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Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Custom mailer box

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Here are some ideas to cut cost with a custom setup box.  With packaging costs of a going up across the board due to the growth of e-commerce, cutting costs is a major goal for all types and sizes of businesses.  Even where a business may make use of a custom made box design, there are still some ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality that will help minimize costs.  

Custom Setup Box: Corrugated Cardboard 

Other heavier and more luxurious box materials can be used for their construction. However, even commonplace corrugated cardboard can be a good option for custom setup box designs as its qualities are adaptable even for high-end markets. Although lightweight, you can add some heft and durability by adding fluting and lamination. This material has good shock absorbency that will better secure delicate and expensive contents. With laminating and printing, you can also easily disguise this use of cardboard material.  

Custom Made Box: Compact Size 

While custom boxes are typically made to customized sizing, many businesses like to give some allowance to make for a better unboxing experience. A gift packaged more generously may feel more luxurious when presented in a larger box. Opting for a compact size can help reduce the cost of a custom made box.

Make Your Inserts from Paper 

Switch out plastic and cardboard inserts for paper options. Rigid paperboard can still capably hold items in place and is a more affordable option. If the contents are not breakable, you can even opt for the use of tissue paper or gusset bags. Carry out some price comparison from your supplier to figure out if there are cheaper options for the interior packaging.  

Custom Made Box with Stickers and Labels 

Rather than having your custom setup boxes custom printed, you can more affordably have stickers and labels applied. Consider that with a printed or branded box you are restricted on what products you can package. By keeping the surfaces blank, you can even offer or sell them to other businesses to make use. It is highly affordable to have various kinds of stickers made including for displaying branding information and directions for use.  

Custom Setup Box in Bulk  

This works well no matter the kind of boxes you order from a manufacturer. Most box makers appreciate large orders and will happily offer a discount for bulk purchases. Just ensure that you have sufficient storage space where your boxes can be safely kept till you need them. Since custom made boxes are highly sought after during holiday periods when people are gift-giving, consider placing this order before key shopping periods.  

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

Think about the last product you purchased online? Did you notice the packaging? Perhaps, you might have seen a logo of the manufacturer or the seller over the printed box. Most of the time, this is what enticed you to purchase the product.

Custom printed boxes convey a deeper meaning to every buyer indicating a sense of reliability and reputation. The little benefits that they provide are enough to give your business the needed boost. A customized box helps you develop strong branding so people can quickly identify your products and relate to your brand.

Custom made boxes provide more than you think

While some people consider custom packaging to be a complete waste of money and an overhead on the price of the product, it actually contributes mainly to brand identity and consumer awareness. Some of the common reasons for retailers opting for a custom printed box for shipping their products are:

  • Simplify tasks for retailers. – Most retailer market different products from different brands. Receiving packaging with relevant product information will make the task of categorizing each product separately. Products having small units will make it convenient for the retailer to identify them before sorting.

  • Eco-friendly promotion – Customizing your packaging boxes with an attractive design and distinguishable logo can help in the widespread development of your business. With every brand going for environment-friendly alternatives, keeping a check on the eco-friendly option will be great for your brand. Environment-conscious customers are likely to patronize your product because it contributes towards reducing carbon footprint.

  • Stand out from your competitors – With the boom of technology, there is cut-throat competition in the market. Regardless of the product quality, its packaging will contribute towards creating a positive image in the minds of consumers. A custom made box and packaging can help you conquer a significant portion of the market.

  • Technical details – A reliable custom printing company will suggest you include the necessary technical aspects of a product such as the model, size, expiry date, quantity, etc. apart from other shipping details. This helps both the buyer and the seller at the time of delivery.

The positive side of a custom-made box’ cost factor

No one can deny that designing custom printed boxes increases product costs by some margin. But this is only true for products with low market demand. But also consider that an adequately designed custom made box, the need for the product also rises. This, in turn, leads brand participation which is the main ingredient for your business to succeed.

Tweak Your Custom Printed Box to Boost Sales

Custom Printed Box

If you are one of the many online businesses trying to market t-shirts, it is not enough that your product is made of high-quality materials and with impressive designs. You need to set your business apart from the competition and what better way to do that than by tweaking your custom printed box to create a wonderful unboxing experience.

Gone are the days when consumers simply rip apart the packaging box and throw it away. At this day and age of social media, customers consider the product packaging as much as the product itself because they are interested in posting photos of the products they ordered – from the time of delivery (while it is still inside the box) until they open it and get the product.

