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Creating Successful Custom Packaging For Food Items

Food PackagingFood packaging has a strong impact on the buying decision of consumers. And in a market where there are so many options, it is important to develop custom packaging that works best for your product and brand, while appealing to consumers. An attractive custom printed box can stir the interest of a shopper and make their minds link it with reward.

Most food categories have many options to choose from so an effective packaging design will be necessary to make your brand stand out. The stronger the design, the more easily recognized the brand will become and easily influenced a shopper will be to choose them again. Here are some simple tips to helps ensure the development of effective custom packaging.

Ensure Clarity

When choosing a packaging design, it needs to make clear just what your product is and what distinguishes it from the other choices on the shelf. It is easy to distinguish food items by including imagery of their raw or ready-made form. Do not crowd the labeling with too many details, but ensure that what is pertinent in helping the shopper make a choice is included. For instance, many people are becoming health conscious and want to know if certain products contain added sugar. so while less is more, you will want to ensure they are quickly informed at a glance of what the contents are. You can look at top-performing products in your niche market to see what they are including in their packaging that appeals to consumers.

Form and Function

The design of a custom printed box should make it easy and helpful for the shopper that will buy it. They should be able to easily open it and reseal it if need be. Choose a packaging design that is convenient and practical. If the shopper is likely to store or retain it for a while even after opening, ensure the materials used are durable without being cumbersome.

Incorporate A Window

Being able to see the contents within is particularly helpful to shoppers who are dealing with a new product. They will want to assure themselves that it is similar to what they have used before. Not everyone gets to enjoy free samples so this peek behind the curtains is a good way to allow them to be more confident about what they are choosing. For older brands that are drastically redesigning their packaging, this transparent packaging can be another way to ensure repeat customers know that the product they know and love has not changed.

How Custom Printed Boxes Can Boost Sales

Custom mailer box
One of the impacts of a vibrant economy is that new businesses keep joining the marketplace while older ones expand. For those starting out, this can create a tough market environment as competition can be stiff. Trying to build your own niche in the market requires an entrepreneur to be innovative. One area that though simple, can have a strong impact on this and help to boost sales. This is in product packaging.

With custom printed boxes, it is possible to make a positive impression on potential clients and encourage them to make a purchase. To achieve this, try these simple strategies.

Be Different

It is important to do some research and identify your biggest competitors. Consider their packaging designs and try to differentiate your own. Being distinct means setting yourself apart from the rest. If your packaging is too similar to another company, you may end up boosting their sales instead as buyers become confused and unable to distinguish the different brands. Whatever design you apply to your custom printed box, ensure it is eye-catching with visualizations that clearly identify the contents while portraying your brand as being unique.

Retailer Convenience

If your products require unboxing and shelving at a retailer, ensure the packaging is helpful. If there are expiry dates, have them prominently displayed so the retailer knows the timeline and can promote the product before its shelf life is over. Details such as the number of units per box and sizes can also help make work easier for the retailer.

If being displayed in the custom printed boxes, make the details useful to the consumers. Details such as weight, calories, and ingredients are often a consideration for shoppers. Ensure the sizing of the boxes is also as compact as possible to allow the retailer shelve as large a quantity as possible for the space reserved.

Instead of contact details, make use of scan QR codes on a custom printed box that can take consumers directly to the company website for more information on products and to online stores. With most people now using smartphones, it is a useful technology to leverage.

Go Eco-Friendly

Many consumers today are environmentally conscious and try to patronize companies that share the same ideals. They feel they are making a positive contribution to environmental efforts by choosing to buy from companies that use eco-friendly packaging. Be sure to incorporate his message in your marketing so that customers know that you also support these efforts. It can be a policy that further sets your company apart and influences consumer buying decisions.

3 Basics in Using a Custom Printed Box

Custom shipping regular slotted carton box

Probably you may be asking yourself, “Why does packaging exist, in the first place?” There are many reasons why manufacturers, retailers, and shipping companies used packaging boxes. Also, the applications or purposes of the packaging boxes are evolving. In the past, you could have boxes used to just package a product with the aim of protecting it and ensuring it arrives in good shape. With time, the users of the packaging products have discovered ways in which they can utilize them more productively – like using a double-sword approach – to protect items and inform the consumers. If you have a custom printed box you will use it to protect what you have put inside among other uses like promoting the brand.

