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Packaging with Folding Cardboard Boxes

Custom Made Folding Boxes
Folding cardboard boxes have always been the top choice of businesses when transporting their goods over long distances. These containers are made from durable and high-quality paper material ensuring your products reach their destination without incurring any damage. This type of packaging material provides stability in rough terrains and cushions your delicate items against road bumps and uneven roadways.

Unlike other forms of packaging material, folding cardboard boxes are often made from recycled paper flute inserted between liners. The fluting architecture of a cardboard box is a high-tech solution providing structural integrity and making the box sturdy and robust. This type of packaging can either have a plain design or can be customized with a print to give your services a name or make your product stand out.

A Highly Customizable Packaging Solution

Printed foldable boxes make your brand stand out and give your products a name in the market. Not only does it contribute to a recognizable brand, but a custom printed carton makes your product or services look more polished and professional looking.

This packaging material also offers the flexibility you need because these boxes can be manufactured to fit your specification. They are not bulky or hard to store because they can be folded and neatly arranged to save space in your store or warehouse. Cardboard is also a malleable material, and boxes can be used to accommodate most objects or wrapped around items to secure them.

Comparing Folding Cardboard Boxes with Other Packaging Alternatives

Among the things that make folding cardboard boxes a better packaging material is its relatively affordable price. Compared to other alternatives, cardboard is inexpensively produced and usually recycled lowering the costs of wholesale purchases even more. Plastic, metal, or wood alternatives are more expensive and more cumbersome to ship compared to cardboard. Additionally, a cardboard packaging saves you on shipping costs.

Securing items inside a folding cardboard box is also relatively easy because they can be firmly sealed in a variety of ways. Most industries use staples to ensure the cardboard holds the item inside securely and creating a firm hold on each of the flaps. Tape and glue also adhere well with the surface of the cardboard sealing items inside. Unlike all the other packaging alternatives, cardboard boxes offer a convenient way of packing and unpacking things without the need for tools and various other equipment.

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