Mailers Savings

Most box manufacturers will offer discount deals on bulk purchases. The larger the order of big volume discount mailers you place, the bigger the discount you can secure. This will lower the overall cost of meeting packaging needs, which in turn translates into higher profit from the business.

Buying in bulk is also advisable when you factor in shipping costs. Because discount mailers are more of a specialty item, you may find few box manufacturers offer this product. For many businesses, it could mean having to engage a manufacturer that is located further away. The further away the box manufacturer is, the higher the shipping cost will be. It makes sense, therefore, to order as large a shipment as you can so you have to cover this cost less often.

Peace of Mind

Having big volume discount mailers on hand ensures that whenever you need them to fulfill an order, you do not have to worry. When you keep a small stock, it can be worrisome as shortages can easily occur. Not having enough boxes on hand can mean having to delay delivery to customers. This can be bad for your business reputation. Timely delivery helps to inspire trust and encourages customers to return for repeat businesses.

It also adds stress to employees who may have to seek out an alternative to get the product to the client. It can affect their mood and productivity, which is bad for business. This issue is particularly important during high season shopping periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to place your order reasonably in advance of the high season so you do not have to worry about running out.

Easy Storage

Like other corrugated boxes, mailer boxes can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are made of a single piece that is folded into its self-locking style. When laid out flat, the boxes can be easily stacked and stored for later use. This makes buying in bulk easier as you do not have to worry about storage problems.

Reduce Cost of Big Quantity Mailers


Everyone needs to utilize the available options for reducing running costs for a business. Customers and mail recipients expect their mail to be delivered fast. It can become a daunting task to figure out how to save on costs while maintaining the process’s integrity. But, saving on shipment costs is among the leading way for big quantities mailers to lower operating costs.

When dealing with large volumes of mail, getting large quantity discount mailers is vital. In this article, we shall look at four top ways for lowering shipping costs while ensuring that the customer is satisfied.

Negotiate and Make a Deal with Carriers

When dealing with large quantities of mail you might want to strike a deal with carriers. The main aim here is to receive discounted rates instead of the regular price schedule. Negotiated shipping deals work because you can propose a comfortable rate without hurting your business or your customers.

Large quantity discount mailers will often indulge you by the sheer size of the shipment. You can try negotiating with several carriers until you reach a good deal.

Check your Package Sizes

In addition to the destination, determining shipping costs is based on two other main factors; the package’s size and weight. Avoid using overly large packaging but instead use packaging with the exact dimensions of the mail. Using large packages for items that can fit in smaller boxes could end causing you higher mailing costs.

Alternatively, you can use packaging offered by the shipping company. This will save you extra charges that you may incur as dimensional fees. Packages provided by the carrier do not attract any such charges.

Try Sticking to one Carrier

Sticking to a single shipping company is an excellent way of creating a relationship. The benefit of being monogamous is to increase the negotiating power. If you deal with many carriers, you share the mail volume to each. You won’t effectively bargain for lower rates when your volume of mail is not supporting your interest.

Get Insurance from a Third-Party

The benefit of using third-party insurance companies is that they charge relatively lower fees compared to shipment companies. If you are big quantities mailers, it can translate to significant savings with time.

Are You Ready to Save Some Costs?

When dealing with large quantities of mail, shipping costs contribute to a large portion of the operating budget. There are many ways to lower the shipping costs, as discussed above. The savings per shipment may seem low, but they make significant savings cumulatively.

Making Your Easy Fold Mailer Boxes More Striking

Custom mailer box
Mailer boxes are a great way to package products before shipping them out. Their self-locking designs and solid construction make them one of the most secure options that do not require additional packing materials. Thanks to the double-sided walls of these boxes, you are assured of better durability when compared to ordinary cardboard boxes. Easy fold mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to help make them more appealing to customers. Here are a few great ideas you can apply to make the most of your mailer boxes.

Add A Sticker

Mailer boxes can be cheaply sourced in plain designs. But you do not need to send them out to customers this way. You can promote your brand and share all kinds of marketing messages by applying stickers to the box. This can be done both inside and on the outside of the box. You can also use small stickers to help seal the box. You can display different kinds of messages and contact information on these stickers to help inform your customers about your brand. Play around with different seasonal themes, colors, and imagery to make it more interesting.