So, what are the main aims of today’s packaging boxes?

1. Protecting Items or Products Inside

The principal reason you order for a packaging solution is to place the products to protect them. There is a lot of activity in the distribution chain – a product moves through different locations and needs protection. Even when it’s placed on the shelves in the retail store, it should be protected from mishandling or unexpected falls. A packaging box will help serve this purpose and ensure during the shelve-life of the product or during shipment, it is in proper form and doesn’t suffer damages.

2. Delivering the Product Safely

When talking about the delivery of a product, it simply implies transportation. When a product is in transit, it is exposed to many risks, including damage from weather, poor handling, and other elements. A packaging box helps ensure that the product is transported safely to the destination – whether via land, sea, or air transport. During the time products are being transported or shipped, they need to be packed properly. So, it’s not just about the packaging, but how you do it. You need to ensure the items don’t move around the box. You can use various techniques to ensure the packaged products are held firmly in place without movements.

3. Communicating to Audiences

Today, brands are using packaging boxes to pass across their brand messages. You have boxes that are printed with highly curated messages about a brand. They are used as a marketing tool for a business or brand. Depending on what you want to communicate with the customers, you can have a customized message printed on the boxes. An important thing to mention here is that brands are getting more creative so that they distinguish themselves from their competitors. The area of communication is one of the design aspects companies capitalize on to place them above the competition.

When designing the boxes, businesses need to understand their customers. They need to know their audiences and what they expect to see as brand information on the packaging boxes. It’s likely that customers don’t have all the time to read every other detail placed on the box, so being smart, precise, targeted, and to the point is a good idea.

A packaging box can make or break a brand in different ways. If you have a box that isn’t firm enough, it can expose the products to damage. The product could arrive in a box that is tattered or torn out giving a bad impression about your brand. Also, if the design isn’t attractive, it could give a plain, or just-the-ordinary feeling to the customer who receives the products. You can spruce up the unboxing experience customers have when they receive your products by having customized box designs. The simple changes in packaging box designs can help you create an emotional attachment between the customer and the product you sell.

Color and your Custom Printed Box

Custom Printed Box

Did you know that color psychology is a big reason why some companies succeed while others suffer? The way that the mind perceives and responds to different colors can help define your product, your company, and whether consumers want to open your customized box or not.  

Take for example restaurants. There is a reason why many nice dining restaurants use red to decorate. When people are enjoying a fine dinner, they tend to linger for a long time and talk. One way to resolve this is by surrounding patron’s in red which raises blood pressure and irritability levels to a point where a customer is subconsciously ready to leave. In restaurant terms that means they get people in and out. The same can be said for your customized box and designs.  

Here are four colors and why they are so important to your custom printed box.  


Have you ever walked into a retail store that was blindingly white? White indicates purity, cleanliness, and a sense of space. So, when your customer receives a white yet uniquely custom printed box, they may have a sense of freedom and openness similar to embarking on a fresh adventure.   


Depending on the product you are shipping it is important to find a color to display the emotions you want your customer to feel. Blue provides calmness, serenity, loyalty, and wisdom. Much like the saying that you can never be upset with anyone dressed in blue, the same thought process goes behind a customized box that is predominantly blue.  


You’ve probably noticed a lot of orange on boxes lately. This is a color popular with Millennials as it indicates an optimistic spirit full of energy, warmth, and stimulation. In addition, orange is commonly used in food products as it stimulates the mind to release chemicals that cause you to feel hungry. So, if you sell mixed nuts or chocolates, orange may be the way to go.  


Green can trigger two emotions. The first is one of prosperity or wealth and the second is naturally one of harmony, tranquility and calmness. As the world becomes a greener place so does our marketing. A custom printed box with an emphasis on green helps your customer feel connected with you as an eco-friendly sign of prosperity.  

