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Understanding How A Kraft Mailer Box Can Save Businesses Money

Kraft mailer box
When it comes to product packaging, many businesses will mistakenly opt for the cheapest deal. A plain corrugated box will often be chosen over a Kraft mailer box thanks to its affordability. However, despite the added expense, this choice can be financially beneficial to a business. Here’s why.

Better Protection

A Kraft mailer box is customized to perfectly fit around a particular product. Their design also often includes some kind of insert that will help keep the item stable inside the box. This good fit and stabilizing ensure better protection for the product. This is a big help when businesses need to ship their products to far-flung customer destinations. The longer the distance and the more hands that handle the package, the more likely damage may occur. The added stability and protection improves the chances the product will arrive at its final destination in good condition. Often when products are damaged in transit, it is for the seller to make a replacement at their own cost. Investing in quality packaging helps reduce such incidents and therefore saves the business money.

Lower Shipping Costs

The perfect fit of products within the mailer box ensures no space is wasted. Shipping costs often factor in the size of the package and its weight. When you can send out shipments in smaller boxes, it means you get to enjoy lower shipping costs. This is particularly important for businesses that run e-commerce platforms and depend more on online shoppers. Many offer free shipping, which means the cost has to be borne by the seller. Minimizing this expense is good for maintaining good profits.

Cheap Branding

Businesses can engage their box manufacturer to digitally printing brand messages on their choice of colored mailer box. They can incorporate logos, slogans, and brand colors in the design. Digital printing is often affordable and produces a neat finish that will impress customers. You do not have to pay for separate branding materials like custom labels or tape to get your message across.

Making The Right Impression

A mailer box offers a good fit without leaving wasted space that needs to be covered up with filer. It is not a satisfying feeling for customers when they have to dig through tons of wrapping paper and Styrofoam chips to get to the product. It can lead to a bad unboxing experience which can prompt bad reviews for the business. This can mean a loss of potential sales that will affect the bottom line. Mailers offer a more sophisticated box design that will easily impress and avoid the appearance that the brand is wasteful.

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