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How To Save Money By Ordering Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailers
All businesses have a basic goal of maximizing profit while minimizing expenses. For those that require the use of quality product packaging, it is a smart move to order big volume discount mailers. This decision helps to cut back on expenses at a time when inflation and other factors have helped drive up business costs. Here is how investing in large quantities discount mailers can save your business money.

Large quantities discount mailers carry reduced pricing

Most box makers are happy to offer their clients discount pricing on their box orders if the quantities are large enough. It is a basic industry practice that encourages clients to place bigger orders to enjoy lower unit costs. It can also be a saving to the box makers who can order more raw materials at discount pricing and pass on these savings to customers that place large orders as well.

This price reduction is especially helpful when buying high-end packaging like mailers. It is also important to note that when you buy more mailers at a go you will then place fewer orders each year, reducing transport costs of the boxes to your premises.

Big volume discount mailers and security

Mailers are typically customized to fit well around specific products in terms of sizing and incorporation of such features as inserts. They are essentially built around the product to provide it with maximum protection when shipping. The boxes are also highly durable so can end up easily retained and reused.

With better security for the product, there is less likelihood of it being damaged during shipping. This reduces the problem of having to replace or compensate for damaged goods, which is a further saving for the business. With a good track record of safe deliveries, some businesses may also enjoy lower insurance rates.

Brand boosting for big volume discount mailers

With custom mailers, you will have likely added branding messages and imagery that will help market your business to the consumers. If buying big volume discount mailers, there is the assumption that you are shipping a considerable number of orders to consumers, meaning more opportunities for other prospective customers to see this information and become aware of your brand.

It is a very cheap and effective form of marketing that can do much to build awareness of your brand with anyone who sets their eyes on the packaging along the way to its final destination. So, any added investment in custom branded packaging is also an investment in marketing that makes for better value for money.

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