Color psychology can help your business grow as long as you understand the needs of your customers and the emotion that your product – and custom printed box – should draw.  

Tweak Your Custom Printed Box to Boost Sales

Custom Printed Box

If you are one of the many online businesses trying to market t-shirts, it is not enough that your product is made of high-quality materials and with impressive designs. You need to set your business apart from the competition and what better way to do that than by tweaking your custom printed box to create a wonderful unboxing experience.

Gone are the days when consumers simply rip apart the packaging box and throw it away. At this day and age of social media, customers consider the product packaging as much as the product itself because they are interested in posting photos of the products they ordered – from the time of delivery (while it is still inside the box) until they open it and get the product.

If you want your t-shirt business to get noticed and enjoy free-advertising by the number of photos your customers upload on their social media accounts, each of your product should be housed in an impressive custom printed box. Here are some tips on how you can create an Instagram and YouTube-worthy customized packaging boxes:

Think Outside the Box

Study the different t-shirt packaging boxes on the market today and see how you can make yours completely different. Your brand will only be noticeable if it is unlike the rest so do not be afraid to show your brand’s unique personality. Play with colors, logos, and images to find out what combination would create a positive impact.

Do the Unexpected

Your packaging boxes do not have to be plain, boring, and conventional. So, what if you are selling t-shirts? Do the unexpected with your custom printed box. For instance, you can use a pizza box design or a playing card box theme to house your product. If you are selling t-shirts in bulk, you can also have a packaging box designed like a luggage or a trunk.

Get Ideas from Your Target Market

Consider what your target market likes when trying to make changes with your custom made box. If you are offering children’s t-shirts, your boxes should be colorful, fun, and filled with images. You can also include inserts that your market will find interesting such as fashion tips on how to wear your product on various occasions for young adults.

Numerous survey and research studies have shown how consumers nowadays shop with their eyes. If they find the packaging box cute, unique, or attractive, they are most likely to make a purchase. In other words, the costumers buying behavior is largely influenced by the packaging box, so why don’t you take advantage of it? Try the suggestions above and see how these simple things help in pushing your t-shirt business forward.

Custom Printed Box Design Purposes

Custom Printed Box

There are several companies that make use of custom boxes for the purposes of promoting and packaging their products. The only problem is they have no specific resource that will allow them to manufacture boxes for distribution and packing. That is why they need to depend on companies that sell custom boxes for their distribution and manufacturing concern. These boxes are valuable to use for their different purposes like distribution, packaging, and storage. Other benefits could include customer satisfaction and sales increase.

Custom Printed Box Comes in Various Designs and Shapes

A custom printed box comes in many various designs and shapes. This way, it helps facilitate the organizations and businesses in the preservation and packing of the products. It also helps dispatch the product and goods all across the globe. The benefits, however, are not just limited to storage and packaging. The benefits are also as follow:

Reduction in Costs

If your business will pack products for transportation and presentation in customized boxes, it most certainly will reduce costs relevant to storage and transportation of companies. There are huge benefits that can be obtained from an easy and effective distribution of products and inventory management. The products could also easily be arranged for the purpose of storage and transportation.

Brand Recognition

A custom printed box is designed to provide specific and special packaging of the products. This will, therefore, help consumers prefer and use the products of a certain company. This will help increase the consumption of people of the products.

One more thing that you need to understand is that a custom printed box is useful when making a relationship between a product and a buyer. This is simply because of the fancy and appealing packaging of the products. This will bring out a big impact on the users and for them to use the products on a consistent basis. And as a business owner, you will need to increase your visibility in the products that you sell. This will only be possible with the help of custom box manufacturing. You will also be able to reach a lot of consumers and will increase the popularity of the brand in the market.

Safety of the Products

A custom printed box will promote the safety of the products. You will also increase its shelf-life. Through this box, you will save a lot of space when packing the products and secure them throughout the transportation. This also helps secure perishable items during the transportation.

It’s a good thing that there are companies ready to provide you with custom printed boxes in all its shapes and sizes. They might just as well increase the visibility and profitability of your business!

