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Tweak Your Custom Printed Box to Boost Sales

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If you are one of the many online businesses trying to market t-shirts, it is not enough that your product is made of high-quality materials and with impressive designs. You need to set your business apart from the competition and what better way to do that than by tweaking your custom printed box to create a wonderful unboxing experience.

Gone are the days when consumers simply rip apart the packaging box and throw it away. At this day and age of social media, customers consider the product packaging as much as the product itself because they are interested in posting photos of the products they ordered – from the time of delivery (while it is still inside the box) until they open it and get the product.

If you want your t-shirt business to get noticed and enjoy free-advertising by the number of photos your customers upload on their social media accounts, each of your product should be housed in an impressive custom printed box. Here are some tips on how you can create an Instagram and YouTube-worthy customized packaging boxes:

Think Outside the Box

Study the different t-shirt packaging boxes on the market today and see how you can make yours completely different. Your brand will only be noticeable if it is unlike the rest so do not be afraid to show your brand’s unique personality. Play with colors, logos, and images to find out what combination would create a positive impact.

Do the Unexpected

Your packaging boxes do not have to be plain, boring, and conventional. So, what if you are selling t-shirts? Do the unexpected with your custom printed box. For instance, you can use a pizza box design or a playing card box theme to house your product. If you are selling t-shirts in bulk, you can also have a packaging box designed like a luggage or a trunk.

Get Ideas from Your Target Market

Consider what your target market likes when trying to make changes with your custom made box. If you are offering children’s t-shirts, your boxes should be colorful, fun, and filled with images. You can also include inserts that your market will find interesting such as fashion tips on how to wear your product on various occasions for young adults.

Numerous survey and research studies have shown how consumers nowadays shop with their eyes. If they find the packaging box cute, unique, or attractive, they are most likely to make a purchase. In other words, the costumers buying behavior is largely influenced by the packaging box, so why don’t you take advantage of it? Try the suggestions above and see how these simple things help in pushing your t-shirt business forward.

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