If you want your t-shirt business to get noticed and enjoy free-advertising by the number of photos your customers upload on their social media accounts, each of your product should be housed in an impressive custom printed box. Here are some tips on how you can create an Instagram and YouTube-worthy customized packaging boxes:

Think Outside the Box

Study the different t-shirt packaging boxes on the market today and see how you can make yours completely different. Your brand will only be noticeable if it is unlike the rest so do not be afraid to show your brand’s unique personality. Play with colors, logos, and images to find out what combination would create a positive impact.

Do the Unexpected

Your packaging boxes do not have to be plain, boring, and conventional. So, what if you are selling t-shirts? Do the unexpected with your custom printed box. For instance, you can use a pizza box design or a playing card box theme to house your product. If you are selling t-shirts in bulk, you can also have a packaging box designed like a luggage or a trunk.

Get Ideas from Your Target Market

Consider what your target market likes when trying to make changes with your custom made box. If you are offering children’s t-shirts, your boxes should be colorful, fun, and filled with images. You can also include inserts that your market will find interesting such as fashion tips on how to wear your product on various occasions for young adults.

Numerous survey and research studies have shown how consumers nowadays shop with their eyes. If they find the packaging box cute, unique, or attractive, they are most likely to make a purchase. In other words, the costumers buying behavior is largely influenced by the packaging box, so why don’t you take advantage of it? Try the suggestions above and see how these simple things help in pushing your t-shirt business forward.

Custom Made Box for E-Commerce Business

Custom Made Box

Records show that e-commerce sales are reaching trillions of U.S. dollars yearly. This shows that this industry is booming, not only in sales but in competition as well. If you are an e-commerce store owner who wants to earn more and be far ahead than the competition, you need to realize that the product you are selling is not the most important part of your business. Instead of merely focusing on improving your product, you should also pay extra attention to your packaging. Here are the reasons why placing your product in a custom made box is essential to your business:

  • It creates a memorable experience for customers.

    Shipping your products in gift-like custom printed mailing boxes will not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations. The moment they receive their order and see that it comes in an attractive customized box, you will immediately give them a memorable and pleasant experience. This first impression would further boost the appeal of the product you are selling.

  • It encourages free advertising.

    In this day and age of social media, everything is shared online, particularly brag-worthy things. If you impressed your customers enough because of you premium custom made box, their excitement would encourage them to share pictures of your product on their social media accounts, thereby generating free publicity for your business.

  • It can generate more customers.

    If your products and their beautiful packaging are posted and liked on various social media platforms, there is a great chance that you will gain more customers. Note that consumers tend to look at social media content posted by their peers when they are thinking of buying products online, hence, make sure that every product you ship is “Instagram-worthy”.

  • It inspires more people to give your products as gifts.

    When you use attractively-designed custom printed mailing boxes as your product packaging, it would give the impression that what your selling is classy, expensive, and of high-quality. Given this perception, many of your customers will be encouraged to give your products as gifts to their loved ones, thereby increasing your sales and profit.

Given the many reasons discussed above, particularly how important it is for your customers to be inclined to share their purchase on popular social media platforms, it is clear that shipping your products in plain boring boxes would be detrimental to your business. Shift to fancy custom-made cardboard boxes and experience its impact on your e-commerce venture.

The Process of Making a Custom Made Box

Custom Made Box

People take boxes for granted. They often think they are just something that is used to hold something else. To most people, a box is just a big piece of cardboard that has been cut a little bit and then taped back up to form a cube. Most people are not aware of all of the steps that go into making a box. If it is a custom made box, there are additional steps.

What Makes a Box Custom Made

Custom boxes are similar to the boxes that people are used to. The difference is that they are made to fit a specific product and come in different sizes. Most boxes come in a standard size and shape, but the custom made box does not have to do this. Many custom made boxes can also include graphics and print that make the box even more special.

How They are Made

A custom box starts with the design. Many times the design of the box will be based on the product that will be put inside of it. The designer of the box will typically use software that allows them to come up with the perfect box. The graphic designer will work on the print that can be added to the box. Once the design is complete, the boxes can then be manufactured.

The manufacturing process starts with the cardboard for the box. There are several types of cardboard that can be used that vary in strength and protection that is offered. After the cardboard is made, it is cut into the size of the box. Additional cuts are made that will allow the box to be folded together.

Once the shape of the box has been made, the graphics can be added on. The graphics can be printed or some other method can be used to apply them to the box. At this point, the manufacturing of the box is often complete. Now the custom boxes are flat and are easy to store until they are needed.