Why Use a Custom Printed Box

A custom printed box does more than hold your products; it will promote your company in a stylish, more traditional way. You can appeal to customers by shipping their items inside of boxes that are made to fit the specifications of the products, showing that your business will go that extra mile to deliver quality; literally.

Save Money

When you order a custom printed box, you will save money on advertising, and reduce packaging costs at the same time. Instead of spending a lot of money on bookmarks, flyers, and other promotional items, save some money by using custom boxes to promote your company or personal business.


A custom made box is just as durable as a standard shipping box. In fact, the only difference is the design and customization. You can send clients a product inside of a small custom printed box, and it will be securely inside of the box, just like products shipped inside of traditional shipping boxes. A custom made box can be opened and closed as many times as you would like, without any damage being done to the box.

Brand Awareness

A custom printed box helps you build brand awareness. You can do this with more than the logo or design that graces the outside or inside of your box; you can use content to raise brand awareness as well. A custom made box can be designed with more than graphics; you can put messages on the boxes for your customers and potential clients to read. The messages can detail what is inside of the box, or they can be used to promote your company’s standards or beliefs.

New marketing and branding trends call for the content from businesses to be more personal, and to show what the brand itself stands for. When you add high-quality content to your custom printed box, you can do just that.

Free Shipping

Take advantage of free shipping when you place a custom printed box order. You will be given free shipping as long as your boxes are being shipped to the Southern California area. If you need to ship a custom made box order to another area, you can do so for an affordable rate. Be sure to speak with a sales representative at Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc., to learn how you can stay within budget.

Do not waste another moment; order the custom printed box that could raise brand awareness and securely ship your products!

Custom Printed Box for All Your Needs

Printing is a cheap form of advertising and when done on shipping boxes, it can carry the advertisement all the way round the globe. Custom printed shipping boxes can come in:

  • Natural kraft/brown material
  • White board

Although kraft board may have its limitations when it comes to thickness, it is still a preferred choice and the customer is advised to go for it, as it is also the cheaper option.

Kraft Boxes with a Unique Message

They come with a silent message of being 100% eco-friendly and fully recyclable. However, their dull brown color can be a negative feature, but when the printing is done creatively, can boost the overall appearance of the box. Also, some colors may not show up as well as they do on white board and so it is essential to know what colors can be used. Generally whites and blacks will show up well while neutral colors and some greens may not show their true potential. A custom printed box is only limited by your willingness to experiment with it and they are the only kind that says “environment friendly” naturally.

White Board – Cutting Across the Boundaries

There is nothing that will not look good on a white board custom printed box and they only cost around 5%-10% more than the standard kraft board. You can also go for combinations where the outside is white board and the inside is made of brown board. You can also go really creative with white boards since all of the colors that you use on a white board box, will be seen at their best and there will be no loss in terms of vibrancy. With digital printing, the possibilities have become endless and the cost has become far more affordable.

A Few Helpful Tips

  • Do not go for pure white since they get dirty very easily and when they arrive at their destination can look as if they have been through a dirt pile.
  • Choose kraft board when you are marketing natural products or eco-friendly products.
  • As both white board and kraft are mainly made of paper, make sure that the thickness is suitable for shipping and does not give way, halfway through the journey.

You can get a unique look with kraft custom printed shipping boxes as they are available in various shades of brown and come in interesting textures as well. White boards will give you true-to-life images with no compromise on quality. Both are equally good for printing depending upon the type of printing and product that has to be marketed.

Custom Printed Boxes and Their Varieties

A box. What do you think of when you think of a box? Brown color? Square? Closed with packing tape? Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? A box doesn’t have to be boring. A box can be colorful and come in different shapes. A box can enhance your product’s image. A custom printed box can help identify your product from all the other products out there. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of other products that you will be competing against.

Let’s start with a shipping box. It doesn’t have to be plain brown. Remember the cow boxes that Gateway used? Everyone knew the product just from the color design on the box. They really didn’t even have to put their name on the box if they didn’t want to; everyone knew who it was from. Wouldn’t you like your product to have the same kind of recognition? Think color scheme and logo when considering a shipping container. Think shape when picking a shipping container. Square isn’t the only shape. Perhaps rectangle or even a shipping tube would be more appropriate.