Use Inserts

When it comes to stabilizing your products within mailer boxes, your best option is inserts. Cardboard inserts for big volume mailers tend to work well when it comes to smaller products and are quite affordable. You can make them more interesting by contrasting colors or adding imagery for a better visual effect. You can also design them to hold samples of other products you wish to promote to the customer.

Add A Personalized Message

Smaller businesses can easily impress clients by adding personalized messages within their easy fold mailer boxes. It could be anything from thanking them for making a purchase to letting them know you are supporting a charity by contributing a percentage of their purchase. You can also use this is to boost sales by offering a discount code on a new product or just letting them know of upcoming launches. The messages you can share are endless and will help to keep your clients informed about what your brand is up to.


While you can use your box for all types of branding, you can also opt to go the opposite direction. Sometimes less can be more. Minimalist designs tend to work well for companies that prefer to make the impression that their brand likes to keep things simple. Here the focus would be on the product contained within the box, with less busy artwork or wording on the packaging.

Cutting Costs on Custom Mailer Box Orders

Custom Mailer Box Cookie Crate
The custom mailer box is an excellent choice when you have a product you wish to present to clients attractively. They are come with a handy self-locking design and make for a great way to display products. They also work well in keeping items stable and protected when in transit. This makes it more likely the items will arrive in as good a condition as they left the premises. Their solid construction also makes it likely that customers will end up storing them for reuse. An attribute that is appreciated by those that support eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

However, all these benefits may not be enough justification for businesses to choose this particular type of box for their merchandise. The main consideration for many has to do with cost and its impact on their profits. Let’s look at a few reasons why custom printed mailer boxes can also prove beneficial in creating cost savings.

Order In Bulk

Box manufacturers have a common policy of offering discounts on bulk orders. Whatever the type of box, the larger the order, the more of a discount that is provided. This can be a big benefit to businesses as it means a lower cost per unit of box ordered. This goes directly towards lowering expenses and boosting profit.

Buy Small

Smaller sized boxes tend to make more economical sense for businesses. First, because for retail businesses, most orders tend to be small. Therefore, these are the boxes that will get the most use. Second, even for larger orders, it can make more sense to break them down into smaller sized boxes rather than one large box. This helps to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of damage from items bumping into each other while in transit. Thirdly, breaking them up into smaller packages can make for lower shipping costs.

Track Pricing

Like many other commodities in the market, paper products will from time to time suffer price fluctuations. Keeping track of these fluctuations can provide an opportunity to make good savings. Especially if you order in bulk and do not have an immediate need for a new supply. You can afford to wait longer while tracking prices and make your order when there is a dip.

Packing Material Vs Inserts

Comparison pricing should not just be about the custom mailer box alone. While you should seek quotations on this from different manufacturers, also consider how you will be packing products within. Check on how much packing materials are costing you and consider this against having the manufacturer provide inserts for your products instead.

How To Customize Corrugated Mailer Boxes

Die Cut Mailer
Corrugated mailer boxes are a popular choice in the retail market thanks to their lightweight yet sturdy design, and convenient self-locking mechanisms. They retain their shape well and are highly durable. Being eco-friendly and biodegradable further adds to why businesses often make them an essential part of their packaging supplies.

Another key reason these boxes are highly sought after is their ability to be customized. Customizations help businesses to ensure that the products they package this way enjoy a more unique appearance and can be well branded. This is however down to what features they can tweak to create the desired result. Let’s look at the various ways options like Kraft mailer boxes can be tailor-made.


There are typically limited color options for corrugated and Kraft mailer boxes. Depending on the material of the mailer, you may find that graphic colors are not an option here. The cardboard may however be imprinted with images. Simple black and white imagery often works well here. Those made with flute can however be customized to a wider range of colors on both the inside and exterior surfaces of the mailers.

Litho Laminate

This customization allows for a high-quality litho laminate to be applied onto the surface of corrugated mailer boxes. This coating paper is excellent for printing graphics. Where graphic printing of designs is needed at an affordable and fast rate, this is the way to go.


Several types of coatings can be applied to create different finishing. The basics are UV, gloss, and matte coatings. The results can vary from shiny and smooth to unpolished. Matte is plain, gloss is shiny, while UV is can go either way. It all depends on what visual effect you wish to achieve through the mailers’ presentation.


