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Custom Printed Mailing Boxes Meet Various Important Needs

Mailer Corrugated Cardboard 200 E flute

Although many companies do not give much thought to the boxes they use to ship products, the fact is that such packaging is important in meeting a variety of needs, both for the company shipping the products and the recipient of those purchased items. Some companies stick to basic, cheap forms of mailing materials to save expense. However, revenue lost in products damaged during the shipping process can often outweigh any subsequent savings on materials.

Custom Mailer Boxes Breakdown

Custom mailer boxes may cost a bit more, but they better ensure that shipped products arrive in good shape which is a key element in maintaining customer loyalty. Another vital element in customer loyalty is the appearance of the item when received in its shipped state. Custom printed mailing boxes tend to inspire further sales than common, plane mailers due to their aesthetically pleasing quality. When packaging is enticing and provides adequate protection of the included product, customers tend to order again from businesses utilizing such mailers.

Sizes and Shapes of Custom Mailer Boxes

Also, because many products have odd shapes and forms, traditional packaging materials do not effectively house them. This can increase damage risk to products that must then be replaced or refunded. Package handlers throughout the mailing system, don’t always treat items gingerly. Plus, the trucks, planes and other delivery methods can produce damage from bouncing, shifting and vibrations. Products need to be adequately protected from such treatment in order to arrive to their destinations in presentable condition.

Custom mailer boxes are designed to client specifications so that they meet the requirements of all of these concerns. Customized boxes closely fit product dimensions so that damage is minimized. Additional protective measures can be applied such as dividers and foam inserts to further reduce damage risk. Custom printed mailing boxes can include company logos, brand information, photos, instructions and more, making them much more attractive than plain, boring cardboard or other traditional materials.

When customers receive their products in good shape and housed in protective and attractive custom mailer boxes, they immediately associate quality and integrity with the company from which they were received. The thought is that if a company extended such effort into their packaging then they must also extend the same, or more, effort into the designing and manufacturing of their products. Using custom printed mailing boxes provides a win-win option for both the company and the customer.

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