Pop up display boxes are uniquely printed to help catch the consumer’s eye and immediately identify your product. The display boxes are designed to hold any amount of product you choose. These boxes keep the products secure and organized making it easy for the consumer to see. Pop up display boxes are not the only custom printed boxes available. There are a number of specialty boxes available for your product. A custom printed setup box can showcase your product to enhance the quality of the product. There are die-cut boxes, ballot boxes, gift boxes, suitcase boxes and wooden boxes to package your product in. The box can close with a magnetic closure, a Velcro closure or close with a conventional flap. All of these boxes can be custom printed for you.

Work with your design team on what type of printing and color to put on the box. Will you use vibrant color with your logo splashed across the box or keep it plain with a classy logo? Will the box be square, rectangle or another shape? Determine the appropriate box and look for your product. You wouldn’t put a pool cue in a square box or package a ring in a shipping tube. Make your box identify your product. Your product should soon be as recognizable as the Gateway products were!

Custom-printed Boxes – Promote your Professionalism

There are so many instances where presenting an official and business-like front is incredibly important. After you’ve made your custom-made business cards, your custom-printed letterhead, and your custom-printed mugs with your business logo on them, you may find that you are missing something that makes just as much sense. Those are custom-printed boxes.

In this day and age, we still do a lot of shipping. Sure you e-mail and send things digitally more than any time in history. But shipping for business needs in a global economy will never go away. There are some things that will remain physical and need to be delivered through physical means. So slapping a signature with your business logo on it at the bottom of every e-mail is easy, and can be done well, but it doesn’t carry the same weight that a physical shipping box will have when delivered to their door.

And it makes sense for deliveries more than just about anything else. So many businesses send the same type of thing over and over again. Your objects could be ornaments, or pens, or computer parts. But if you are regularly shipping things, you may find that you could be using the same one or two mailing boxes, containers, or tubes. A custom-printed box may seem like a no-brainer. You are already paying that shipping cost. Do it in style. Take that extra step that allows your business to look all that much more official and professional.

In some cases, that logo or even a funny or catchy phrase adorned on your custom printed boxes can become a big “hello” when the item arrives. You sell newborn baby-related products and so the box could say “It’s arrived” with a photo of a newborn. What a great double meaning. There are so many clever ways that not only including your business logo but adding an additional touch that will be noticed by your customers.

And don’t forget. There are many instances where packages are coming in and out in homes and businesses. Your product or item is just one of many. Like the friendly red mailer that Netflix came to be known for, you could create a welcoming spin to your packaging that will make you be remembered. Are your items seasonal? Are they catered to a certain type of product? All of these are opportunities to customize your packaging.

Don’t stop at the business cards. Stand out and let your packages be heard, as well.

Why Invest in Custom Printed Boxes

When choosing a packaging solution for your business, it is important to put a lot of thought into your decision. While considering which option will do the best job of protecting your products is essential, you should also question which option will best represent your business and brand. Retailers are increasingly choosing custom printed boxes to do just that, as these options can serve as a great way to market your product while ensuring that it arrives at its intended destination in pristine condition. Read on to learn how investing in custom printed boxes may be a great option for your business.

What is Custom Printing?

When it comes to your packaging solutions, custom printed boxes display your brand and company information. This practice is used around the world as a method of making boxes easily recognizable by customers, shipping agencies, and other potential customers who may see your items. This serves a great way to get your company noticed, especially if you take special care in choosing the right logo, graphics, design, and colors to print on your boxes.

Why others are Using Custom Printed Boxes

In the past, printed boxes served simply to communicate warnings or to describe the package contents. Those days have passed, as businesses have realized the importance of providing a positive first impression to their customers. Printed boxes can provide an upscale and memorable image to the customer while also reinforcing the brand of your business.

Other organizations are using their custom printed box as a way to send out a message to their customers. Specifically, businesses that are proud that they use green products may want to get that message out to their eco-minded buyers. By choosing a custom printed box, you can ensure that this claim is properly displayed on your packaging.