This relates to the shiny lettering or presentation of the logo you can have applied to the mailer. It can even be embossed for a more elegant look. The colors typically vary between gold and silvery shades. This customization is used on high-end products where is desirable to give a luxurious feel.


Mailer boxes can be made with windows. This is a side that is die-cut or with a PVC window through which a person can see into the box. It allows customers or gift recipients to see the product within without even having to unbox. Can be especially useful for collectors’ items that recipients would want to preserve or in food packaging.

How Custom Boxes Make Deliveries Safer

Mailer Box ISSI
With businesses increasingly shifting to e-commerce, home and office deliveries of commodities have become more common. Many people now prefer to do their shopping online and wait for the convenience of doorstep delivery. It certainly helps that many businesses do offer these deliveries as a free service.

Most items cannot however be transported without some level of separation and protection. Custom printed mailer boxes have become an essential aspect of the process. Businesses can easily source for custom boxes in a variety of sizes and designs that will safeguard the contents until arrival at the client’s delivery location. these boxes manage to protect their contents due to several factors.


It is rare to find deliveries being done singularly. Delivery providers will often load up a van with multiple deliveries and have the driver make drop-offs along their route. The best way to distinguish one delivery from another is to have them individually packaged and labeled.

Custom boxes provide labeling information that allows for this to be easily organized. The driver can arrange the items within the van in such a way that they can systematically remove them and drop them off as per the delivery route.

Custom Fit

When customized, these boxes are configured to securely fit the item they enclose. Some items may require additional padding like foam inserts or bubble wrap. However, even with this, it should fit well inside the box, with no room for movement.

This ensures that the contents do not get jarred and are therefore more likely to arrive at their destination in good condition. This is also especially important when handling delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Corrugated Walls

Customized boxes are often made using corrugated cardboard material. This is the best material for making secure boxes. The extra layers provide extra protection against impact and even water damage.

Corrugated boxes also tend to stand up well to the pressure of overhead weight when stacked. This makes arranging the boxes safer when they are in transit in shipping containers or vans.


Being customized means that businesses can order these boxes with additional writing. Besides branding, boxes can also be labeled for careful handling.

Images can be used to ensure the boxes are marked for their upright positions. They can also indicate the contents so delivery personnel know the contents may be delicate. Or simply have the box printed with words like ‘handle with care’ or ‘breakable contents’.

How To Save On Big Quantity Discount Mailers

Custom die cut mailer box
Mailer boxes are a common sight in many businesses that deal with specialty products and run promotions. They give a sense of superior quality and come in a functional design that allows them to be self-locking. This mechanism, their excellent strength, and unique design however also means that they come at a premium.

For any business, a good way to help maximize profits involves minimizing expenses. Where mailers are required, it is vital to incorporate strategies that will cut their costs. Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish this.

Order Bulk

Just as with many other products, you will find that ordering big quantity discount mailers is better than small orders. The cost per unit tends to lower with bulk orders. If you have sufficient storage space and need of the mailers, consider ordering as much as you reasonably can. This should be specially done during peak shopping periods such as Christmas and end of year sales.

Simple Design

Mailer boxes can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and graphic designs. While this can help in creating unique and attractive packaging, the more embellished it is, the costlier the boxes are. Single color prints are a good option as the pricing is lower.

The simpler the design, the more easily you can use the box across multiple sales periods and promotions. Stick to writing that just identifies the business and product. Avoid identifying the season or date of the promotion. Using a generic design will mean maximum use of your bulk or small quantities mailers.

Box Material

The material used to make a box has a strong impact on the cost of the box. Some materials are cheaper than others but can be just as good for whatever marketing goals you have. Corrugated fiberboard is a popular material used in mailers. It does however come in various flute profiles.

For instance, B flutes are twice as thick as E flutes, making them ideal for heavier items. Selecting a smaller flute size can mean cheaper packaging. Do remember to however consider the safety of box contents when trying to cut costs.


Ordering mailers with inserts is a good way to secure the contents. Inserts help to keep items in a fixed position within the box. They can also help enhance the presentation. They make for a visual impact that gives products a superior feel.

However, inserts are an additional charge. Opting for boxes without this can help to reduce costs. Do however consider what alternative and cheaper filler you can use, or opt for a perfect fit of box without the need for it.