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Large Quantity Mailers, What’s the Hype?

Custom Mailer Box
Oversized, plain, and damaged; when it comes to shipping there is a lot to be cautious of and large quantity mailers might be just what you are looking for. When you and your business are looking for a great way to ship your product there are several important decisions you’ll have to make. For example, will any shipping box work? In most cases, the answer is simply, “no.” Yes, you may be able to fit your product into a box, but then what will your packaging do for you besides either being too tight, or too large?

A custom mailer box has a few important features to note:

  • Tend to be a single box, meaning the lid is foldable and attached to the rest of the box.
  • The lid tucks into the box so that your customer can continue to store your product without re-taping the box closed.
  • Custom large quantity mailers are very promotional.
  • When you purchase mailer boxes wholesale and in large quantities you can save a lot of money.

So, while mailer boxes are highly functional, it is also important to understand their promotional value. You’ve seen mailer boxes before, and more than likely you also have a few that are tucked away in your office or storage room. These boxes provide a safe and convenient way to store products for future use. They are also an excellent way for your customers to de-clutter their work area as the boxes are one-piece, easy to close, and easy to identify.

But, the hype. Custom mailer boxes are one of the most promotionally marketable pieces of packaging available. So, whether you are shipping shoes, hats, or computer equipment it is important that when arriving in the mail or even stored in a room of equipment that your customer can easily find the box they are looking for.

So, how can you be creative with a large quantity mailer?

  • Suit it to your size so that the mailer can securely fit your product.
  • Create a custom design on the outside that is both attractive and quickly separates your mailer from others.
  • Define if a product and its pieces should be shipped in one compartment or many.

When it comes to packaging there are hundreds of options. Custom mailer boxes are a nice way to safely secure the content, display brand marketing, and create a functional and reusable packaging option.

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