Misconceptions about Custom Printing

If you are on the fence about investing in custom printed boxes for your business, it may be because you have an inaccurate perception about the affordability and quality of this packaging solution. Some people believe that a printed shipping box is too expensive, but the truth is, this shipping solution may be equal to, or less expensive than, a plain box. This will depend on the quantity that is being run, and it is also important to consider the increased return on investment that you will see with the marketing provided by your customized box.

Better Branding with Custom Printed Boxes

As a retailer, you take special care to properly package your items so that your customers receive their product in mint condition. However, packaging shouldn’t just be about providing a safe container for your products, as the container that they arrive in will say a lot about your business. By packaging your products in a plain box, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to market your business. By taking advantage of custom printed boxes, you can achieve better branding and marketing for your products.

Improve Business Branding

Typically, the signage for your business will include the same elements, including your signature fonts, colors, and logo. You will likely display this artwork on all things related to your business, including your website, bags, business cards, and storefront, if applicable. By choosing to include this signage on your packaging materials and boxes, you will be working to create a uniform brand, it can reinforce the image that your customers already have about your business.

For customers who are not familiar with your organization and products, or for first time buyers, effective branding can also help to increase your business. However, it is important that the logo and printing you choose is eye-catching so that it captures the attention of the customers who have purchased your product. You have the opportunity to make a long-lasting impression every time your customized box is seen by a new person and potential customer.

Get More Out of Your Investment with Custom Printed Boxes

While some businesses may be wary of the increased cost associated with a custom printed box for their products, it is important to note that putting extra money into your packaging solutions can yield a greater return on investment. By choosing a customized box, you can get a package that fits the size of your business needs exactly, and this can ultimately recoup some of your costs. By choosing custom printed boxes that fit your products properly, you won’t waste money on unnecessary packaging materials.

Choosing custom printed boxes for your business needs can also provide greater durability and protection for your products. This can ensure that your products reach their customers safely and intact. Additionally, by spending the extra money on a durable, customized box with your logo, your customers can reuse the packaging for other things around their home, and this can serve as a marketing tool and a constant reminder of your business.

Custom Shipping Boxes

Companies today need all the advantages they can get when it comes to advertising and marketing. No matter your product or service, you will face stiff competition from other companies. Choosing custom shipping boxes is one good way of working in some advertising for your company without much added expense overall.It’s shortsighted to underestimate how much good you can do with custom shipping boxes that have your name or logo and some contact information on them. The more that potential customers and clients see your name and logo, the more likely they are to buy from you. They become comfortable with your brand. 

You can gain more customers this way by using custom shipping boxes since they are seen by more than those who have ordered from you; they are seen by those who ship your product and by others en route as well.The rightcustom shipping boxes can also work as gift boxes for fancier items you may ship to end customers. For example, consider jewelry, edible goods, and things like these that may be shipped as gift items. When you use custom shipping boxes that double as gift boxes you may gain more customers since they will not need to have anything delivered to their door for gift wrapping.In some cases custom shipping boxes can double as display stands or work for you in other ways. When you ship your product in its own display case, your customer can simply open it and put it out on shelves, making it easier for them. This means they’re more likely to work with your product versus another supplier whose items needs to be removed from their packing and then shelved. 

Anything that makes your product preferred over someone else’s should not be ignored, and these custom shipping boxes can do just that.Another good reason to consider custom shipping boxes is that you can order ones that are made a particular size or that have packing materials inside that will be cut to fit. For instance, if you ship musical instruments it’s unwise to wrap them with bubble wrap or assume that foam peanuts can cushion them. Instead, you can get custom shipping boxes that have foam with the shape already cut to fit and this means keeping your product secure through shipping.Those custom shipping boxes can also be as thin or as heavy as needed to keep your items secure. Thicker boxes can be good for especially heavy items when you don’t need a larger box, and thin boxes will mean using less material overall. This is obviously better for the environment and may mean saving some money as well. Other custom shipping boxes that are tubes or that are long and narrow can in some cases by reused, which means saving even more money and material. These are just some reasons to consider usingcustom shipping boxes that are printed or cut to size for your product.