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Customization Ideas For Wholesale Mailer Boxes

Custom CD Mailer
Packing boxes were once the preserve of those that bought appliances or bought items in wholesale quantities. Today, boxes have become more commonplace thanks to online shopping which calls for retailers and wholesalers to properly package their items for safe delivery. Wholesale mailer boxes are probably the best option for safe delivery thanks to their hardy yet lightweight designs.
With the competition for consumers being on the rise with an increasing number of retailers and wholesalers entering the market, it pays to stand out from the crowd. Customized packaging can help give a business a more memorable and unique appearance. Here are a few ways to help achieve this.

Double-Sided Printing

People are accustomed to receiving boxes that are branded on the outside and plain brown on the inside. Double-sided printing makes for a unique and delightful experience. It does not have to be a complicated design, just something that breaks the monotony of plain interiors. The more attractive you make your wholesale mailer boxes, the more likely the recipient will keep it for reuse, which helps the environment.

Unique Box Shape

Depending on the products you are packing, it is very possible to get unusual box shapes created. Whether it is heart-shaped to suit Valentine’s or rounded to fit the curves of a perfume bottle, there are a lot of ideas you can bring to life that will make your brand highly noticeable. Customizing the shape of packaging can be useful in protecting the contents by keeping them be encased.


From adding glitter to embossed lettering for branding, there are many ways you can embellish packaging. For wholesale boxes in San Diego, there is strong competition when trying to appear unique. You do not need to go overboard, but it does give an impression of thoughtfulness and elegance when the packaging is uniquely done. Gloss colors also help in this goal, while helping reinforce the box material. Along with gold and silver foils, they help give a premium look that is ideal for expensive items.

Whether your business is located in or outside San Diego, you will find that customized packaging can make a positive impression on your clients. They will better remember your brand and the joy your products bring, partly because of the interesting packaging they were wrapped in. For the best results, engage the services of a manufacturer that is highly experienced in box making and can offer a good selection of customization options that will help your brand stand out.

Wholesale Mailer Boxes are Not Just Options

Wholesale Mailer Boxes

With the increase in online marketing, more and more retailers and wholesalers are on the lookout for customized and affordable packaging. With the rise of such scenario, mailer boxes come in much handy and are cost-effective in comparison to other packaging options. With this proposition, we can conclude that they are not just options, but a must for businesses who would like to be on top.

With an array of features combining with top-quality material, design, and color, these boxes are the best for shipping products – be it for short distance or long haul. Some of the pros of opting for large quantity mailers or wholesale mailer boxes are faster turnarounds, complementary online proofing, and recyclable options.

Large quantity mailers can also come with features like the self-locking technology, easy assemblage, protective dust flaps, double-sided printing, and more. When your business product requires protection but also needs that touch of style, custom made wholesale mailer boxes is a must.

Get rid of the conventional packaging design

If you have a product that provides limited impact, then you have a traditional packaging design. You must distinguish what your product is about and everything related to it so you can create a voice. The more creative and innovative your solutions are the higher your brand will succeed.

Majority of the packaging boxes are square in shape which creates a feeling of boredom. Designing a different looking box will introduce an element of interest to the product while preserving its functionality. Mailer boxes can also come in high-quality prints and add-on foils to create a premium look. So, if you have a slightly higher marketing budget, you can opt for those premium packaging look to get rid of the boredom associated with traditional packaging.

A selection of boxes to suit your needs

Customized large quantity mailers do not require tapes or adhesives to assemble. Perfect for e-commerce packaging or retail-ready gift box, these boxes provide you with an easy-to-use box that does not need anything more.

Some of the custom printed mailer boxes include the kraft mailer box, plain corrugated mailer box full printed mailer box, printed corrugated mailer box, and the corrugated custom clutch kit mailer box. Depending on the purpose the box is required for, you can purchase large quantity mailers at affordable rates and fast turnaround time from reputed manufacturers.