When the box is needed, it will be folded together and the joints will be connected. Tape is the most common way to seal the joints, although glue is also used. The completed box is now ready for the product it is designed for.

In the end, not all boxes are the same. It is not that difficult to a custom made box to fit the needs of a business.

Steps to Creating a Custom Made Box

Custom Made Box

Many businesses are starting to realize the advantage of a custom made box. While some businesses may think that the added expense involved in using custom made boxes is not worth it, there are plenty of others ones that see the value that these boxes offer. In order to learn how to best use the custom made boxes, it is necessary to learn the steps involved in creating them.

  • Start with the Product – One of the best things about custom boxes is their ability to properly fit the product they can hold. The boxes can be shaped into many different forms and can be opened or closed in a variety of ways. When the box is the right size and shape for a product it can offer more protections during shipping and storage and it will require less packing materials. That can often end up making the custom box more cost effective.
  • Think about the material – Custom boxes can use different materials to make them. Corrugated cardboard is more difficult to shape, but offers more protection and better durability. Chipboard boxes can easily be transformed into whatever shape is needed, but they do not always offer the strength of other materials.
  • Design the graphics – One of the most important advantages of the custom designed box is the ability to add custom graphics to the box. The graphics can accomplish anything that the business wants. They can help build brand recognition and they can provide information about the product or instructions about how it is to be used. Much of the time creating these boxes I spent designing the graphics for them.
  • Determine the quantity needed – One of the reasons that standard sized boxes are less expensive is because they are made in larger numbers. The ability to manufacture larger numbers can reduce the cost of the box. Some may worry that they will not be able to order a custom box if they do not order a sufficient quantity. They may worry that they will have to invest too much money in the inventory of boxes because they have to order a minimum amount. What they may not realize is that many manufacturers offer small quantity custom made boxes. This allows businesses to figure out what they need and not order more.

A custom made box may not be for every business, but it is something that is worth looking at. It may surprise many businesses to find out how effective they can be and that in the long run they may end up helping make more money for the business.

Use Custom Boxes to Promote Your Product

Custom Boxes

Are you considering sending out free samples to potential customers or former clients in order to promote a new product? This is a great way to get your new items noticed, and sending out your samples in a custom made box can help you to get the most out of this marketing strategy. Find out why you should be using custom boxes to send out your free samples and to improve your business.

Why You Should Send Out Free Samples?

Sending out samples, especially when the goods are branded with your name or logo, is a great way to market yourself to a wider audience. Many companies use this method in order to deliver samples as well as other items like custom mugs, stationary, or T-shirts. There are a variety of potential benefits to sending out free samples:

  • Builds brand recognition
  • Drives traffic to your website or physical location
  • Gains interest in your products, services, or goods
  • Requires no risk or investment from the consumer
  • Builds immediate awareness of your service or product

Why Custom Boxes Are Best for Sending Out Your Free Samples

Custom boxes are a great way to send out your free samples to new and past customers, as there are a variety of benefits to choosing this packaging method:

  • Differentiation. Your customers will be impressed by receiving a free sample in a custom made box with your logo or high-end customized print on it. A standard brown box from UPS isn’t likely to achieve the same, positive effect.
  • Brand reinforcement. Each time that a potential customer opens a box that arrives in a custom made box, they will be greeted with your logo, an image, or other graphic that reinforces your brand. This will make them more likely to associate your product and generosity with your brand name.
  • Promoting your environmental awareness. By choosing custom boxes that are made out of recyclable materials, you can give yourself the opportunity to brag about the fact that your company is green. Many customers are now looking to do business with organizations that are environmentally conscious and aware.
  • Provides for easy ordering. If you are hoping that your free sample will encourage your clients to place more orders, you can provide instructions, your web address, QR codes, and any other information that you want within your custom boxes to help them find their way back to your company.

Custom boxes are a great solution for sending out any of your products, including free samples. By taking the time to create a unique packing solution and to send out free samples, you’ll be sure to get your business noticed.

Why Use A Custom RSC Box for Products

The packaging that a product is placed in plays a very important role. For some businesses, the packaging is an afterthought. All they worry about is having a box that is big enough to fit their needs and that is readily available. They do not worry if the box is too big, or if it is not able to protect the contents that are placed in it. They are just worried about the most convenient solution that they can find. When they discover what a custom RSC box can offer them, they may think differently.

The RSC stands for regular slotted containers and these custom boxes are made to fit the needs of the customer. These boxes are the most commonly used boxes for shipping because of the things they offer.

