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Custom Made Folding Boxes

We’ve all gotten those great packages in the mail that look so good we can’t throw them away. The boxes are the perfect fit, refined, attractive and some have unique qualities. So, why is this so important for your business? It’s all about the marketing of your product and brand. After all, if a customer tosses your packaging in the garbage then they won’t see it again. If a customer keeps and reuses your package, then your product and brand are on display for a much longer period of time.

So, when you want to stand out from the crowd consider these tips when custom designing your boxes for packaging.

Get the shape right

You’ve probably opened a box before and found that the box is significantly larger than the tiny item inside. While often just laughed off, this also leaves a psychological impression to the consumer that your brand may be bigger than the product inside the packaging.

Display your product and brand

Whether you do so with great images, use unique folding packaging that allows your product to be felt and shown, or create a display box it is important to highlight your amazing marketing as well as the product inside the packaging.

Color and finish matter

When we say color matters, we mean that the color should appeal to the consumer. Is your consumer demographic refined? Or, is your demographic young an impulsive. Whether you use excitable colors such as reds and yellows on glossy finish, or a casual white on black with matte finish can make a big difference to your boxes for packaging and for eye-appeal.

Design your box to be reusable

This is where your boxes for packaging really counts – making them reusable. Whether you are using chipboard or paperboard, creating unique custom packaging is important to both attract the consumer as well as keep your brand and product visible for the long run. Well-designed folding packaging especially used in displays are a great way to put a smile on your consumers face when they realize they have an extra use for your boxes.

Your product is great, and you’ve spent countless hours refining it. So, when it comes to the packaging, why create something that catches the eye of your consumer, but will be tossed aside once your product is removed? Creating great packaging is just as important as creating a great product. So, when thinking about how to keep your business growing try to focus on keeping your packaging around. It’ll be time and money well spent.

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