  • The flaps on the top of the box meet in the middle to make it easy to provide safe and secure closure for the box.
  • Points of the boxes can be glued, taped or stitched depending on the needs for the custom made box.
  • Boxes can be made with single, double or triple wall construction to handle the largest of loads.
  • Boxes can be made to whatever size and shape that is needed.

It is the last part that is the most important for businesses. The proper size box is much more important than a business may think and the custom RSC boxes are the best way to get that. A custom made box is designed to fit what is placed inside. They can provide the right amount of room to add protection to the product and to keep the product from jostling around when it is in transit. The most common reason that products are damaged in shipping is because they are loosely packed and they will be shaken while they are being moved. These boxes can help prevent that problem.

The thing that keeps businesses from using custom RSC boxes is the fear that the cost of these boxes will be much higher. They feel that if they use generic boxes, they will save money and in the short run, that is possible. Over an extended period of time, however, it is much more cost effective to have boxes that fit the products that are inside. It can reduce the cost of shipping products and it can reduce the amount that is spent to fix or replace products that were damaged during shipping. Customers will also realize that the company they are dealing with is professional and will trust the company more in the future. That will help the business be more successful.

Why Use a Custom Printed Box

A custom printed box does more than hold your products; it will promote your company in a stylish, more traditional way. You can appeal to customers by shipping their items inside of boxes that are made to fit the specifications of the products, showing that your business will go that extra mile to deliver quality; literally.

Save Money

When you order a custom printed box, you will save money on advertising, and reduce packaging costs at the same time. Instead of spending a lot of money on bookmarks, flyers, and other promotional items, save some money by using custom boxes to promote your company or personal business.


A custom made box is just as durable as a standard shipping box. In fact, the only difference is the design and customization. You can send clients a product inside of a small custom printed box, and it will be securely inside of the box, just like products shipped inside of traditional shipping boxes. A custom made box can be opened and closed as many times as you would like, without any damage being done to the box.

Brand Awareness

A custom printed box helps you build brand awareness. You can do this with more than the logo or design that graces the outside or inside of your box; you can use content to raise brand awareness as well. A custom made box can be designed with more than graphics; you can put messages on the boxes for your customers and potential clients to read. The messages can detail what is inside of the box, or they can be used to promote your company’s standards or beliefs.

New marketing and branding trends call for the content from businesses to be more personal, and to show what the brand itself stands for. When you add high-quality content to your custom printed box, you can do just that.

Free Shipping

Take advantage of free shipping when you place a custom printed box order. You will be given free shipping as long as your boxes are being shipped to the Southern California area. If you need to ship a custom made box order to another area, you can do so for an affordable rate. Be sure to speak with a sales representative at Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc., to learn how you can stay within budget.

Do not waste another moment; order the custom printed box that could raise brand awareness and securely ship your products!

Materials for Custom Boxes

When people refer to our products, they commonly use the term, “cardboard box,” but that is technically incorrect. Cardboard is a broad term that can include several different types of paper, and we sell items made of both corrugated fiberboard and paper chipboard. If you plan to order a custom made box or custom display, take a minute to learn about these different types of materials.

Most of our boxes, including custom boxes, are made from corrugated fiberboard. When most people picture a cardboard box in their minds, they are probably thinking of corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated is very lightweight and strong, and provides extra protection and cushioning to the products it contains. Corrugated fiberboard is made from two types of paperboard called containerboard. One sheet, which is flat, is called linerboard. The other, which is crimped or wavy, is called the medium or flute. Corrugated comes in a variety of different flute sizes, which offer different strengths and weights. It also can have various layers of liners and medium sheets glued together, ranging from just one liner and layer of fluting to triple-wall corrugated, which has four liner sheets and three layers of fluting. Corrugated is environmentally friendly, durable, easy to print text and graphics on, and extremely versatile. It is the only rigid shipping container that can be cut and folded into any shape and size required.

Chipboard is a kind of smooth, flat, recycled paperboard. It can be thick, like the backing on a pad of paper. Or it can be thin, like a postcard. It is made from 100% recycled paper products that have been made into a slurry with hot water and then pressed to the desired thickness. Because it is thinner, chipboard is used more often for packaging. Chipboard is heavier, finer and has a cleaner look to it than corrugated, making it ideal for small projects where strength is not an issue but a delicate, finished look is. Stationery boxes and gift boxes are usually made out of chipboard.

There are many factors to consider when you order your custom made box. The material you want your boxes made out of is an important one. Whether you choose lightweight, folding, flexible corrugated; or smooth and sturdy chipboard, you can sure your box or display will turn out beautifully.